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Many employers talk about employees who are super-motivated and those who seem to be stuck in place.  Our first article talks about some ideas for both groups.  In addition, we've got some information about helping your new executive get started successfully.  Finally, a brief look at two kinds of conflict and why you need to address both!  If you missed our last edition on Mentoring, please click here to read it . 

Stuck in Place

Stuck in Place


As employers, you may often find yourselves faced with staff members who are "stuck in place;" those who have been with the organization for a while and continue to do the same job, in the same way, for years, with no extra effort, and no signs of growth or ambition while those around them are passing them on the organizational ladder.  As consultants we have had this conversation many times with our clients, who ask, "What can or should we do about these people?" For the full article, click here. 



We've recently been involved in some satisfyingly successful executive search projects, so this article from Board Café caught our eye (  Finding the executive that fits your organization perfectly is only half the battle.  After a long search, you now have a great new Executive Director for your organization.  Now what?  Following are some helpful hints for paving the way for a smooth transition: here to read more



It is natural for most people to want to avoid conflict but it is important for management to embrace it and address both constructive and destructive conflict.  Constructive conflict is when multiple opinions about the same decision are shared.  Shutting down this kind of conflict seems counterintuitive, yet so many managers we've encountered prefer no waves in the water to this kind of healthy discussion.  As a result, employees often feel stifled and unvalued.  Set some ground rules within your work team, department or organization to foster this type of conflict as we find the best ideas often arise from it!  Reward the creativities and openness of the ideas but facilitate a definite decision.  Limbo or implementation of multiple solutions to solve the same problem is equally distracting to productivity as destructive conflict can be.


Destructive conflict is negative conflict that rips departments apart and creates a bad environment in which to work if not addressed.  Enforcing company policies against personal attacks, bullying and poor behavior is critical to avoid growing concerns that distract from productivity.  For more on managing conflict, click here to see this link.

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Paula Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri

Paula M. Singer, Laura Francisco & Lorraine Kituri


The Singer Group, Inc.


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  • The Singer Group completed a successful Executive Search for a MD public library system.   
  • We are conducting a compensation study for a private-sector MD communications firm.  
  • We are completing an update of a personnel manual for a MD public library system.  
  • The Singer Group recently joined the Urban Libraries Council (
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