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Collectivism vs. Individualism
PsycHHology Engineering vs. Social Engineering and (counter)Action #3 of 8:
Yes.Part3.Chapter 10
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Collectivism's dirty little secret is a quid pro quo that no self respecting human should ever accept and that qpq is this:


We will give you a sense of identity if you will give us your soul, that is, if you will make your ego subservient to The (any) Group.  (If you destroy your own ego in the name of Our Group, we will canonize you.)



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... Is America the only place left on earth where the Individual is (still) more important than The Group?


Self respect--i.e., self esteem--is a psychhological need, that is, an internal need, that is a need of consciousness, that is, a need of our soul.


Self esteem is the name of a relationship--the relationship that I have with myself.


Specifically, it is an answer to the question:  what kind of reputation do I have with me, myself and I?


Self esteem to this extent then is the name of a fact.


That fact is: we do acquire an actual reputation with ourself.  Our self esteem is that reputation:  on some level of our being if we are being phony we know it, just as on some level if we are being authentic we know it. 


Consequently, there are two basic types of self esteem: authentic self esteem and phony (pseudo) self esteem.


Selfish men and women want the authentic kind--desparate men and women are afraid to be selfish.


Enter (opportunistic) Collectivism as a formal philosophy which asserts that The Group is the source of all good and the individual ego the source of all evil.


Collectivism vs. Individualism


In reality it is the individual ego that needs self esteem, not the group ego.

The group ego tries to develop itself into a real ego and then substitute itself for the dead individual egos in collectivist cultures.

Since the idea of a group ego is non-reality such efforts of course do not work.

There is no substitute for your own individual ego.

However, if you aren't a "card carrying" collectivist it doesn't mean you are a "card carrying" individualist.  An individualist believes that the self, the individual person is responsible for his or her own self esteem and that true responsibility means taking charge of making one's own self esteem be real, that is, authentic.

Collectivists believe that true responsibility is making the (non-existent) group "ego" be authentic. 

Since--to repeat--there is no such thing as a group ego--there is only an individual ego--the collectivists are in big trouble from the start--they have convinced themselves and others like them that something that doesn't exist does and it is t.h.e.i.r job to make it be as wearable and beautiful a thing as can be a real, actual, properly developed individual ego.

Talk about the emperor having no clothes.

If you are struggling to desire individualism over collectivism start here for help: GIVE ME SELFISHNESS OR GIVE ME DEATH. (choose <over> then <open>).

If you already have the desire but are struggling to hold on keep reading.


Or, if you have succeeded in becoming an individualist and have already read my Yes book Chapter 10 on this topic, have a nice day as you'll probably find the reprint of that Chapter following the next section set up for it a bit of yesterday's information.

PsycHHology Engineering vs. Social Engineering


(counter)Action #3(of 8)  


Since the (office of the) Secretary of Health and Human Services of the United States of America is the leader and commander-in-chief of all the Government's Social Engineers (and other BM's inside and outside the government) it should be the (next) first such Government Institution to go.


In the Government's strategic planning to take over the science of psychology, T.H.E.I.R tactical Action #3 of 8 (refer to Chapter 8 Full Text PDF version) is:


Improve Public Awareness of Effective Treatment:



For this T.H.E.Y elaborate : 


Americans are often unaware of the choices they have for effective mental health treatments. In fact, there exists a constellation of several treatments of documented efficacy for most mental disorders. Treatments fall mainly under several broad categories--counseling, psychotherapy, medication therapy, rehabilitation--yet within each category are many more choices. All human services professionals, not just health professionals, have an obligation to be better informed about mental health treatment resources in their communities and should encourage individuals to seek help from any source in which they have confidence!



If you are not one to challenge the Government BM's you will conclude that the above sounds pretty good so it must be pretty good.

But if you use your active mind to dig a little deeper you will discover that by "effective" treatment they don't mean treatment that leads to curing mental illness because they believe mental illness is not cure'able.

So what do they mean?

By effective treatment they mean effective coping strategies: you have to learn how to cope, not cure because curing isn't possible, but cope with your mental illness ... symptoms.

To T.H.E.M "effective treatment" means "symptom coping".

Consequently OUR counter-Action #3 is:

  Improve Private Awareness of Treatment Cures:


In our last (June 2012) NewsLetter we said:


There is nothing wrong with having psych(h)ological problems, only

in what you do (or don't do) about them does right and wrong enter in.


Solve them is right; take drugs to mask them is wrong.


As non-omniscient beings humans can and do make mistakes and one possible consequent of a certain category of human mistakes is to cause ourselves to have psychhological problems.


All psychhological problems are solvable--that is, even when they are viewed as psychhological mental illness problems they are all cureable.


Just as there are curable physical diseases so too there are cureable mental illnesses.


