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Summer, 2011
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The News! 

 Abby's Promotion 


Barrington History Museum


The Coolest Projects

A Chicago Wall Art Creation - Involving the Client   


 Rescuing a Wood Front Door from the Brink   


Your Questions Answered!

 Paint flakes off my cedar siding in sheets.  What is going On?  


Dear Abby On Pet Safety 

Keeping Your Pets Safe from the Sun and Heat of Summer

The Client Testimonial of the Season

"Don't use past experiences with other painters as the basis for your confidence in the results with a PIP project.  Trust PIP."

        - Deborah Thompson

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The News!  

Abby's Promotion      

We are happy to announce the promotion of Abby (our mixed-breed dog) to the position of the Staff Writer in charge of a pet safety column in our newsletter entitled "Dear Abby on Pet Safety". She will launch her column by answering questions from pets on how they can be protected from the sun and heat of summer. This week, she also wrote her first blog post. Click here to read her post on how painters can keep pets safe during a renovation project.    


BarringtonHistoryMuseum1Barrington History Museum   


In June of 2011, Mario was elected to the Board of the Barrington History Museum. Formerly known as the Barrington Area Historical Society, the Museum has been in existence since 1968. Its mission is to keep alive the history of the Barrington communities, through education and preservation.   Mario has been involved as a painting and decorating consultant with the Museum since September of 2008.

The Coolest Projects


ChgowallA Chicago Wall Art Creation - Involving the Client

A current wall art project is the epitome of our slogan as a painting and decorating contractor: "We paint in partnership with YOU!". In this case, the "you" is our client, the means is our color and concept consultation service and the object is a large wall art composition (16'x8') our client wants to create for a large wall in his front stairway area. Click here to see what this project is all about and how we are involving our client in the creative process.



wooddoorRescuing a Wood Front Door from the Brink   


The sun and solid wood front doors are not on friendly terms. In fact, they are enemies! Painting in Partnership was recently called on to rescue such a front door from the attacks of the elements. The door had great bones. It was made of solid knotty alder wood and was handsomely decorated with iron studs and a peep door cage. Click here to learn about this rescue effort.




Your Questions Answered!

PaintflakePaint flakes off my cedar siding in sheets. What is going on?


Over the years, in our exterior painting work in the Chicago area, we have encountered a troubling issue with cedar siding: peeling paint (or stain) that comes off in sheets, all the way down to bare wood on the sunniest side of the house. Additionally, on the back of the paint chips are dead wood fibers embedded in the chip. Click here to find out more about this troubling issue for homeowners.




Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.
  Dear Abby On Pet Safety 

petsafeKeeping your Pets Safe from the Sun and Heat of Summer


Dear Abby, my owner took me to the beach the other day. I saw her put on some white stuff all over and then she sat in sun. I had to hang out in the shade behind the cooler. Is there some of that white stuff for pets, so I can catch some rays also? - Sunny


Dear Sunny: You are referring to sunscreens. There are versions for pets too. I would stay away from the sprayed on versions. They are too risky for pets, except if you are big like a horse, of course! Tell your owner to ask your vet about a good product to use. She should also read the label carefully. Some of those products have ingredients that make the hair stand up on my head!


Dear Abby: My owner loves to take me on these long walks. It is getting bloody hot out here. I feel I need to have a side bar with him about signs to look for that I might be overheating in all that heat. - Hot Feet


Dear Hot Feet: Your question is very insightful. There are a few signs to look for. First, you may start vomiting; that should get their attention. You may also lose coordination (like you had one too many drinks-lol). Your panting might also become extreme - almost frantic. Keep cool!


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