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Fall, 2010
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The News!
Mario Organizes the 10th Annual Craftsmanship Conference
Six Color Porch
Second Year Sponsor and Artist for Chairs of Palatine

The Coolest Projects
Combining House Painting, Color Consultation and Million-Dollar Views
Six Color Porch
Gold Leafing Meets Venetian Plaster

Your Questions Answered!
Delaminating Paint
Six Color Porch
Sealing Toxic Outgassing

Paint Memorabilia Corner
Painter's Bosun's Chair from the 1920's

The Meaning of Vacation

The Client Testimonial of the Season

"Don't use past experiences with other painters as the basis for your confidence in the results with a PIP project.  Trust PIP."

        - Deborah Thompson

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The News!

CraftsmanshipConfMario organizes the 10th Annual Craftsmanship Conference - How Passionate Craftsmen Inspired Chef Armando


CF LogoFor the 10th year, Mario Guertin organized the annual Craftsmanship Conference, which was held in Chicago on September 24-25 at the Glessner House.  This year's event attracted people from all over North America, even one person from the U.K.


The catering for the event was done by Café Society, located next door to the Glessner House.   During the course of the conference, something happened with Chef Armando (owner of Café Society), which demonstrates how the passion that craftsman all share, irrespective of their work endeavors, has the power to inspire and move others in profound ways.  Click here to find out what happened.


 ChairsofPalatineSecond-Year Sponsor and Artist for "Chairs of Palatine"


For the second year, Painting in Partnership sponsored and decorated a chair for Palatine's unique community event.  We used our decorative and mural expertise to bring to life an Art Deco interpretation of a passion flower.  Click here to find out how the passion flower got its name.  It will surprise you!

The Coolest Projects


ColorConsultCombining House Painting, Color Consultation and Million-Dollar Views


This summer, we did the color consultation and the interior painting for two condominiums at the Aqua building on Chicago's lakefront. For many reasons, it was a real pleasure working on this project, one of which was being able to work in such beautiful, air-conditioned surroundings, while Chicago was going through a spell of 90-degree days!  Click here for a look at the color schemes and the views.

Million Dollar View Color Consultation  


  GoldLeaf Gold Leafing Meets Venetian Plaster


Gold LeafThis summer, we combined two ancient forms of decorative finishing to create a luxurious effect for this master bath: Gilding and Venetian Plaster.  Click on this link for a brief history of the techniques and details about what we did for our client.


Your Questions Answered!

DelaminatingPaintWhat Is Causing my Paint to Delaminate from the Previous Paint Layer?


mold 1A quick look at the front gables does not reveal anything out of the ordinary: just peeling paint; another day in the life of a house painter, right?  Not so fast.  Look closer.  Behind the paint that already peeled, there is the original coating.  What is going on here? Is there an adhesion problem?   Click here to learn how mold can cause paint to fail.


ToxicOutgassingHow Can I Seal in Toxic Outgassing in Plywood and Drywall?


GreenGreen paint is good for the environment, we all agree. Additionally, specially formulated green paint products can help eliminate the hazards from toxic outgassing coming from construction materials like plywood and drywall.  To learn more about such green products, click here.


Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.
MemorabiliaPaint Memorabilia Corner

Every issue of The Craftsman Way newsletter has a section devoted to paint memorabilia because we believe that an understanding of our past empowers our future.  This issue features a significant object from our extensive collection and gives you a bit of its history.


Painter's Bosun's Chair from 1920's


 Bosun EtchingThe bosun's chair (also know as Boatswain's chair) is a device that suspends someone on a seat board held by ropes.  The chair enables a worker to perform work on elevated and hard-to-reach areas.  This contraption was originally developed for use on tall ships and yachts for masthead repair.   It also was used to gain access to the highest elevated portions of buildings.  This 19th century English engraving shows how the bosun's chair was used by a house painter. 


 A reproduction of this English engraving was given to me by the gentleman who founded the Paris Painting Museum.  I later found that the same engraving had been reproduced in one of the centennial editions of the Chief Paint Works's newsletter, which is now part of our collection as well.  Small world!


Bosun's ChairAs you can see, working off of a bosun's chair was not a safe activity.  Workers were known to occasionally fall out of the chair.  Needless to say, OSHA would not approve the chair for use today, surely not without a proper harness system!  The other picture shows a real-life bosun's chair that was used in Chicago by commercial painters in the earlier part of the twentieth century.  I purchased this chair from a commercial painting contractor who was closing shop after forty years in the painting business in Chicago.  Lucky find indeed!


The Meaning of Vacation

VacationIn July, my family and I went on an 8-day trip to San Francisco and Northern California. It was a delightful trip, filled with wondrous nature moments and City sites as well.

Upon my return, I had an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of "vacation". I shared with my Office Manager that I spent two hours looking for stones on a coastal beach in Mendocino. She said: "You did what? You must have had a lot of time on your hands!" She was right!  Click here for the rest of the story.


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