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March 2011
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T.H.E.Y refuse to name issues
Overdue mmq's
Upcoming Kentucky Derby, May 7, 2011
Correction to December 2010 Newsletter
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T.H.E.Y is back.

In Yes (Is BiO Spiritualism the answer?) we talked about T.H.E.Y as in T(hey)H(ave)E(vil)Y(earnings) and we didn't do anything special to separate out WHEN we mean "they" in the external world and when we mean "they" in the internal world.

Since Philosophy (formal Objectivism) holds it as a truism that everything is external before it is internal we will find it difficult to discuss the internal aspects of the negative "they" (T.H.E.Y) without first discussing the T.H.E.Y as same exists in the external world.



T.H.E.Y  refuse to name issues.


It is in T.H.E.I.R interest to not name issues.

Somebody has to be the issue namer.

Might as well be me.

The Current President of the United States of America--Barack Hussein Obama II--is not a good--that is, is a "not-good"--President because he is not a good--that is, a "not-good"--human being.

And he is a not-good human being because the belief at the center of his being--the one he holds near and dear to him at the very core of his essense--is this: (expressed from the President's perspective):

I AM my brothers keeper and MY worth is determined by the degree to which I so keep.

I base this "conclusion" on a family relative of mine (I'm not naming names nor if it's a relative by blood or marriage) who explicitly believes that he is his brothers keeper and his worth is determined by the extent to which he is successful in keeping others.

(That is, "brother" is euphemism for "other" ... and though I feel a poem coming on I don't have enough time to develop it for this Newsletter so maybe later ... brother is for other, other is for brother and ... stop, back to what's at hand.)

That is, on the day Obamacare was passed into law this particular family relative was so elated, so animated that he sent me an unsolicited, non-reply, original email expressing this elation.

Now you could argue that I'm missing the mark with my "conclusion" and that Mr. President et al. BM's (professional Bureaucratic Mentalities) simply know how to control the - what'd that BP excec call us, the - small people and this is what Mr. President is really all about.

And if this is true then I AM naive.

But that's a different issue.

Point here ... my point here is: Obamacare was a victory for the brother keepers.

And if you don't think the brother keepers have a big ass negative influence on your life then I am not alone in the land of the naive.

That is, with such a prime directive -- I AM my brothers keeper -- in your core, your actions are "pre-determined". (That is, "they" are IF it is also true that this Biocentric Psychology principle is true: man's greatest fear is not of dying but of being unfit to live; so that, if this, then, your actions are "pre-determined" by what you put in your core.)

(And of course, so are your own counter-actions as same arise from time-to-time--randomly if you do not have control over your own subconscious, purposefully if you do--to counteract or to challenge your own core values to make sure they are the right ones.  That is, to make sure they are rational values.)

If you want to change your actions--and the President is no different than the small people in this regard--change your core.

And changing your core--per my experience--is as easy as pie.

That is, it is if by easy-as-pie you mean: spend four years studying Objectivism Philosophy with the same kind of intensity and commitment you'd give to getting an undergraduate College Degree and then spend another couple of years as if you were in Grad school studying to get an advanced degree in Biocentric Psychology.

And then after all this spend the next ten years correcting the lion's share of all your past mistakes--especially the ones that most negatively affect the most structural parts of your own personal psycho-epistemology.

And then after all this, spend the rest of your life playing leap frog like a child plays leap-frog: joyously jumping repetitively over-one-thing-and then-over-the-other-thing-and then over the-first thing-over-the-second thing-over the first thing-over the second ... and so on and so forth.

That is, thing 1 and thing 2 are, respectively, applying what you've learned AND doing what you want to do NOT just what you have to do.

This is what I've learned:

   1. there is no god, never has been.

   2. authentic self esteem is better than sex.



This is what I want to do.

That is, for more on T.H.E.Y and T.H.E.I.R's (and the teleömetric vector quanity "not-good") get my new book:  Save Yourself Brother, available from, hardcopy (maybe) and kindle version (for sure). 

That is, available soon.



In one of the new sciences I am developing--not psychometrics, but--teleömetrics, I mean this when I say some particular mental content is a "vector quanity" that it has both a direction (see new book for more) and a scalar (quanity) value.  In the case of The Brother Keepers the scalar part is this: subtract your actual doing for a core value FROM the potential you as an individual could do given your particular position in time and space--the size of this difference is the measure of your personal, as-determined-by-you, unworthiness.

