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April 2009
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Photo Feature: "Jeep Shot"
Article: Tack Sharp Images-Part 2
Featured Product: High Capacity Monopod Head

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tripod bag
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TopPhoto Feature
Ken Jones Jeep Shot
"Jeep Shot"  Tanzania

by Ken Jones
Equipment used: BH-55-LR ballhead, L97L lens plate, and a Gitzo 1325 tripod.
Image © 2009 Ken Jones

About the shot: This picture was taken from a Landcruiser at the Ndarakwai Reserve in Tanzania, between Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, in February 2008. The private park provides 4wd and walking tours (with an armed escort) around the extremely large property, including visits to the nearby Maasai village. The kids really enjoyed the tripod. They got underneath it, grabbed two legs, and used it as a swing! They also found the knobs on the BH-55 quite intriguing.

About the Equipment: On this trip, I was carrying two Nikon D300's and  a Nikon D200. Each has a dedicated lens: 12-24, 24-120, and 80-400. I find that changing lenses, besides taking time, also invariably leads to dust on the sensors, especially in dry regions.  The lenses are placed on the cameras in a clean area, and kept on indefinitely. Since I change cameras rather than lenses, I find the quick release levers on the head to be invaluable.  I also find that I use my tripod more frequently.  I know I should always use it for photos, but too many photos get away if I need to fiddle with mounting a camera on the tripod. The quick release lets me mount and switch cameras very quickly and get the shot.  
Send us your RRS shots!

From time to time, our shooters send us some extremely unique photos of our gear in action. We'd love to share some of these extraordinary shots with all of you. If you have a photo which prominently displays RRS gear in the image, please send it to us with a quick synopsis of the shot. Please include the equipment that you used to take the shot as well as the gear which is pictured. Thank you to Ken Jones for this month's photo!
MH01Tack-Sharp Images - Part 2:
Good Shooting Technique - Aperture Selection and Exposure Control

Joe's Soap Box
In the last column I coined an acronym for how to maximize the stability of your tripod: SMART. If you can't remember what each letter stands for or just want a quick review, click here. I believe shooting with a sturdy tripod is critical to maximizing image sharpness, so it's a great idea to review tripod use techniques frequently. In this and the next few articles, we're going to discuss three areas where sound shooting techniques will help maximize your image sharpness.

Before we dive in, allow me to digress a bit. What exactly do I mean by "tack sharp?" For me it means that everything in the image that should be crisp and detailed is. I assert that you'll know it when you see it. If your technique is correct, then the image will look "spot on." If not, then it will be fuzzy, confused or blasé. Keep this in mind as we now examine various techniques for maximizing image sharpness that I will lump into three categories: Aperture Selection & Exposure Control; Composition; and, Trigger Pull. Viola! We have another snappy acronym: ACT for sharper images!! Learn More...

Lyon sharp foreground

Article by Joe Johnson, RRS Owner
Joe's Signature

MH01Featured Product: MH-01
The High Capacity Monopod Head

Monopod Head with B2 Pro ll clamp
At last! With 75 pounds of rigid holding capacity, this monopod head can handle your "heavy artillery" lenses with ease, but is compact and lightweight (8.8oz) for packing into a compartment in your camera bag. The foot of the MH-01 features an Arca-Swiss compatible dovetail that can be used, for example, with a gimbal head when you want to switch to a non-tripod-collared lens without having to completely remove the gimbal head from/to the tripod. 
Monopod head with lens
We recommend this head in combination with our B2-Pro ll Clamp. Although our lever-release style clamps are quite popular, we recommend the
screw-knob style clamp over the lever for use on a monopod because there is a slightly lower risk of accidental slippage. (Screw-knob style clamps open more slowly than the lever clamps).


  • 75lb load capacity
  • Weighs just 8.8oz
  • B2-Pro ll/B2 AS ll clamps orient parallel or perpendicular to tilt
  • Large tilt-lock knob is easy to grip
  • Smooth tilting motion and easy to control
  • Premium quality & well-machined

MH-01: tilt-head with no clamp=$150 (clamp required)
MH-01 Pro: MH-01 with B2-Pro ll screw-knob clamp (recommended)=$226
MH-01 LR: MH-01 with B2 AS ll lever clamp=$260

questionFrequently Asked Question:

How do I keep my monopod head from loosening/twisting on my monopod?

An application of non-permanent threadlocker fluid will do the trick. Apply just a few drops to the threads of your monopod stud.Temporary Loctite Next, spin your MH-01 onto the 3/8" stud and allow to cure overnight before using your equipment. You can find non-permanent threadlocker fluid at your local hardware store or order a single application of LocTite® 242 from us. This also works for securing ballheads on tripods.

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