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Dispatches from a Midsummer Sunday
Samantha and JerryToday's issue is not supposed to exist, thus the above 'action shot' of 12-year-old Samantha of west Bucktown is an appropriate choice for this vacation edition. I came back a few days earlier than planned, so I decided to do some walking around and see what people do on a late Sunday afternoon when they're done hanging out in the park, or 'indulging' in postgame treats as these athletes were doing at their softball team's sponsor, Just Indulge, or reading up on the season's premier of Mad Men on the patio of Letizia's.

Samantha's dad, Jerry, is one of those people who always seems to be on his front porch, which is where I met him when I signed him up for The Pipeline this past spring. Jerry reported that since school let out, Samantha and he have been tossing a Hacky Sack around.

samantha jerry 3"She's a spelling bee champion," Jerry said proudly of Samantha, who looked away modestly but did confirm that her dad was not making things up. In fact, Samantha did not just represent nearby Otis Elementary School in the citywide spelling bee this year, but for the previous two school years as well. Jerry added that he didn't think Samantha worked hard enough for the honor the last time around. "They just sent her to the city bee finals, no qualifiers, but whatever...."  Jerry then moved on to another topic that I've heard local parents discussing at length. "They only have PE one day a week now in CPS. I can't believe it, with all the overweight kids and with everyone being so sedentary, that they are not having PE every day."
Tee ball Tee Ball at Dean Park/
photo courtesy of Doug Brownfield
Tee ball at Dean Park/ photo courtesy of Doug Brownfield

Like many folks who've taken matters into their own hands to augment anemic programming in schools across many categories (like DJ of The Color Wheel Studio and the folks behind Easel Art who offer kid's arts programs, or Bucktown Music, or Elena of The Kid's Table, who teaches healthy cooking for kids and picky-eater classes for parents, and Doug, who organizes an uber affordable grassroots tee-ball league, to name just a few!), Jerry said Hacky Sack is a way to stay in shape. 

Samantha_jerry_dogBefore I moved on, I asked Samantha what was the word that eliminated her from the spelling bee. (She'd stressed to me that she is just her individual school's representative, or "champion" in her dad's words, lest I go around reporting incorrect information.)

the wicker park fest poster- click on it to read details!!"Albatross!," she replied, with a knowing smile indicating the likelihood that she'd studied up on its literal and metaphorical meaning, which is kind of heavy for any grade schooler to think about. I moved on, and let the duo get back to their 'Sack.

Speaking of albatross, there are times when I wonder why I'm still doing this e-newsletter. The short answer is readers like you, who make it worthwhile. The longer version is that I guess it took a bit of going away to realize that I miss working on something I find to be a lot of fun, and I didn't know what else I should do yesterday except try to put something together, especially in light of the fact there's a VERY BIG WEEKEND ahead that can be summed up in three words: Wicker Park Fest.
Wicker Park Fest 2009/
Photo by Aaron Engler of Palatine, IL
Wp Fest by Aaron Engler

Over 3,200 locals have confirmed they're are attending, per this Facebook invite. Last year, per this festival recap story from our July 27, 2009 Pipeline, the gathering attracted well over 30,000 peeps from around the city and suburbs. To see a few images we snapped last July at the fest, click here. For those with children, the kid's stage activities will take place at Milwaukee and Evergreen; the schedule and lineup can be viewed on this poster.

Jose de Diego Community Academy,
1313 N. Claremont
jose diego school
Proceeds from the kid's events benefit Jose de Diego School.
We look forward to being just one of the many tens of thousands of people expected this weekend, and encourage readers to stay tuned for coverage and images in next Tuesday's Pipeline.

See you again then!
Community Safety 'Roll Call' at Sam's Red Hots
by Nandika Doobay

Photo by Nandika Doobay
Roll Call by Dika
A large crowd of police and Bucktown residents gathered in the lot behind Sam's Redhots on a red hot Thursday evening this past week, in an event Thirty-second Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack called "positive loitering."


The area, known for gang and crime activity, was quickly populated with concerned neighbors, community leaders, and many police officers. Joining Waguespack were First Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno, Area 5 Deputy Chief John Escalante, Shakespeare District Captain Michelle Anderson, and approximately 25 other police officers.


