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If you didn't have a chance to read last month's issue of Reach, click here to read our thoughts on SHRM's Strategic Workforce Planning Survey and the aging of today's workforce.  In the meantime, read below to see what employees are talking about this summer, in addition to an important announcement from the Salt Lake City Public Library System!


The Salt Lake City Public Library System

is conducting a Director search.

For all the details about the Library System,

the City and the job, please click here:



Is Flexible Scheduling in Your Summer Plans?


Recent research, including a survey of over 400 workers and over 500 HR Managers by OfficeTeam, a division of Robert Half indicates that more employees are looking for flextime from their employers. In a recent survey, 41% of respondents listed flexible schedules as their top summertime benefit, with another 28% citing leaving early on Fridays as a desired benefit. Not every position lends itself to flexible scheduling, obviously, but have you even considered it for those that do? The OfficeTeam survey shows employers may be more willing to offer these types of benefits, particularly in the summer.


Other research, however, including a workplace survey by Spherion that we'll write more about in a future issue indicates that for as many employees that are clamoring for these benefits, an equal or higher number of employers are not planning to even think about implementing them. We think this is a critical paradox as the economy begins to rebound. With huge numbers of employees predicted to hit the streets in search of different (or better) employers, are you doing enough to retain your top talent?



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