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MicrophoneWe want to become the ONE place that you come for your TOTAL life empowerment! 

Jennifer Keitt is passionate, engaging, powerful . . . as a speaker, author and the Founder/Host of the Today's Black Woman Radio Show she invokes change and improvement in the lives of people around the world! She has the unique ability to challenge individuals in ways they had not thought of before. After any interaction with Jennifer Keitt, you are left feeling as though you can conquer the world! 

Her pathway to empowerment includes focusing on what she calls the 'seven core areas' of a woman's life: her spiritual/moral growth and development, her emotional/intellectual stability and well-being, her physical body (inclusive of a woman's health, beauty, fitness and fashion); a woman's financial empowerment, her significant relationships, her career and her sexuality/self-esteem.

Her true passion for people is evident in every thoughtful word she speaks. She is real and relevant and stirs up the power and abilities that lie within you to live your life to the fullest. Helping people realize the amazing power that they possess and pushing you beyond your self-imposed limitations is a unique gift Jennifer Keitt provides that you will not find anywhere else!
Jennifer Keitt, The Women's Empowerment Coach
P.O. Box 440981
Kennesaw, Georgia 30160