Photo by Nandika Doobay
Roll Call 2 by Dika
At the instruction of their captain, the officers quickly snapped to attention, forming a line the length of the hot dog stand. The gathering garnered a few worried looks from passersby who cut through the Redhot lot to see what all the police activity was about. As the crowd grew, Waguespack said, "We need the help  the police and the community to work as one--take charge of your own neighborhood!" Alderman Moreno told everyone that crime and safety were on top of his list of priorities and asked that they call police if they see something disturbing, or call his offices in nonemergency situations. "That's what we're here for," he said.


Photo by Nandika Doobay
sam red hots roll call by DD
After the two alderman addressed the crowd, there was a very somber moment of silence for the police officers who have recently lost their lives--Michael Bailey, Thor Soderberg, Thomas Wortham, and Sgt. Alan Haymaker.


Deputy Chief Escalante encouraged attendees to participate in more events, such as the upcoming National Night Out Against Crime next Tuesday evening at the Humboldt Park boat house. According to an event flier, the free event will include a night of dancing featuring a Michael Jackson impersonator, comedian Vince Acevedo, and a 12 piece orchestra.


For more information on upcoming police events and CAPS meetings, click here.


Outside the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Gift Shop, Vancouver., B.C. 7/20
CRMP police
(Editor's note: Though we hope crime does not occur much in the future, and it's certainly not our desired emphasis area, readers do seem to get in touch with us a lot when there are leads of this nature, so to ignore crime or to report on it from a seen-in-passing approach would not bode well without knowing the facts from those on the front lines fighting crime in the neighborhood. Thanks to Commander Linda Flores of the 14th District who suggested we apply for press credentials. We do have them now that I finally got a chance to go downtown and apply as well as pick up said credentials, as I'm showing to my brother at a bar in Seattle and now to readers too, since I've invited you on my vacation at this point!)

Sponsored News: SPACES:
Residential Closings, Soft O
penings, Expansions, Anniversaries, Merchant Mainstays & More!

Marna Bucktown picThis section Is sponsored by
Marna Spizz, an independent residential real estate broker helping locals find or sell the spiciest and hippest of 'spaces'
since 1998!

News just in... While The Pipeline was on a holiday from 7/12 - 7/25, 10 properties closed in "Bucktown" defined as between North Ave and the 90/94 Expwy and Ashland and Western. 5 properties were "attached" or condos, 1 was a "multi-unit" - a 2 flat at 1832 N. Marshfield in need of a complete rehab and 4 were single families.

The lowest closing was a 2 bed 1 bath condo with no parking at 2017 Leavitt #2, which sold for $240,000 or 90.6% of its original list price of $264,900. It had a current listing time of 215 days.

The highest closing was a new construction 5 bed 4.1 bath house at 1725 N. Marshfield which closed for $1,635,000 or 86% of its original list price of $1,899,000.  Its current listing time was 103 days.

There was 1 distressed sale, 2333 St. Paul #303, a 2 bed 1.1 bath loft which was purchased in late 2006 for $342,500.  The owners had been trying to resell on and off since June 2009. With a series of price reductions they finally sold "short", meaning their lenders agreed to release their liens for less than what the actual outstanding loans were. This property closed for $295,000.

If you have any additional questions about these closings or anything else real estate related, or would like a complimentary CMA of your property or the full scoop on home buying and selling in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area please contact Marna Spizz, our residential closings columnist, via email or 312-543-2259. She'd be happy to meet with you in Real Space!

*** Information sourced from MRED; closed properties from 7/12/10-7/25/10 as of 7/26/10. Cross property residential Bucktown as defined above.

(Do you have a lead regarding an opening? Is there a commercial or residential space you are curious about? Send an email and we'll do our best to follow up! To see which spots we highlighted in 'Spaces' last week, including lots of new openings, click here for the July 13 Pipeline and July 7)

The building known as the 'Old Damen Avenue Firehouse' at 1625 N. Damen was recently sold for $3,125,000, per this Midwest Real Estate News story, spotted on the 'Buck Town' Facebook page.

A few new tenants have joined the newly constructed MB Bank building at  Ashland and Division, per this sign.

