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Hi, and welcome to the archives for our newsletter titled: Planning Your Rest-of-Life.  I'm Steve Vernon, and I spent over 35 years as a consulting actuary, helping large employers design and manage their retirement programs.  Now I'm president of Rest-of-Life Communications, where I specialize in providing unbiased, trusted education and information about retirement.  We get the messages out in a variety of ways - books, DVDs, workshops, presentations, webinars and email newsletters.  To learn more about us, please visit our website

Here you'll find back issues of our email newsletter.  This series provides simple, effective strategies you can use to plan your rest-of-life, a.k.a. retirement.  We rely on the latest research and analyses, and bust the myths, misperceptions and sales pitches about retirement that often mislead people to make poor choices.

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My dream is to use my actuarial skills and experience to help people with important life planning - to help them live a long time, be healthy and prosper in every sense of the word.

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