RaIse Books LLC ...Press Release... 

I'm sorry ...
so sorry ...


but ...

due to circumstances beyond my control - or what some Biocentric Objectivists such as myself would call, reality - I can't deliver on the Kentucky Derby iiff formulas and maybe not even this year's free KD White Sheet itself.

Consequently, everything I said in the last newsletter (March 2011) about this KD material will have to be pushed forward into the future - on time for 2012's KD for sure, but just exactly when (and if) before then I don't now know.


In all honesty, I don't think that that many of my readers care a whit and a wither about my horse racing stuff (for me this is one of the benefits of making my stuff free, see anecdote at the end here about me and the VP of one of General Motor's subdivisions of something when we were both in 6th grade - he obviously wasn't VP then) but just in case there is at least one of my readers who is interested and was counting on me to deliver the KD material, then this PR type release is for him or her.

My computer crashed on 4/1'ish/11 (or was that late in the day on the 31st of March?) and I lost my ability to produce my White Sheet and the ms word document (with the font styles I wanted in it, not what Office 2010 Starter package "wants") that I needed in order to produce the html manuscript to upload to kindle to produce The Kentucky Derby iiff's booklet.

I've been struggling ever since that crash to get back to square one--starting with the 40 hour non-stop download to restore to a new eMachine computer from my carbonite back up/restored 40,000 files albeit not 100% of all my files as there are still some missing--but not yet back fully.

That last paragraph/sentence is awfully discombobulated but it matches my brain-on-crashed-computer almost exactly.

And I didn't know about the problem with the new 64-bit windows machines vs. the old 32-bit windows xp ones (nor about the fact that Microsoft had abandoned my version of windows xp last summer!).  That is, I "knew" peripherally (i.e. via the cultural noise blowing through my brain, that is, Windows Vista is crapola) but not actually about the "new" machines/and my chosen software provider's (Microsoft's) stuff NOT being able to handle my old-everything-works-fine-including my Pascal and programs for producing my White Sheet and ...


I still get really really mad when I think about this and so mad in fact that part of me wants to give up on computers all together.

I FEEL like saying f ... it, I'm gonna dig out my old portable Royal Typewriter and use it to produce all the stuff I want to write and etc.

And if this is being too dependent on others and/or the old Royal T just doesn't work anymore then f... it I'll go back to pen and paper ... no wait ... pencil and notebook ... I still have stuff from high school that I wrote in pen and pencil and typed on that old Royal and when I go back to find it--the written by me material--and read it it don't need no special conversion f'g software before I can do it.

I mean come on man where is the civilization in this??? (so-called  "modern"--read, computer--world)???

JFK ... I just went to get a cup of coffee and when I came back here to this new eMachine I had to buy to get back online ASAP so as to pay my credit cards et al thingys ... that is, the cheap eMachine with Window's Home 7 Premium pre-installed ... the screen said it was doing updates and then that it was shutting down and .... Goddamn it where is this note file I'm writing in? ... you f'g software better f'g have saved it before you did these updates and ...

Well long story short "they" did save this file and so here I am back in business here.


Anyway As I was saying ...

I'm sorry; the KD stuff will have to wait.


gAry deEring, the world's most consistent albeit-temporarily-in-a-funk handicapper

et al.

signing off for now ... and hopefully not forever



quickly ...  the anecdote ... about me and a friend of mine (the one who went on to become VP of some part of General Motors and we lost touch) when we were in 6th grade together and signed ourselves up for School Patrol because if we did it for the whole school year we'd get to go to the Shrine Circus in the spring ... anyway one cold, rainy fall day we left our posts where we were stationed to help first graders get across the street--that is, the streets in our little town where one car came by about once a month--we left to go inside the dry elementary school entrance hall ... to get dry and warmer ... anyway ... we went in out of the rain and the superintendent caught us there and got on our case for abandoning our post and etc. and so on and so forth giving us more h than seemed appropriate ... then when just the two of us where back out standing at the street corner in the rain waiting for first graders my friend said ... and this quote I've remembered all my (65-11 or 12 = 53 years) life and is one of the things I admired about him then ... he said, "What do they want for nothing, their money back?"

I laughed so hard at the time I fell down into a puddle of water and ...

Whatever ... it is a true story (except the puddle thing is a bit of an exageration, but) ... sorta funny, don't you think?



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