Hypothesis:  All true mental illnesses are cureable.


And let me pause and acknowledge that I am aware that the foregoing flies in the face of contemporary psychology's "wisdom" as same is spoon fed to us by our great and glorious (BM) leaders inside (and outside) our government--the same government that equates psych(h)ological dis-order with mental illness as well as vice versa.


To wit: (from the National Institute of Mental Health, August 29, 2011):


Bipolar disorder has no cure ...


This is such a BS claim that I don't know what more to say about it ... other than, consider the source: the government, especially contemporary government with its traditional BM's who want to socially engineer each and every one of us into controllable, tax-paying, tax-revenue-generating producer-subjects who do not question the "wisdom" of the BM's.


Subjects that will continue funding the BM government to do all the BS stuff that the BM government does do.


For any group--such as our government--that has trillions of dollars at its disposal it is virtually impossible to delineate all the BS stuff that said Group is involved in--to suspect that it is involved in a lot of BS stuff is a pretty safe bet.


A Government such as our current American one that is NOT limited to its proper functions--that is, protecting individuals rights, that is, limited to providing for the military, the police and the courts--is a dangerous government.


For more see below.





(1st Edition September 26, 2006)


Chapter 10: Give a mystic an inch and he'll take a mind.


Give a Bureaucrat a mind and she'll take all your money.



Since psychology is psychology--that is, an objective science independent of anyone's hopes, wishes and fears including mine but also including the United States Government's--we must remember the following as we start the third and final part of BiO Spiritualism prior to applying it to our self.


Money is never given away for free without strings attached.




Such a fact gives rise to the concept of "conflict of interest".


Conflict of interest does pertain to more than grant money in general and Government grant money in particular.  Private Grant money can contain conflict of interest as a contaminant also, but in Government grant money, conflict of interest is the "pure" element and "intellectual honesty" the "contaminant".


He who grants the money wants to be told what he wants to hear; else he won't grant the money.

And this especially includes the monies given (Grant-ed) by the United States Government to State approved "psychologists" for the (alleged) purpose of studying the "science" of psychology.


For the private, free market funding this is OK: if what the grantors want to hear turns out to match reality they reap the rewards, if it doesn't match, they suffer the consequences. Not so when the Government grants funds to do research. Here, THEY reap the rewards--that is control (over large sums of money)--and pass the consequences on to an unsuspecting public, that is onto you and me as hapless taxpayers. The taxpayer might reap some benefit but if you subtract the negative consequences from any positives you get a negative bottom line. Since a proper government has no business being in any private business this last claim does not have to be proven; it merely has to be stated as a possibility and a dangerous one at that. Then any would be dangers are averted by design because a 100% laissez-faire Government--in contrast to the present Clinton administration--doesn't have its fingers in every pie in the world. Pun not intended because it's not really a pun. President Clinton chose his behavior, I didn't. When his sexual mores--or any such politician's--so blatantly parallel what a true bureaucrat wants to do to us average "citizens" you have to actively suppress or even repress such JUDGMENTS in order to remain "respectful". But maybe respect is something that has to be earned. The new spiritualism is NOT Biblical: i.e., it doesn't say, judge not least ye be judged; rather, it is Objective: Judge and be prepared to be judged is the new spiritualism's message.


As Grantor of money to "psychology" how does the government decide which school of psychology is the right one?

Is it Freud's psychoanalytic school of psychology that is the right one and should therefore get the money for research?


Or perhaps it's B.F. Skinner and his cohorts' school of Behaviorism that should get the money?


Whose is it going to be?


If you were the Government and had a couple of handfuls of billion dollar bills to hand out and give away to those who said their school is the correct one, how would you decide? If you were/are religious would you give it to those who said atheism is the proper world view and belief in any god, the incorrect view? Or would you give it to those of the opposite view?


OR would you simply give it to those who said, "...since we are the real scientists--as the number of Ph.D. degrees among us attest to (see Chapter 16)--give us the money and we will tell you what you want to hear...". Whether you think you would do this or not doesn't really matter because that is exactly what you have done and are doing with your tax dollars that support the Government's NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) and SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association) organizations.
That is, your tax dollars are supporting the Behaviorist school of psychology and all follow on versions of this school, the latest of which is: Cognitive Neuroscience.
Cognitive Neuroscience is really not a science as much as it is a tool of the Bureaucratic Mind; a "tool" that the BM uses to control the Social Engineers who in turn try to control us.


And who do so with varying degrees of success and failure: more success and less failure with some (of us sometimes), and more failure and less success with others (of us at different times), but never not trying to control, because that is what Social Engineers, qua BM flunkies, do.


