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Outside/Serac Adventure Film School 2009
Join Outside Magazine and the Serac Adventure in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico, rub shoulders and work along side Outside editors and make your own adventure film. Learn More!

Congratulations to Anthony Claudia alumni of 2009 Backcountry Adventure Film School. His film Welcome to the Backcountry will screen at New Zealand Mountain Film Festival in Wanaka. Join us for the second annual Backcountry Film School in January 2010.

Teva B1-G Air Contest
Do you have a video camera?

Show us your human powered B1-G Air moments and you could win a trip to the 2010 Teva Mountain Games and a course at the Serac Adventure Film School. All you have to do is submit a video of yourself or that you shot of one of your friends catching some air. Skiing, kayaking, free-riding, snowboarding, rock climbing...whatever. Just show us your B1-G AIR. A panel of judges will select one winner by June 30, 2009 so get your videos up ASAP! Submit Now!

By the way - it does not HAVE to be radical. We have entries of people jumping off of a desk. Humor counts, spirit, heart and story telling do as well.

The 2009 Teva Games Adventure Film School was a blast! Read about all the action of this year's games in the daily dispatches.
Day 1: Homestead Creek
Day 2: Prelims
Day 3: Bigger Crowds
Day 4: Final Celebration

Michael Brown and Jon GoldmanNetflix Find Your Voice Competition

We need your support! Please go to Find Your Voice, watch the films, and hopefully vote five stars for Paul Sussman's Eleven-Step Guide to Self-Actualization directed by Jon Goldman. Serac Adventure Films helped out with the film and Michael Brown directed the cinematography.

Photo by Chris Westfield, Michael Brown and Jon Goldman on location for the film
Michael Brown with IMAX camera,Everest in the backgroundApple Computers: Challenge Based Learning:

Take Action and Make a Difference.
Michael Brown and other members of the BLINDSIGHT team share their experiences on the topic of 'Challenges' and 'Learning' in a series of interviews for Apple's educational website which itself challenges conventional wisdom about how we learn.

Photo by Ryan Ross, Michael Brown with IMAX camerawith Everest in background. Photo is featured in June issue of Outside Magazine
Outside Magazine June 2009 Issue Outside Magazine

The June issue of Outside includes our Adventure Film School with a suggestion on a kind of shot most people forget to get when on the summit and includes a photo by Ryan Ross.
Men's Journal June 2009 Issue Men's Journal

In the June issue Michael Brown and David D'Angelo give adventure filming tips and equipment advice to readers in an article titled How to Make an Adventure Video.
Dave Dangelo filming for StormchasersMovies and Television

David D'Angelo and Ryan Ross have just returned from chasing tornadoes across the Midwest on behalf of Original Media for Discovery Channel's hit show Stormchasers.

Worlds Toughest Fixes
Our crew doing some of the vertical camera work on National Geographic's World's Toughest Fixes which airs in July. Check out the Behind the Scenes.

Michael Brown was a cameraman and guided one of the blind teenagers in this critically acclaimed documentary film which just aired on BBC 4

Photo by John Saalwatcher, Dave D'Angelo points his camera in the direction of a tornado in Oklahoma.
Backpacker coverMichael's Filmmaking Blog

This month in his Adventure Filmmaking Blog on Backpacker Michael writes about the risks involved in making films in dangerous places.
Trekkers in near EverestTruly Legendary

Jonny Copp, Micah Dash and Wade Johnson: Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of Jonny Copp, Micah Dash and Wade Johnson who died while exploring a new climbing route in the Minya Konka Massif in China. Your support is still needed. Please visit the Boulder Adventure Film Festival website for more information.

Photo by Michael Brown 2000, Climbers in the Western Cwm approaching Mount Everest.
Serac Adventure Films: Michael, Dave, Ryan, Tracy, Lam, Cyndi, Tyler, Krista
Welcome New Interns: Emily, CJ and Mark