September 2010
Your Superpowers At Work                     
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Coach Darcy Eikenberg
When we were kids, my friend Tom and I would anxiously await the new fall TV season, ready to discover the next hot thing. Today, a new "season" seems to launch every six weeks (or every day if you're hip enough to create your own schedule via Netflix or Hulu). But pop culture geek that I am, I still pay attention to the historical fall push.

One show that caught my eye is the upcoming "No Ordinary Family." This ABC dramedy is about people who suddenly find they have super-human abilities, like speed or strength. Sound far fetched? Maybe not.

In fact, if you've heard me speak recently, you've heard me challenge you to shake off the dregs of your recession-fed job fears and hesitations, and instead, to
put on your red cape, and to bring your superpowers back to work.

If you haven't heard these ideas yet from me, you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about in this month's article, below. Also, stay tuned this fall for more details on my upcoming
online community called the Red Cape Revolution. It will be a fun and inviting place where busy professionals like you can get practical, easy-to-use tools and ideas to solve your most challenging situations in your work and career.

So what's your superpower at work? Tell me about it here, and thanks for being part of the Coach Darcy Community!
Your Superpowers at Work
Listen to this article here.

Remember when you were a kid, and you played superhero? You flung your red cape around your shoulders, and-wham-o!--you could use your powers to change the world. (Or maybe just the backyard.)

And then you grew up, and tossed the cape in the closet. You zipped up your school clothes, buttoned up your work suit, and started walking the path everyone thought you should. And in most cases, that path was, well, just fine, Not superb. Not sucky. Just fine.

Suddenly, the world started shifting under your feet. Maybe you got laid off. Maybe you got divorced, or someone close to you got sick, or died. Maybe your company evaporated overnight in scandal or was replaced by new innovations. Maybe your job stayed secure, but you found yourself spending more time managing the rumor mill than managing your business.

So you started asking things like "how did I get here?" and "is this all there is?" At first, the questions sounded like static on the radio, but eventually, they tuned in, so soft that the buzz of your BlackBerry could still drown them out. Weeks pass, and they've grown a little louder, a little bolder, a little more urgent. Finally, the questions start shouting inside your brain--and they're demanding an answer.

So here it is. Put your red cape back on, and start bringing your superpowers to work.

My What?
In today's world, hearing the words "red cape" and "superpowers" might first generate images of costume-wearing fanatics at Comic-Con. But in my coaching and Where's Your Red Cape?speaking, it's become a fun way to show people how  their gifts, resources, and special talents can be put to greater use in their work and life. When you discover your superpowers, you find  clarity, confidence, and creativity you forgot you had. And those feelings give you your own red cape, catching the air and letting you fly through whatever the world may bring.

You might think that what we're really talking here about is strengths, and there's been a lot of terrific writing and research done on taking a strengths-based approach to career and personal success, most notably by Marcus Buckingham and Tom Rath. But in my view, a strengths-based focus doesn't always work because when we talk about "strengths," the conversation quickly flips to "weaknesses."

Try it yourself: ask a colleague to tell you his or her three strengths. Based on my highly unscientific but consistent experience, here's what will happen:

  • 72% of people will say something like, "Strengths? That's hard. I can (or my spouse/significant other can) sure tell you where I stink, though." (Really. I've had this happen time after time.)
  • 24% will hem and haw a minute, look at you twice to make sure you're serious, and then tell you a couple things they t-h-i-n-k they do well.
  • The remaining four percent will tell you their strengths. No blush, no stutter, just facts. Make sure you're hanging around them more.

Where our attention goes our actions follow. And so if we focus only on strengths, we notice weakness by default.

Not so with superpowers. Let's break the word itself down:

  • Super: above, elevated. Or great, amazing, superb.
  • Power: strength, force, focused energy. Granted or taken. Can be used for good or evil.
  • Powers: special characteristics and talents, i.e., "she has powers of persuasion."
So where are you super, especially at work? When do you feel powerful, focused, or energized? When I asked my readers this question, they told me:
  • I fly from one place to the other to save the day for my clients!
  • I'm a superconnector--helping others grow and develop.
  • I use my amazing gumby powers to stretch my reach and time . . . touching each situation in a meaningful way.
  • [I'm] breaking down walls of inefficiency and bureaucracy.
As you can see, not only do these superpowers provide unique and important value in the workplace, using them also sounds like FUN! And who doesn't need more fun? So shake out your red cape and bring your superpowers to work today--we're waiting for you.

What's New with Darcy?

The long, hot summer finally is ending, but an active fall schedule is just beginning! Here's what I'm up to!

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I'm quoted in #48 on a topic you read about here first,  "How to Click Less and Connect More"  I'm also quoted in Is Your Age Affecting Your Job Search on

On Sept. 29th,  I'll be discussing Six Simple Ways to Market Yourself (Even if You're Not a Marketer) on the IVA Radio Network.

Oct. 8 brings the opportunity to hear uber marketer and blogger Seth Godin speak live in Atlanta--what a Darcy Says Read Linchpin!treat!  If you haven't read Seth's Linchpin, it's a must read. If you're going, let me know and I'll see you there!

I'll also be at the 20th Annual Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Atlanta HR Conference Oct. 18-19 and the International Coach Federation Annual Conference in Fort Worth, TX, from Oct. 27-30.

On Oct. 29th at 1PM ET, I'm sharing more on "The Red Cape Revolution: How to Bring Your Superpowers to Work"  with the Deborah Hill on her radio show, Unlimited Success and Fulfillment.

I love speaking to your company and professional organizations, and if you're planning 2011 programs, let's talk!  Just email me here to get the ball rolling!
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