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Confidence: one of those hard to measure yet extraordinarily important dynamics.  Just rewind your memory over the past few years to find a world full of examples of lost confidence - consumer confidence, corporate uncertainties, geopolitical and societal disillusionment.  From these examples, and more, we can see the impact that lost confidence has on the economic well being and attitudes of whole countries, corporations, regions and individuals.  In our "turbo turbulent" world, it is amazing how fast confidence can crash but also, with the power of social networking, how fast it can also grow - as in the recent Tunisia and Egypt case studies. 

Generating confidence is an essential driver for agile organizations and it is fueled through positive leadership shaping organizational culture that is connected, aligned and engaged. In order to create truly sustainable confidence for any enterprise - it must extend to all stakeholders.  Finding how to connect, align and engage with your workforce as well as your customers, consumers, shareholders, suppliers and communities makes generating confidence a shared value for creating success.   Read More  


If connecting, aligning and engaging are the organizational drivers for generating confidence ... then leadership communication is the vehicle for driving confidence.  In this era of information overload, there is an abundance of "noise" and clutter distorting leadership messaging within most organizations.  The 2007 American Management Association Study on strategy execution highlighted key factors differentiating organizations that execute strategy successfully versus those who did not.  A major differentiation exists in those firms who worked hard to create "clarity of message" throughout their organizations.  In May 2010, Agility Consulting principal Tom O'Shea co-presented a client case study at the 2010 Organization Design Forum in Denver, Colorado ... Driving Growth Through Organizational Agility!   This presentation highlights how one organization was able to bring clarity of its message throughout its organization through the development and deployment of a clear "strategy map", broadcasting on their internal TV channel as well as tapping into the power of internal social media technology through creation of a company WIKI ... A Corporate Meeting Place for Achieving Audacious Goals!

26th Annual SIOP Conference

April  14-16, 2011 - Hilton Chicago


Join Nick Horney at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Conference where he will be presenting information on leadership and organizational agility as part of a Symposium/Forum entitled "Leading Horses to Water:  Assessment Facilitated Organization Change"


The Symposium will be on Friday, April 13th at 4:30 p.m.

Highly experienced change agent consultants will present interesting client change cases illustrating key actions necessary for effective strategy execution and organization change within an increasingly fast-paced and complex business environment.  Special emphasis will be placed on the use of various assessment tools to facilitate change. 

Gerald M. Groe, pan, Chair

Nicholas Horney, Agility Consulting & Training, Leadership and Organizational Agility:  Business Imperatives for a VUCA World

Rick Lepsinger, OnPoint Consulting, The Execution Solution: Secrets of Companies That Consistently Achieve Results

Dale S. Rose, 3D Group, Using Strategically Aligned 360-Degree Feedback Content to Drive Organizational Change

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SIOP Conference and to register 

March 2011


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