Social Engineers are like a bunch of Dr. Robert Stadlers out of Ayn Rand's novel Atlas Shrugged. Dr. Stadler is the "scientist" in Atlas Shrugged who sells his soul to "science" (Social Engineers sell theirs to the Bureaucratic Mind). In modern day society these soul-selling scientists even have a formal group to which they all belong. It is called the Group ... of "scientists" ... who ... believe in ScientismScientism is the non-philosophical philosophy of reductive materialism that says everything in the Universe--including man's alleged "soul"--is reducible to the laws of physics and chemistry. Which is to say, man ain't got no consciousness, no soul and even if he does ("they" say) it is reducible to a chemical formula or a physics formula or a mechanical formula or some yet to be determined it-ain't-consciousness formula.


But what if the "formula" for consciousness is as the Objectivists contend: consciousness is conscious. This means it is an axiomatic concept; that is, a self-evident primary. A self-evident primary is that which needs only itself as the evidence to be grasped and it can only be grasped by a self.

If consciousness is axiomatic, then those Behaviorist "scientists" (or any "scientists" for that matter) who are owned by the United States Government (or any Government for that matter) have a Government-Science relationship that is no different from that of the Soviet Union during the last century when it promoted a proletarian view of all science (including psychology). A "view" that ended up throwing people in prison because they were "in-sane" for being against communism, which meant they went against the grain of what the Government considered to be "sane".


This doesn't mean that there is no valid concept in reality of insane. But what it does mean is that the government has absolutely no business using its access to near unlimited funds to tell us what is and what is not sane. They could for example, declare that anything less than a 100% income tax rate is insane. And we--having accepted the premise that the government should be so involved in psychology--would have no choice in such a situation but to flick our lower lip (as if it were a punching bag) with our index finger (as if it were the fist of an accomplished boxer in training) and make the rapid baubble-baubble-baubbling sounds to match the index finger flick-flick-flick on lip.


If we allow our government to make assertions about what is, is not true psychological science, then we--me and you and our kids--are in deep ... lip-flicking trouble.


Since a proper government shouldn't be involved in anything other than protecting legitimate individual rights (to life and property) it has no business being involved in the business of mental health and mental illness issues any more than it has being involved in any businesses beyond the "business" of running the military, the police and the courts as means to protecting individual rights (to life and property).


And professional philosophy and professional psychology are businesses--even if and when used by those who aspire to be Shepherds rather than sheep. They are businesses because they involve a valuable human product (truth) created by some (truth producers) and sold to others (truth consumers) as books and other intellectual property.


The fact that intellectual products have conmen (mystics, collectivists, altruists, anti-autonomous man-haters, anti-laissez faire capitalists, social scientists, et al.) is not reason for the government to take over the field of the intellect any more than it is reason for them (unless they are fascists) for taking over the production of physical goods and services to prevent conmen from selling snake oil (not to mention the specter of the government then selling it).


In anticipation of the Government's snake oil Marketing Campaign as regards contemporary psychology, consider the following excerpt taken herein from Chapter 19 (page 261): Will Cognitive Neuroscience become the new bureaucratic control tool of the 21st Century?
This mystic-collectivist-altruistic anti-autonomous man "mentality" is deeply embedded in the American "cultural mind" in a sense analogous to that which is embedded in sheep's "minds". That is, sheep are sheepish and if they could think and act from thoughts (which they cannot, but if they could) their "spiritual" quest would be to find a "sheepherder". Given the ever growing power of the Bureaucratic Mind as same is manifest in the NIMH and other Governmental agencies it appears as if our choice is being reduced to its barest essentials: Do you want to be a man (the autonomous kind) or a sheep. Here is one area in which religious people, or more precisely "Christians" cannot escape the hot seat of judgment: Whose image is it that is (and at what age is it embedded), that shows Jesus as the quintessential sheepherder and you as a timid little sheep in his flock of sheep? It is not Ayn Rand's, this I know for sure, that is, for 100%, absolute sure. 


The foregoing religious induced and/or encouraged "vice of sheepishness" is the "danger" lurking in the mental pathways of our cultural selves. BiO Spiritualism's Yes, is the first book in this new millennium to explicitly say: Yes, what America needs most right now is individuals and especially adult individuals. And what adult individuals need most is The Philosophy of Objectivism PLUS The Psychology of Biocentric Psychology and a book that shows them how to embrace and apply these two intellectual disciplines to help them identify and then satisfy--with full and complete satiation--their own true spiritual needs.


And Yes, along the way--almost as if by an effortless byproduct--the successful spiritual seeker and reader of BiO Spiritualism will learn how to identify and satisfy all his or her legitimate human needs: be they mental, physical or spiritual.


Well, yes, maybe all is an exaggeration, but at minimum the interested reader will have an extremely reliable road map to follow on his or her own personal, individual, spiritual quest.


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