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*Why now is  the BEST time to start your own business

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Innovation & Reinvention:
The Upside of the Recession

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Sheryl Sever
 aka Coach Shera

Cross Currents Communications
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Dear Friends, Colleagues & Clients::

What an absolutely beautifulHana coast Maui photo by Sheryl Sever spring blossoming here in the San Francisco Bay.

Renewal and changes are birthing everywhere.

With so many unknowns, we are all learning to be more fully present with what is, with each other, and with what really is important in these times.

Uncertainty is our new form of security.

Community, collaboration, creativity, innovation, reinvention, connection and engagement  have become  mainstream mantras. We are all learning that these essential leadership qualities are the key ingredients to transforming challenging times.

Old systems and paradigms are dying-  (including our personal limiting stories and inner beliefs). A new way of being and consciousness  is emerging: in leadership and business, in our organizations and communities, and even in our ways of relating and communicating in our most personal relationships.

What has birthed is a new global collective consciousness. With Web 2.0, green economics, ancient & alternative healing modalities, and access to timeless knowledge of our limitless power, we are seeing the upside to the recession.

The Upside to the Recession 

* Reinvention and Innovation- Now actually may be the best time to start a business. Join my teleseminar on Tuesday, April 7, 2009 to learn more.

*Social entrepreneurship has gone mainstream- see article below
*There is a renewed investment in Human Technologies. We are gathering together offline to ask the really important questions: Who are we? What is our purpose?  How can we create sovereign communities? What can WE do to help?
*The Law of Attraction is expanding exponentially, taking on a momentum of its own (as it always has!)
*Less is Best: We are all learning how to do more with less. Its' beyond reduce, reuse and recycle.  It's about rethinking.

There is a lot of information out there- what we take in and what we share requires discernment, wisdom, and action.  Now is the time to step into your passion, purpose, and greatest potential. These are amazing times, filled with opportunity.

And above all remember to be kind to your fellow travelers- we are all in this together.

In Awe~

Sheryl Sever
aka Coach Shera

PS. I am looking to join an organizational leadership team that needs a powerful provocateur and communications maven/ director to weave it all together: vision, strategy, marketing, communications, engagement, human capital.
You can contact me
by e-mail or call me directly at 415.713.7727
Social Entrepreneurship goes Mainstream

"In a world where change is escalating exponentially, the only way we'll make it is if everyone has the mindset of a social entrepreneur."
-Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka

I've always been a huge advocate of social entrepreneurship, and an evangelist for learning and social profit leadership models.  photo by

Social entrepreneurs are change agents and pioneers for humanity who have merged their business, service and life purpose to benefit disadvantaged communities and ultimately society at large. Read more . . .

I believe Social Entrepreneurship is where we all need to be focusing our business development models. It's no longer about you  OR me, but about WE and the cooperative advantage, rather than the competitive advantage. It's about our personal visions and our business mission serving the greater good along with sustainable practices and metrics.

2009: The Year of the Awakened Entrepreneur
In my last e-zine,I declared 2009 the Year of the Awakened Entrepreneur. There is more need and more opportunity than ever before for Awakened Entrepreneurs. As Joanna Macy provokes us in her book,  World as Self, World as Lover,"What will you tell your great, great grandchildren you did during the Great Turning?"

So in this period of innovation and reinvention, how can you merge your life purpose and what you stand for with a business for the greater good?
Who are your power partners within  your community and network?
Do you need support in clarifying your vision, purpose and strategy?
Let's talk. 

"Social entrepreneurs never let a crisis go to waste. These visionary leaders take this economic upheaval to be a blessing, providing a chance for business to transition from an anonymous, complex system to one that is direct and transparent." Ode Magazine, March, 2009
Read more. . .

Intrigued? Check out  Mondragon- Spain's Cooperative Corporation.

How "Green" is Your Business?
One of the upsides of the recession is that more and more ecopreneurs and enterprises are utilizing the power of doing more with less by going "green".

So many in fact, that it leaves those of us who were active in the "ecology movement" of the '70's  concerned with  "greenwashed " marketing.

Read what British Journalist, Nick Rosen,  has to say about "What's Wrong with Green?". A fabulous media portal that I've been following is Worldchanging - a global network of independent journalists, designers and thinkers covering the world's most intelligent solutions to today's problems. Read the latest on Bright Green, Light Green, or Dark Green.
Are you starting a "Green" Business or "Green" Career?  Use my organizational development frame to determine how "green" your enterprise is:

1. 98% of all waste is generated outside of the home- through manufacturing, transportation, distribution. Does your strategic plan include Triple Bottom Line Metrics- measuring performance against economic, social and environmental parameters?

2. Ecological Footprint- What's your personal and business footprint? The Global Footprint Network has developed one of the most comprehensive methodologies and guidebooks in measuring ecologicial footprint and overshoot.

3.  Collaborative Entrepreneurship:  Rather than compete with other small green businesses or "ecopreneurs"- cooperate and collaborate.  What other small "green businesses" can you partner with to offer your clients more complete packages of sustainable products and  services?

 4. What is the organization's commitment to Personal Ecology? At the most fundamental level, start with The 5R's: Respect, ReThink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Have you seen The Crude Awakening?

5. Citizen Education- Today, there are a tremendous amount of resources available to awaken each and every one of us to our responsibilities of living sustainably-moving from a mindset of consumer to the mindset and actions of citizen.  How transparent and educational is your marketing?

6. Green Business Certification- The San Francisco Bay, where I am based, has one of the most advanced Green Business Certification Programs in the USA. Click here for more information.

7. Read and apply Peter Senge's, et.al.: The Necessary Revolution: How Individuals and Organizations are Working Together to Create a Sustainable World.

Sustainablilty is meeting the needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous and enduring, more intelligent, and even more "competitive".  Paul Hawken
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I welcome your comments (along with your website URL) on any blog post that speaks to you. Would love to know what you are thinking about and doing during the Great Turning!

In heartlfelt collaboration,

Sheryl R. Sever
Cross Currents Communications 
510.336.9161 (o)

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