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Our very own smart CEO was featured in June's Baltimore SmartCEO along with some other notable executives! Read below for Paula's thoughts on creating a strong and successful mentoring relationship. In addition, we've got some information about what's next now that the Supreme Court has ruled on health care.  And, if you didn't have a chance to read last month's issue of Reach, click here for some information on flex scheduling - just in time for summer!


Building a Great Mentoring Relationship


Paula was recently interviewed by Baltimore SmartCEO magazine about her approach to mentoring.  Read here for Paula's perspective and click through the link to get insights from other CEOs on "paying it forward" by mentoring others.


Great Mentors: A great mentor creates a relationship that is empowering for both the mentor and mentee.  A mentor plans for the relationship, checks assumptions and asks herself what things she can do to facilitate the mentee's learning and progress.  A great mentor will lead by example, will serve as a confidential sounding board, and will.... Click the link below to read more.


SCOTUS Has Ruled. Now What?

The Supreme Court ruled late last month to uphold the much-discussed individual mandate.  Though Congress continues to debate and vote (yet again!) on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), employers need to act now to ensure they are ready to implement the various provisions of the law.  According to a recent SHRM article (, employers should make themselves immediately familiar with the set of rules outlined by the act, particularly the multiple mandates that go into effect in the next two years.  Many employers pulled back their pace of implementation as the court deliberated; now they are faced with implementation in a shorter amount of time.  Changes include new enforcement of nondiscrimination rules by the IRS, additional subsidization of some insurance and new W-2 reporting requirements.  As the article notes, HR is the place employees will naturally turn first with their questions about any changes associated with the Act, so HR staff will need to get up to speed on the details - quickly!  For the full article, click here.

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