If the President of the United States of America--purportedly the most powerfull position on earth--did nothing to satisfy his core values, i.e., subtracted 0 from infinity he' end up being deeply, deeply, deeply and I don't know how many deeply's there are here but to argue if such were the case he'd be a lot plus one deeply depressed is a reasonable conclusion to draw.

And I draw it.

Depression is not good.  This is (one of) the 3rd things I've learned.


Overdue mmq's



Just one.

The Cozy Sax for 2010.

This was a fortuitous event for me as even though the win rate wasn't 100% as I predicted (it was only 62%) I still managed to double my money betting on these races.

This is the opposite of what is usually the case for me.  I usually end up with a feeling of ... wait ... stop.

I Gary D. Deering, the world's first PsycHHology Engineer can't have the kinds of feelings I do have here so I am going to project them onto my inner handicapper--Ary Ering--and let him tell you more.

Ary Ering here or as I was saying I usually end up feeling like I can't win for loosing but this past year at the cozy sax I couldn't loose for wining.

That is, I won big upfront and then protected my winnings by lowering my bet amounts on the back end races that lost.

FYI: (Gary thinks he can do shit 100% correct all the time but since I know better "we" won more money than we bet).

Results here.



Upcoming Kentucky Derby, May 7, 2011


I am going to make this year's KD White Sheet available for your kindle by making it a downloadable pdf file for FREE from (go there, click the Kentucky Derby box).

Then if you want to you can transfer it to your kindle via your computer-to-kindle hookup as the kindle can handle the pdf file format (unfortunately the iPad can't or couldn't as of the time of this edit for this newsletter).

Or of course, if you just want to print it out directly for your use on May 7, 2011 Kentucky Derby day you can do so as pdf files are readily printable.

This year I am going to ratchet up my comittment to The KD betting formulas by referring to them as the Investment Formulas except the meaning I'll be attaching to them is this:



That is, The Kentucky Derby and the I nvestment  I n  F un  Formulas with the + or - roi on your fun, a to be determined quanity--by you of course but with an assist from me--every year about this time.

(That is, don't forget, R is for Recreation and "All work and no play DOES make Jack a dull boy.")

That is, since I failed to turn thoroughbred handicapping into an exact science (see AE's comments above) I (GDD) have to conclude that if pink is the old orange then perhaps Fun is the new Money.

Eventually I plan to identify similar iiff's for The Preakness and The Belmont Stakes and The Breeders Cup but in the meantime I have to start somewhere so I'm starting with the KD.

I am excited myself to bet these formulas this year and of course I hope they work but ... truth be told ... the chances of loosing are greater than the chances of winning.  But. On those times when you do win it is fun and sometimes can even be ecstatic--well not ecstatic ecstatic but darn close given that had we known the best trifecta formula to bet like we do now--see kindle booklet: The Kentucky Derby/iiff on when it's available circa the ides of april--we could have - in theory - won half of the 2005 KD trifecta which paid over a hundred and thirty-three thousand bucks.

Now, truth be told further, I personally never would have won it because, qua cheapskate when it comes to betting that I am, I never would have bet it.  Nonetheless, I do know of at least one (of my brother in-laws qua) actual person who could have (in theory) won it and/or perhaps somebody else out there in the world besides me who--having more guts because they have more money--could have done it also.

That is, the point is, The Kentucky Derby from time-to-time (unlike many other races except perhaps The Breeder's Cup) does create the opportunity to win big at the track. 


Visit from time-to-time for FREE information on the White Sheets as well as FREE (for now) White Sheets themselves to be used with the Investment In Fun Formulas and other horse racing patterns and predictions as I discover them.

Go here on to get The Kindle Books and/or hardcopy booklets that explain the formulas and the White Sheets that are the computer generated predicitons based on the Logical Choice™ computer program LC1p53.exe (which is just one out of a gazillion possible instances of the wider handicapping system I invented called, TMS Handicapping as same will be described in the if-i-live-long-enough-to-finish-it book: TMS Handicapping - Quantifying Thoroughbred Races).



When I "asked" my internal handicapper Ary how big a book he could do on this subject his "reply" was, 'I can do a book that is as thick as your head.'

To which I said, har, har.

Maybe someday but not today.



Correction to December 2010 Newsletter that stated:


Double Dip Depression


As to my Chart 5 (from December 2008 Newsletter) that predicted a double dip depression to bottom out in 2011 with a djia value of 4000, the jury is still out.

