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In this issue of the UDL FOCUS, you will find information about 1) the National UDL Task Force letter to Congress on ESEA, 2) Maryland's state adoption of UDL as a curriculum design framework, 3) a video discussing how to apply gaming strategies to instruction, 4) an announcement about the UDL Series and a survey regarding how you prefer to learn about UDL, 5) an opportunity to become a UDL Reviewer, 6) a description of two international UDL Connect groups, 7) an introduction to two UDL Leaders, and 8) a provocative article about getting rid of the old 'classroom' idea.

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Policy iconadvocacyNational Task Force Calls for UDL
Capitol Building in Washington, DCIn a letter sent to Congressional education leaders, the National UDL Task Force, an group of 40+ national general and special education organizations, recently called for the inclusion of UDL in the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Read more.

Policy iconMaryland Board of Ed Adopts UDL

Maryland flagMaryland is the first state in the nation to adopt UDL to guide curriculum design for all students. In April 2011, the Maryland State Board of Education voted unanimously to adopt the recommendations of the Statewide Task Force to Explore the Incorporation of UDL Principles into Maryland's Education Systems. In its final report, A Route for Every Learner, the Task Force supported using UDL principles during curriculum and assessment development, for the selection process for texbooks, instructional materials, and technology and in all appropriate state plans. Read the report.


Implementation iconadvocacyGaming Strategies and Instruction


Image of screen with text saying Game OnAccording to The Escapist Magazine, an online video journal, the same strategies used to develop games, particularly online games, might be used to design instruction. For example, suggestions for recruiting student interest in learning activities are outlined in a free video entitled "Gamifying Education." View the video


Implementation iconSpecial Ed Technology Benefits All

student with headphones working on computerAs technology evolves, educators are finding that assistive technologies, typically designed for students with disabilities, can provide personalized instruction for all learners. In this Ed Week article, Betsy Dalton, assistant professor at Rhode Island College and former Boston College-CAST UDL Postdoctoral Fellow, offers sage advice about UDL and assistive technology. Read the article.

UDL Guidlelines iconguidelinesOffer Your Opinion for UDL Series
teachers working in a groupIn September 2011, the National Center on UDL will launch the UDL Series to build UDL understanding, implementation skills, and leadership ability. These brief (15-20 minute) online sessions will offer educators learning supports and options. The Center is interested in your opinion. What is your favorite online learning event? How do you learn? Do you prefer webinars or community discussions? Offer your opinion

UDL Guidlines iconresearchAre You a UDL Reviewer?
two teachers collaboratingDo you make recommendations to your peers about UDL tools and resources? Do you offer expert opinions about UDL lesson planning? Would you like to suggest topics for UDL related research? Would you be willing to review professional development materials? Are you a UDL Leader? The National Center on UDL is interested in your ideas. Consider becoming a UDL Reviewer. Sign up here.

Community iconadvocacyInternational Groups Join UDL Connect


two students reading
UDL is quickly becoming an international phenomenon. As a matter of fact, CAST UDL Interns Jaime Riberio and Sergio Sanchez created discussion groups on UDL Connect for their colleagues from Portugual and Spain, respectively. Both groups are now among the most active groups in the UDL Connect community. To join these or other groups and be part of the conversation, click here. (P.S. It's helpful if you understand and write Portuguese or Spanish or use a digital translator).

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Meet UDL Leaders
Meet two UDL leaders with advanced UDL knowledge and skills.  


Jon Mundorf

JMuldorfJon Mundorf is an award-winning National Board Certified fifth grade teacher at Calusa Park Elementary School in Naples, Florida. Jon utilizes the UDL framework to meet the multiple challenges of teaching diverse learners in his inclusive, standards-based classroom. He enjoys sharing his classroom experiences with other educators at conferences and workshops throughout North America. In addition, he is a doctoral student at the University of Florida studying educational technology and UDL in curriculum, teaching and teacher education. He is also the designer of the Regional Training Center graduate course called Universal Design for Learning: Reaching All Learners in the Digital Age. To read about his classroom use of iPads for instruction, click here 

Leatrice Satterwhite
headshot of Leatrice Satterwhite

Since September 2007, Leatrice has served as the Coordinating Supervisor of Support Programs and Related Services in Prince George's County Public Schools in Maryland. She coordinates and supervises the operations and workflow of nine divisions, and manages support for the Alternate Maryland School Assessment (Alt-MSA) in collaboration with the Office of Testing. She also oversees regional instructional programs for students with significant cognitive disabilities, including development and implementation of the Curriculum Framework Extensions and Adapted Books for students participating in Alt-MSA. She offers workshops on UDL for PGCPS. Numerous UDL resources are available on the PGCPS website


this_monthThis Month:
UDL Challenges

To what extent can UDL change how schools are designed? Should we get rid of classrooms?
In this Ed Week article, "The Classroom is Obsolete: It's Time for Something New," architect Prakash Nair suggests that schools need to change from a classroom-based model to one that's centered on principles. Athough he doesn't specifically mention UDL, does UDL offer this kind of change?  

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