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The UDL FOCUS highlights just-in-time resources, materials, research, and policy initiatives brought to you from the National Center on Universal Design for Learning and from our partners and colleagues in the field.
  • August 2011  (8/9/2011)
  • The National UDL Task Force calls for UDL, Maryland Board of Education adopts UDL, a video about gamifying education, an article about how special education technology benefits all, a chance to offer your opinion for the UDL Series, sign up to be a UDL Reviewer, international groups on UDL Connect, two UDL leaders in the field, and a UDL challenge question about redesigning schools.
  • April 2011  (4/28/2011)
  • A call for Common Curriculum Content, Secretary Duncan's comments on UDL and ESEA, CAST UDL Book Builder in Spanish, a UDL planning grant funded by the Gates Foundation, fun Teacher Avatars from, an NPR story highlighting a Massachusetts school that embeds UDL into its curriculum, three members of the UDL Faculty, and a UDL challenge question on assessment
  • March 2011  (3/22/2011)
  • Features: Obama and David Rose visit TechBoston, Indiana District hosts UDL Forum, UDL Principles and Practice videos, Karen Cator mentions UDL in Edutopia interview, Voice Thread feature on UDL Connect, UDL-Implementation and Research Network web site, and IDEA Partnership on UDL Connect
  • February 2011  (2/23/2011)
  • Features: UDL version of The Tortoise and the Hare, UVM's Better Learning by Design conference, digital books in California, David Rose speaks at Pennsylvania Department of Ed's annual conference, and New CAST UDL fellows announced.
  • January 2011  (1/25/2011)
  • Features: UDL Guidelines 2.0 release, Senate HELP Committee, NAAC UDL-AA-AAS Evaluation Tool, and the CAST summer PD institute.
  • December 2010: Welcome to the first issue  (12/1/2010)
  • Features: Information about US Secretary of Education Duncan's letter to Congress on the National Education Technology Plan, the UDL Implementation and Research Network, and links to news and resources on UDL implementation.
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