Speaking of signs, it's always nice to see them being installed, as was the case over at Aberdeen and North this past Sunday.

marna bookendAnd last, but certainly not least, yet another awesome independently owned shop (and a place I try to pop in to whenever I can) is closing after five years on Division. Click here to read a letter from Habit's owner and founder, Lindsey Boland.
Very Random Links & Tweets

The new Kathryn Kerrigan shoe boutique on Damen and Anjenu on Division both garnered press in Chicago magazine's Sales Check column.

Spotted on The Silver Room's Facebook Page, "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone (talent-performers-DJs-bands-volunteers-sponsors-the crowd-fans who spent their whole day with us!) who made our Block Party a success."
Though out of the neighborhood, a citizen at a meeting in the village of Elmhurst who rolled her eyes over a committee's decision to use 30K of taxpayer's dollars to hire a lobbyist made headlines and prompted this July 27 Tribune editorial.
(It also prompted a witty Facebook friend to say then she shouldn't drive through Elmhurst with her husband!)

North and Ashland
Chad's Intersection
Also on Facebook, and since this is the-goofy-surprise-issue-that-wasn't-supposed-to-exist, a friend named Chad, who is well versed in a certain intersection because he spends a lot of time there, posted this observational update: "Never a dull moment on North Ave & Ashland. Bums pissing in the middle of the street. Nuns passing out fliers. Road rage every 14 minutes. Hot girls cussing more than a sailor. And finally, rats are chasing bunnies out of the alley."  Soon--well, by 2011--Chad might also see all-electric cars whizzing by as well, courtesy of I-Go Car Sharing!

In yet more goofy news, this time spotted on the Littlerock Construction Facebook Page, urinals in homes are becoming quite popular.
From the talent portion of the Miss Wicker Park Pageant, July 12
burlesque from mwp
Since this issue also doesn't really exist, here are some images and a video clip from the vaudeville burlesque routine at the Miss Wicker Park Pageant, which I posted after our July 14 issue.

Julia Kramer of Time Out Chicago got up close with a margarita from the newly opened Gunners, 1467 N Milw. In another TOC story focusing on the summertime drink, an intrepid writer tested out hangover remedies after imbibing at local hotspots People Lounge, Salud, and Big Star.

@Curvatude They are celebrating 20 yrs in Bucktown/Wicker Park @Northsidebar http://tweetphoto.com/34981450

@peacelovegoat A new clothing line from Hunter Dixon, two Carolina-turned-New York girls, is now at Bucktown boutique p.45 http://ht.ly/2gkpO

ipsentocoffeeAGREED!! RT @sweetmarias white filters have less paper taste in general. in the tan ones, the hemp (YouTube http://youtu.be/W-NdnGS1XvU?a)

@SilverWrapper3D WickerParkFest SCHEDULE Announced! Get your LATE NIGHT tickets NOW! http://fburls.com/90-6thos9o6
Empty Storefronts Transformed by Art in
Community Funded 'Make Believe' Project
An artist from Chicago Robotic Theater explains 'More than Clouds in the Sky' during an NBC morning news segment which aired July 17. 
Artist from NBC clip
The SSA #33 WPB Make Believe project, spearheaded by vendors Firebelly Design and Pivotal, kicked off with an opening night launch July 15 at Pint.  Over the next four months, 10 vacant storefronts will have new tenants: Art!

Elaine Coorens of Our Urban Times turned a spotlight on 'Make Believe,' as did Lauren Weinberg on the Time Out Chicago blog and the NBC Morning news in this video clip  and many other outlets.

""You are Here," a display in 1200 Block of North Ashland next to Harris Bank
you are here
The pop up gallery's mission is simple yet with far-reaching impact: to reactivate otherwise vacant and idle retail storefronts with eye-catching and thought-provoking displays, and to reinforce the neighborhood's artistic presence. Additionally, with sponsorship from the SSA #33, which uses a portion of the community's taxes to help, as its mission states, "sustain and
From a 'Make Believe' display on Milw. 
make believe
promote the prosperity and unique qualities of life of the Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood and commercial district, whilst preserving its diverse character for the benefit of its residents, visitors, and businesses through the wise and discerning investment of resources to enhance our public way
there is the hope that the project will entice people thinking about starting a business here to rent out some of these vacant spaces--they do admittedly look much nicer when they're occupied by something except empty walls. In fact, I enjoyed peering into "You are Here" and seeing this image!

