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Welcome to the Monthly Newsletter for Writers Archive Page!

Peggy's monthly e-newsletter for writers is a favorite in our growing writing community. Each month, you'll enjoy regular column features such as:
  • Wordly Wise - Peggy's personal monthly article to her fellow writers,
  • Participant Spotlight - highlighting an article, poem, etc., written by a ClarityWorks participant. Often these are submitted from the daily writing prompts!
  • News You Need to Know - Gleaned from numerous publications, several upcoming submission or contest opportunities and deadlines are featured, with links to the details.
  • Kudos - A happy, bragging-rights list of ClarityWorks participants and their publishing successes.
Additional features include Peggy's Calendar of Events, News for NC Writers, Book Reviews, and additional tidbits relevant to the world of writing.

Enjoy these previous issues of the newsletter, but don't miss the next edition! Join our mailing list to receive your very own copy. Daily writing prompts are also available. We invite you visit the website for further information, encouragement, and a wealth of opportunities for your writing journey.
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