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Spring, 2011
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 Win a $100 Dinner Out on the Town!  

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Class on "Mood Assessment" 

The Coolest Projects

For Wood's Sake! 

Six Color Porch

 Are You Allergic to Paint?

Your Questions Answered!

Can I have my kitchen cabinets successfully refinished?



The Power of a Vision of Service 

The Client Testimonial of the Season

"Don't use past experiences with other painters as the basis for your confidence in the results with a PIP project.  Trust PIP."

        - Deborah Thompson

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Contest11Win a $100 Dinner Out on the Town!


Win a $100 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice by entering our Facebook Contest.  To enter the contest, Click here  to go to our Facebook page.  Click on the "Like" button if you haven't "liked" us already.  Then click on the video button on the left side and view our video gallery. There is just one more step! Post a message on our Wall to tell us which is your favorite video.  Everyone who posts their vote by May 14th will be entered in the drawing.  We'll announce the lucky winner of a $100 Dinner Out on the Town gift certificate on May 16th.


    Find us on Facebook

The News!


MoodClass on "Mood Assessment" 


In February, I taught a class in Orlando at the national convention for the PDCA on an unlikely subject: "Mood Assessment, as a Tool to Enhance Customer Service Experience".  Three years ago, I designed a management tool to be used by our painters in assessing the mood of our clients as their project progresses.  The premise of this tool is that we have a unique opportunity, while in a client's house, sometime for a few weeks, to enhance the mood of that client by being conscious and purposeful in how we handle ourselves as a team.  The purpose of this tool is to empower our team to help produce an extraordinary service experience for our clients, in a way that contributes positively to the quality of their lives.  We hope you've noticed our team spirit!



The Coolest Projects


WoodSakeFor Wood's Sake! 


Wood finishing played an unusual and important role in a recent painting project. Nineteen years ago, when their townhouse was being built, the owners walked in and saw a massive, twenty-seven foot wood beam holding up the gable of their 2-story foyer/living-room space. They were excited at the thought that this beautiful beam would grace their new home - that is until they came back at the end of the day.  Click here to see how their dream for a wood beam in their home was finally restored.




Allergic1Are you Allergic to Paint?


On Super Bowl Sunday, Painting in Partnership received an urgent email, followed by an equally urgent phone call. This prospective client had just moved out of her condo, following an unsuccessful attempt to paint a room in her place. After priming the walls, she felt dizzy, achy and generally terrible. She then had an ah-ha moment and said to herself: "The paint is making me sick!" She immediately left her condo and checked into a nearby hotel to get away from the fumes.  Click here to see how we resolved this urgent problem.




Your Questions Answered!

CabinetsCan I have my kitchen cabinets successfully refinished?


When doing cabinet refinishing, there are two steps that are especially critical for the long-term success of the project. This first step consists of giving the surfaces a thorough cleaning. This may sound kind of basic, but it is often overlooked or not given enough attention. A kitchen is by definition a place that attracts oil from hands (or from pets' coats), soap residue, fats from cooking and food particles. It is critical to clean the surfaces to be finished, even using degreasers if needed.  For more secrets on refinishing cabinets, click here.




Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.

The Power of a Vision of Service


This past Fall, I was reminded of the power of vision to inspire others to carry on, even when the leader is no longer there to stoke the flames. I wanted to share that insight into the power of a vision of service, by telling the story of The Christmas Schooner, a musical performed by TesserAct Theatre Ensemble at its Sponsors' Gala evening on Monday, November 29th in Palatine.  Click here for the rest of the story.


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