A panel of curators selected the 10 teams of artists who are participating in the project. Each team is vying for the cash prize of $5,000, to be determined by voting, which ends Oct. 27. The displays come down Oct. 29. 

cat mouse logo COMMUNITY NEWS is Sponsored by Cat & Mouse Game Store,
2212 W. Armitage, p: 773-384-4454

Bargain hunters, take note! There will be a HUGE Summer Clearance Sale at Cat & Mouse Game Store this Sat., July 31, and Sun., August 1.  Per Linda of Cat & Mouse, "We need room! We can't stand looking at some of this stuff anymore! We're serious! Help us clear out some of our stock so that we can bring in exciting and new products for the holiday season. You'll find savings of 40-70% off lots of great clearance items, from kids' games and strategy games to jigsaw puzzles and br

(Editor's Note: While I'm not sure as of 'press time' if Cat & Mouse offers Bananagrams, it is a very fun game for travel and I know because I quite enjoyed playing it this past week!
Okay, now on to Community News....)

Sports leagues, music, hands-on gardening classes, and lectures--it's all happening at the park, 1425 N. Damen. The June edition of Wicker Park's Park News is now available: here is Page 1, as well as Page 2, also added to Community Links.

pool Bucktown's Holstein Park is a happening park, too, so click here to read the latest news from Friends of Holstein, including its outdoor swimming pool schedule! The pool will remain open through Sept. 6.

WGN News featured a segment on text alert messages for street sweeping, the first of its kind in the country and definitely gets my vote for being a useful and convenient service. The program is financed by First Ward Alderman Joe Moreno.

Links to Useful News that came in via email over the break:
1st Ward Alderman Moreno's latest e-newsletter, July 22
32nd Ward Alderman Waguespack's news, July 23
The Weekly SSA #33/WPB News, July 23
Wicker Park Bucktown Chamber News, from Today (7/27)!

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Today's featured post excerpt comes from artist Tony Fitzpatrick who always has a lot of interesting things to say on his blog...

There is an underground industry in Chicago known as the "Midnight Auto."  Those working and trafficking in this part of the auto industry, deal with hot cars and auto parts.  In other words, "chop-shops."  Modern automobiles are worth far more when harvested for parts than as a working  car.  Thieves specialize; there are guys who only steal air-bags, others only batteries or distributor caps or tires.  There are even kids who only grab hood ornaments. READ MORE and See 'The Devil and Western Avenue' for yourself
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local first logo A Fun Time Was Had by All at Local First Chicago's First Annual Meeting at Leona's, Thurs. July 15
In the nick of time, I just entered in a bunch of emails from the amazing folks I met Thursday evening at the Local First Chicago meeting, which was kicked off by First Ward Aldeman Joe Moreno. The alderman spoke about the importance of supporting locally owned businesses--a belief that is more than just dogma, as Moreno explained to the two dozen or so of us in attendance that his first job was at a local, family-operated printing company.
Wicker Park Videos
View video interviews with two longtime locals directed by Gary Marks for our Wicker Park Portrait Series on
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Miss ErinRembert

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Sterling Goss, 1845 N. Oakley, (773) 342-7100: Prime cuts of Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Cheeses, sandwiches, catering, etc.

Pot Pan Thai, 1362 N. Milw., 773-862-6990: Dine-in & delivery, recipient of the National Food Institute's "The Pride of Thailand" Certificate of Excellence.

CopyMax, 1321 N. Milw, 773-252-6200: Self, and full-service copying, computer rental & repair, mailbox service, business cards.

Piano Lessons with Gary Marks, 773-208-3636

DreamBox Foto Studio, 2415 W. North, 773-292-0419: Portraits, headshots, special event, studio and location photography by Iwona Biedermann. 

Gallery Cafe, 1760 W. North, 773-252-8228:Roasting all coffee in-house, recognized by Delta magazine in 2008. Food, local art, and free wi-fi.

Division Gold, 2112 W. Division, 773-292-9600: Pawn shop serving Wicker Park for 14 years, buying gold, silver, offering unique selection.

COLORI Eco Paint Boutique, 2243 W. North, 773-252-4923: Explore color therapy with a limitless color palette. Just say 'no' to VoCs!