See here for chart and notice that my original error in predicting the first bottom was off by 9.8% so I conclude the top could be too. Hence if djia closes above 11,088 * 1.098 = 12,174.62 before it double dips then I failed to predict it. (Today, 12/31/10 djia opened at 11,569.33).

Of course if the double dip never occurs then I failed to predict it also.


The correction is this: I refuse to admit defeat just yet because even though the DJIA did decisively close above the 12,174.62 level it just as decidedly went back below this level and it is struggling IN THE ZONE of 12,174'ish and since it (the free market) IS being distorted by Government interference I'm going to adopt a wait and see attitude for awhile before I admit defeat. ( I at least have to wait to see what happens in June of this year if there is no QE 3 as the Fed's QE 2 ends then.)

If defeat is what I have to admit (it looks like this is going to be the case but ... tbd).

But in the meantime I also am going to shift my focus from predicting the stock market performace to predicting gold and silver performance.

Notice I am late on this as the time to have done it was a year ago when I knew all the stuff I am about to talk about but I did not act on it - i.e., I did not buy silver bullion nor silver etf's when same were around 16 bucks rather then the more than double that that they are today.

So be it.

The reason I didn't buy silver (above and beyond fact I don't have that much surplus money to start with) is because I hem'd and haw'd not buying it say when it was 16.25 because maybe if I waited a bit I could get it for 15.90 or some such thing.

Obviously an error.

So my error was (I conclude) that I was viewing silver as an investment and/or as a trade.

So I recently paid twice what I was willing to pay a year ago for some silver and I was able to do this because of one word and one word only:  strategy.

I hadn't realize that my prediction back in the day (December 2008) about the DJIA was a "strategy" thing as it allowed me to buy stocks when they pretty low (see March 2009) and sell them when they pretty high (see DJIA ever since March 2009).

When I made this discovery about the concept of strategy I concluded I need to do the same with silver and so this is my new strategy in relation to silver--buy silver as a hedge against disaster brought on by BM's because if gold goes up in such a case silver will rise faster so that the large premium you have to pay for silver (bullion) today will be inconsequential.

Gold should be bought for its value as a longterm store of value.

The historical relationship between silver and gold is this:

The fulcrum ratio point for gold to silver is 32'ish to 1.  For decades this ratio in reality--ignoring spikes--was doublish this (gold was $250 to $500 per oz and silver 5 to 6 bucks per oz back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's).

Somewhere I read that back in ancient egypt times the gold-to-silver ratio was 3/2.

I accept this as true and "conclue" that the ratio range for gold to silver is:  [0 - 3/2 - 32/1 - 64/1 - and beyond] and that in relatively stable times the ratio hovers around 64+ and moves towards the fulcrum point as risk of economic disaster increases and towards the ancient egypt point as every poor person on the planet discovers that silver is a poor man's gold and concludes I too better get some "gold" as we are heading for hell in a hand basket.

If gold stays where it's at, 1450'ish and silver gets to 32 to 1 point or 45 bucks an oz things will be "balanced" with the world ... until and unless ... something more bad or something more good happens.

That is, just because I LIKE predicting, doesn't mean I can do it flawlessly. (e.g., if gold should go to 2000's because of the BM's then silver could cross the fulcrum threshold and head towards 16/1 which it also did back in the day - i.e. back in the '70's when the Hunts were hunting for a market to corner and they found silver, gold went to 800 and silver to 50, voila, ratio = 16-to-1 or that is to say, if gold hits 2000 silver could hit 125 bucks per oz!!!???)

TBC (ToBeContinued), maybe.


A question for the f.u.t.u.r.e : why can't I act on my own predictions?

Ans: not sure "we" have to wait for the future, don't you really mean, "Why can't I act FLAWLESSLY on my own predictions?

dunno, maybe.





But, don't forget, if true inflation is such as to have caused real (true free market) values to only have doubled or even just tripled against the purchasing power of the buck over the past few decades then gold should really only be in the 600\900 to 1000\1500 range and if this happens, say gold goes back to 750 then silver will head back towards the 64'ish to 1 ratio or to 12 bucks.

So which is it gonna be?

Dunno, but I hold with those ( who hold with ... this strategy :  going forward, gold will be strong, dollar weak.

Will that is, until and unless ... the dollar is backed with gold.


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