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May 2009
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Photo Feature: "Wading for the Right Shot"
Article: Tack Sharp Images-Part 3
Featured Product: The Ultimate Pano Gear

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TopPhoto Feature

Darwin at Bow Lake; Image courtesy of William H. Smith

"Wading for the Right Shot" Bow Lake in Banff, Canada
by William H. Smith
Image 2008 William H. Smith

About the shot:

This month's Photo Feature takes us to a tranquil scene in Banff, Canada. Bill Smith snapped this shot of his photographer friend, Darwin Wiggett, during a workshop on Sept 26, 2008. (Darwin's website is:

"We had hiked in an obscure trail to the outlet of Bow Lake and the start of the Bow River, in Canada's Banff National Park. This is the end of the lake that tourists don't see. Darwin had waded out into the river to get a shot up the lake. I was taking some shots of the lichens and mosses a little further downstream. When I looked up to scope out another image, this just caught me."  

About the Equipment:  

RRS Gear in the Image:
BH-55-PCL ballhead with panning clamp & a  B1DMklll-L-plate.

Shot was taken with a Canon Rebel EOS 400D, lens EF-S 17-85mm/f4-5.6 IS USM, f/22 @ 0.5s, focal length 41mm, Singh Ray LB Warming Polarizer, 2 stop ND Grad
MH01Tack-Sharp Images - Part 3:
Good Shooting Technique -
Composition & Trigger Pull

Joe's Soap Box
This is the third in a series on shooting tack-sharp images. I'll continue concentrating on shooting techniques as promised. I look at ways you can tweak your composition for maximum sharpness and then we'll look at shutter release techniques. Click here to review Part 2.

Last month I said my definition of "tack sharp" is "everything in the image that should be crisp and detailed is."  Beyond the in-camera techniques of exposure control, focus point, etc., there are ways to compose to help achieve that goal.

Learn More...

Article by Joe Johnson, RRS Owner
Joe's Signature

MH01Featured Product:
The Ultimate Pano Gear

Ultimate Omni Pivot Pro Package

The Ultimate-Pro Omni-Pivot Package
delivers the most robust and versatile Arca-Swiss compatible panorama set-up available anywhere. This package includes everything needed for simultaneous horizontal and vertical panning.  (Package does not include dedicated camera body plate or dovetail adapter; purchase separately.)  This package builds on our Pano Elements Package for single row panos (which consists of 1 panning clamp and 1 MPR CL-ll). Camera not included.

Learn more about RRS Multi-Row Pano Gear on our website.


  • two PCL-1 panning clamps for simultaneous vertical & horizontal panning.
  • one MPR-192 rail for horizontal axis
  • one CRD-Rail for vertical axis
  • one MPR-CL ll nodal slide
  • one Op-tech neoprene travel pouch
NOTE: If you want to mount the Ult-Pro OPP into a clamp, you will need to purchase the PCL-DVTL (dovetail adapter) separately for $30. You also need an L-plate on your camera.


Ultimate-Pro Omni-Pivot Package: $795

Ultimate Omni-Pivot Package: $435
Pano Elements Package: $360

questionFrequently Asked Question:

Q: If I already have the Pano Elements Package, what do I need to buy to shoot multi-row or multi-column panoramas?

A: To upgrade from your single row Pano Elements Package, order the Ultimate Omni-Pivot Package (includes a PCL-1, an MPR-192, a CRD-Rail, & a neoprene pouch). The Pano Elements Package plus the Ultimate Omni-Pivot Package equals Ultimate-Pro Omni-Pivot Package, which allows simultaneous horizontal and vertical panning.

a hotshoe level? Try our Dual Axis Spirit Level, the RRS-337.RRS-337 Dual Axis Spirit Level With bubbles in two axes, it offers much better precision than any single axis level. Use for better leveling when shooting panoramas. Or if you live by the coast, like we do, use it to ensure a level horizon when shooting that beautiful sunset. Keep one in your bag!
Send us your RRS shots!

From time to time, our shooters send us some extremely unique photos of our gear in action. We'd love to share some of these extraordinary shots with all of you. If you have a photo which prominently displays RRS gear in the image, please send it to us with a quick synopsis of the shot. Please include the equipment that you used to take the shot as well as the gear which is pictured. Thank you to Bill Smith for this month's photo!
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