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This is the first email of the CARB Awareness Group.  The purpose of this group is to provide information on CARB and how you can help to reduce the over-regulation of this entity.
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Truck rule based on flawed data, ARB staff admits
A computer model that the Air Resources Board used to justify historic restrictions on diesel emissions from off-road construction equipment may have attributed twice as much pollution to those heavy trucks as they actually produce, according to interviews with ARB staff.
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Green Jobs?  Read On..... 
1,000 Green Jobs Leaving CA 
A Silicon Valley-based company that makes low-cost, high-efficiency solar modules is planning a manufacturing plant in metro Atlanta that could employ up to 1,000.
California's green jobs mirage: Experimenting with global warning regulations (Sen. Bob Dutton)
California's experiment with global warming regulations reminds me of a story about a foolish, old dog who lost his bone in the water when he tried to grab its reflection.  Similarly, California's leaders risk sacrificing the jobs and industries we have today on a hope and a prayer that the "green jobs" and "green industries" of the future will be better and more plentiful than those we already have.
CARB Acted like Mob Enforcer
This Is Sad but True
The metaphor Kit Enger uses most often when talking about the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is that of the mob enforcer. As in, "It was like I was forced to buy protection from a mob leader." That was just in his discussion with me; when he testified before CARB itself, back On Nov. 19, 2009, he was even more graphic, telling the board that a CARB enforcement officer told him on two occasions, "If you guys don't get on with this settlement, it doesn't matter to us if you go out of business, change your name, move to another state, or die, we will find you and attach your assets."
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