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Second Newsletter

   6/20/2010  Issue #2
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This is the second newsletter of the CARB Awareness Group.  The purpose of this group is to provide information on CARB and how you can help to reduce the over-regulation of this entity. 
The New "Tran" Report - IMPORTANT
Many of you are familiar with the on and off road diesel rules passed by CARB.  CA is the only state in the Nation to have these onerous job/industry killing rules.
The rules were supported by an important scientific study titled "Methodology for Estimating Premature Deaths Associated with Long-term Exposure to Fine Airborne Particulate Matter in California".  This report was then presented by CARB staff to the Board to vote on the diesel truck rules.  One significant problem was that the lead author of the study, Hien Tran, committed fraud by faking his Ph.D. Click here to read CARB's Notice of Adverse Action detailing his fraud and dishonesty.
After the Mary Nichols, chairman of the Board admitted in public testimony that she and others knew about this fraud and cover up, a new report was ordered under the pressure of the public, impacted industries and several board members. Click here to watch the video of Mary Nichols apologizing at a Board hearing.  Click here and here to watch outraged Board members react to the fraud and cover up.
Even though the study was thrown out and a new study was demanded by the Board, it looks like the new study will not undergo any of the normal peer review and public comment processes.  As a result, a group of impacted industries and individuals have written a letter to CARB demanding transparency and to ensure that normal peer and public review takes place, among other things, to ensure that the new study is proper.  Click here to download this letter.  Save this letter on your computer as we are going to ask you to distribute it. 
Forbes Article "California Diesel Regulations Are Hot Air"
Forbes Article
Much has been written on California's Diesel Regulations.  This recent and well researched and well written article by article by Dr. James Enstrom, Ph.D., M.P.H. at UCLA and Dr. Henry Miller a fellow at Stanford University's Hoover Institution is a must read.  It gives an awesome background and synopsis. Click here or on the image to load and read the article.
HOW MUCH PER DESK?  $5K to $7K per New Employee?
In a further display of California government spending arrogance, watch as Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher grills agencies including CARB why they are spending 5K to 7K per desk for each new employee!!!  Maybe the desks come with gold plating? Click on the image or here to watch.  
Want to Earn over $100K Per Year?  Work at CARB!!!!  How Does Your Job Compare?
While you might be laying people off from CARB regulations and the economy in general, CARB continues to grow. Do you know that CARB has a budget in the range of $800M and over 1,300 public employees?  Click here for a list of CARB public emplyees making over $100K per year.  Some received raises while other public agencies like our SCHOOLS are seeing unprecedented cuts.
If you want to do your own research click here.  Notice that even though Board member Roberts stated in public testimony that in San Diego City Government, Hien Tran would have been fired for falsifying his credentials, Tran still has his job at CARB!
For further interesting facts on CARB click here.
There is a great deal you can do!  This list goes to over 3,000 people and if everyone does a bit, it makes a HUGE difference.  First of all, each of you should email the pdf with the demands for the new "Tran" report to your respective CA legislators.  There is a complete list with contact information here.  If you can, send it to all of them!  If you don't know who represents you in your district go here to find out.
Almost more important, email the John and Ken show with the pdf and with your concern about what is going on with this new "Tran" study and with CARB.  John and Ken host a syndicated talk show in Los Angeles that has the largest listenership base in California.  If they cover this, it will have a huge impact.  Email John and Ken at
Also send letters to CARB and the Governer letting them know how you feel and what you expect.
Many more CARB documents can be found at    
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