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Grow on Division appears to be holding a neat floor model sale. Also on Division, the new Wicker Baske is offering $1.50 Metropolis coffee. Milk & Honey has expanded to evening hours, as has  Letizia's, now open until 11 PM. Letizia's is also opening a second location in Logan Square next month.
Ashley on the Streets of North Damen
Also on Division, we ran into bartender Noelle of SmallBar, who looked kind of familiar because she's likely poured a beer that we were happy to be on the receiving end of once or twice. Noelle reported that she was checking out all of the various sidewalk sale racks. Of Le Dress, where we interviewed her, she noted that she'd never been inside because it looked too expensive, but after seeing a few tunics marked down to $60, she was walking into Le Dress as we were walking away....

On that note of "away," we bid Bon Voyage....  The Pipeline is wishing Ashley Clark, right, much success in her life's next chapter! Soon Ashley will be off to teach English in Korea! This is exciting news and we are grateful for Ashley's help in having compiled the bulk of the listings each week for the past many months!
J2 GalleryThe Week(s) Ahead:  These happenings are proudly sponsored by the Jackson Junge Gallery, 1389 N. Milw.

Tues. July 27, 7 PM
A Meeting to Discussed Proposed Changes at Milw/Wood/Wolcott Intersection
Meet at the Intersection (rain spot: 1414 N. Ashland, chamber and SSA#33 WPB offices)

garden walk Wed. July 28, 7 PM
BCO Garden Walk Event Wrap Up Party

Wabansia (Back Room of Club Lucky)

Wed. July 28, 6 PM (5PM sign up)
Open Mic in Wicker Park (before Planet 51)
1425 N. Damen (Wicker Park softball field)

Wed. July 28, 8:15 PM (dusk)
Movies in the Park: Planet 51
1425 N. Damen (Wicker Park)

Fri. July 30 6 to 10 PM
Rectory, a Joe Padilla Gallery Showing
1050 N. Damen (Pawn Works)
Unidentified Fest-goers at Wicker Park Fest 2009
Wicker Park Fest 2009

Sat. July 31, 10 AM to 5 PM
Creating Eco-Friendly Play Space
2243 W. North Ae. (Colori Eco Paint Boutique)

Sat. July 31 (10AM-7PM), Sun. Aug. 1 (11AM-5PM)
Summer Sidewalk Clearance Sale
2212 W. Armitage (Cat & Mouse)

Sat. July 31 to Aug. 1, Noon to 10 PM
Wicker Park Fest
North Milw. Avenue (Between North Ave. and Wood)

Sat. July 31, Sun. Aug. 1st, Noon to 6 PM
Wicker Park Fest- Kids 
North Milw. Avenue, at Evergreen

Sat. July 31, 11 PM
DJ Hero Tournament
1919 N. Milw.  (Gorilla Tango Theatre)

Sun. Aug. 1, 8 AM to 2 PM
Wicker Park Farmer's Market
Wicker Park Fest Kids- Click on poster to enlarge it
1425 N. Damen (Park Grounds)

Sun. Aug. 1, Noon-10 PM
Opening: Pop Art Rabbi
1630 N. Milw. (The Living Room)

Tues. Aug. 3, 5 to 10PM
America's National Night Out Against Crime
1359 N. Sacramento (Humboldt Park Boathouse)

Fri. Aug. 6, 6 to 10 PM
WPB First Fridays
1579 N. Milw. (Flat Iron Arts Building)

Fri. Aug. 6, 9 AM to 2 PM
17th Annual All Kids and Family Health Fair
3840 W. Armitage (Mozart Park)

Fri. Aug 13, 6 to 8 PM
Opening Reception: A Year in Humboldt Park
1359 N. Sacramento (Humboldt Park Boathouse)

Friday, Aug 27, 6 to 9 PM
Opening Reception: Storm Chaser- Photography by David Mayhew
1389 N. Milw. (Jackson Junge)

Closing July 31:
LESS: work by Jason Middlebrook
and Ladies and Gentlemonsters and Saints and Sinners. 
Closing Aug. 1: COLORAIN: The Art of Alberto Cerriteno
Closing Aug 7:  The Art of Touring
Closing Aug. 15: No U-Turn, Bruce Holwerda
Closing Aug. 20: 2nd Anniversary Show Featuring New Work by Three Artists
Closing Oct. 29: 10 neighborhood wide 'Make Believe' window displays

Bucktown Arts Fest (Aug. 28-29)

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