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Welcome to the all new BrocanteHome!
 As you may or may not know, BrocanteHome has recently moved house and now lives in all her polka dotted glory at BrocanteHome.Net.

Making the decision to move from Blogger to a self-hosted Wordpress blogging was a scary business, not least because it involve teaching myself a whole new way of blogging, but petrifying as it may have been, taking the leap serves to prove that I dared to dream. It means I did what I never thought I could, expanded my bloggy horizons and in the process forced myself out of my comfort zone and took up the challenge to start all over again and learn something all new to me. 

We always have the opportunity to start again you know? We can look at what we have and say "This isn't enough" and "I want more" or "I want better". Even when it comes homemaking we have the opportunity to start all over again. To say life doesn't have to be this chaotic and starting first thing in the morning I am going to prove it!

We can say no to the demented status quo and embrace a whole new way of life: one blessed with delicious routine, ritual and celebration. And it doesn't matter if the house is falling down, or we don't have the kitchen of or dreams, because we have to start somewhere and in my eyes that somewhere at home is always rooms twinkly with care. A housekeeper who knows what she is doing to the degree that a lovely, organized way of life is second nature. Days distinguished from the next by purpose and puttery joy.

We can have that: each every one of us. It is simply a matter of drawing a line under chaos and embracing the little bit of extra work and commitment it takes to truly change your way of life.

And it could start now: all it takes is an hour or two with a notepad, a planner or perhaps my darling Vintage Housekeepers Planner, to sit back and truly establish how your day pans out and how it could be improved by a sprinkle of the housekeeping fairy magic that is "little and often". How life could be gently altered to make room for the kind of committed housekeeping that really makes a difference to your life and ultimately offers you what we are all seeking: freedom...
Stop wasting your time muddling through the chaos and dare to dream that there is another way!

Do It Now!: that is my lesson for today

Have a lovely week Housekeepers!
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Hundreds of scrumptious ideas for a picture pretty life!

 Puttery Treats For Today!

*Sprinkle three drops of bergamot and three drops of geranium oil onto a handkerchief and pop it in your handbag for the sweet scent of home everytime you go rooting for your purse.

Get into the habit of collecting rainwater by always leaving watering can and buckets turned the right way up overnight and using the water for your plants the following morning.

 * Start a secret kids holiday survival kit of tiny treats, new games and booksand craft stuff.  Summer isn't far away!

* Keep two white towels in the laundry room specifically for the gentlest drying of small vintage linen. Simply lay the item flat between your two linen towels,  press the moisture out and leave to dry .

* Re-purpose a past it's best or not quite pretty enough tin by painting it white and stencilling on a red cross and voila, you have the chicest of retro style  first aid kits!

* Keep running list of  recipes you want to try from your cookbook collection in your Housekeepers Planner. Use one of my free blank planner sheetsto note the cookbook, recipe name, page number and meal type and you will never be short on inspiration, nor have to spend too much time  hunting for recipes.

* Use a footed cake stand in the kitchen counter to keep condiments close at hand while cooking, thus saving space and adding a little more vintage pretty to your work surface.

 * More important than ever in the Summer is to remember not to make your bed in the morning! Pull back your sheets or quilt and hand them over the end of the bed, straighten the bed sheet, puff the pillows, leave the window open and let the room and the bed air for a couple of hours.

* Mix yourself some elderflower lemonade (add a sprig of fresh mint for a scrumptious twist!) and get your planner out and work out the logistics of your Summer vacation. Know where you are at now and there won't be any horrible surprises later.

* Start planning an extravagant and scrumptiously old-fashioned garden tea party for an afternoon in July. Send out invitations to a few select girlfriends and tell them pretty hats are obligatory...

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Have you got your Housekeepers Planner Yet, Darlings?

So many of you have been kind enough to buy the planner and to write and tell me what a difference it is making to your day and for that I want to say that I am both grateful and delighted that my way of life can oh so scrumptiously help you improve yours!

Covering so many areas of the routines an rituals that define life as a Vintage Housekeeper, the Planner is designed to become one central place from which you can organize every aspect of family life...

* A calender. * Morning, evening, weekly, and monthly Housework planners" A daily to-do list. *The Housekeepers Creed. * Menu planners. * Pantry and freezer check-lists. * Annual events lists. * Library loan log * Weekly and monthly housekeeping and personal budgets. * Medical records and medical appointment logs. * Insurance Organizer. * School records, attendance log, and parent and teacher discussion records. * Everyday spending record * Credit and Debit card logs. * Reading journal pages. * Vehicle Records. * Online Order Log. * Birthday lists. * Store Cupboard Checklists. * Blank shopping lists. * Bank Account log * Mission Lists. *  Babysitter Information. * Emergency Contact Sheet. *Pet Health log. * Discovery Pages. * Holiday and Special Events Planners. * Decorating project planner. * And a whole lot more...

Click here to buy it now!

Housekeepers Shopping Basket...

Well I raved about the absolutely endless uses I found for my little packs of Cath Kidston and French General Labels, but now my fickle little head has been turned by these absolutely gorgeous, rather fancy little examples from Potter Style and I've found myself adding a little French style label love to everything but the kitchen sink. Scrumptious they are. Scrumptious!

Provencal Labels: Over 90 Stickers for Organizing and Crafting
by Potter Style by Potter Style
Cards ~ Release Date: 2008-05-06
List Price: $12.95
Our Price: $8.38