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  Are You Ready for 2011?

 Question MarkDecember is the time of year when most of us look back at our accomplishments and challenges and then, with a re-energized spirit, try to plan for what lies ahead.  That task is getting tougher as our world becomes increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous ... aka VUCA. Even though that phrase was originally coined by some of our military strategists preparing leaders for battle, it applies equally well across all types of organizations these days!

Keeping this in mind, here are some of the questions that could be especially important in planning for success in your organization in 2011:
  1. What are the forces of change impacting your success and how can your organization become more proactive to Anticipate Change versus just responding to it when it is often too late?
  2. Who are the stakeholders in your organization's success and how can you connect, align and engage them to Generate Confidence so they are all committed to building and being a winning team?
  3. Where do you need greater strategic speed and how can you create a more decisive organization where the act of Initiating Action is a smooth reflex and not always an ordeal?
  4. Where do you need greater innovation to fuel your growth and  Liberate Thinking throughout the organization to actively seek new ideas to improve the way work gets done?
  5. How can you create a positive culture of accountability where everyone understands the team scorecard for "success" as well as how to Evaluate Results?
Understanding the algorithm for success in our increasingly complex world is one of the highlights from the 2010 Global CEO Report by IBM Global Services - "Capitalizing on Complexity" that you can find at our Strategic Agility Institute.  This study captures the insights from interviews with over 1500 CEO's and provides some excellent insights into the dynamics and implications for leading "the enterprise of the future" successfully.   Stay tuned to our monthly newsletter for additional insights and practical applications to help you to adapt and thrive in our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world!

Our Agile Model® lays the groundwork for helping answer these questions.  Our Agile Services will help you get the results you seek.  All you have to do is click through to get to the focus level that matches your need ... at the enterprise, team or individual levels.  Our Agility Audit™ is a great place to start discovering the answers to your questions and prepare for your success in 2011!
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Since 2001, Agility Consulting has
been conducting agility research, networking with both academic and consulting researchers, creating methodology for the implementation of agility in public and private sector organizations, developing and implementing training programs focused on leadership, team and organizational agility, coaching executives with a focus on enhancing leadership agility and consulting with organizations across the globe on the implementation of agility. 

Through the launch of the Strategic Agility Institute, we are sharing what we have learned and what others are doing regarding leadership, team and organizational agility.  The Strategic Agility Institute is a comprehensive resource for leaders interested in understanding and implementing agility in their organizations.  Agility-focused research reports, articles, whitepapers, case studies, tools, etc. can be found at the Strategic Agility Institute located on the home page of the Agility Consulting website

In addition, we will be communicating current resources and practical applications of agility through our monthly Strategic Agility Institute newsletter.  We will also be sharing agility resources through our LinkedIn Group, which you are encouraged to join.  Please contact us to share your experience or interest in the implementation of agility.

December 2010
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    Generate Confidence
    Initiate Action
    Liberate Thinking
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