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July 2012 Newsletter
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Events for September, October 


Fishing Report- Salmon Run!


New, Updated Website  


Open for Winter Bookings! 


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Great Events for September & October  

Don't Miss the Great Beauty of Crested Butte in Fall 


fall in crested butte

It's not nippy till the end of the day, and then you throw one back and build a fire and thank the gods you are not in the office.

Want to plan for your days? Don't miss the chili cook-off (Sept. 8) or vinotok (Sept. 16-22), the fall harvest festival. Check the September Calendar and the October Calendar, and plan for fun! (always a good rule!) 

Fishing Kokanee Salmon 


Like Fishing?

Starting in late July, over 50,000 adult salmon make a run the Roaring Judy East River Hatchery.  These hard fighting 15"-20" 2-4 pounders are a blast.  In August thru November, try float or wade.  


fishing kokanee  

 Fishing report from Blue Mesa Lake:

July 24: Overall, the kokanee salmon fishing remains good to excellent!  Over the last two days the fish were a little harder to entice, but today they were back in full force and very aggressive!  Trolling and jigging have both been effective, although most folks who don't spend the time to find their own schools of salmon don't typically do as well as those who do.


It was time.  New:


new website

***the Books & Guides page  

***a Newsletters page - use them to plan for fun
...and in general just an easier navigational experience. All my properties now have addresses and maps, by the way.  
Open for Winter Bookings! It's not too soon! 

We are Open for Winter 2012-13! 


happy skiier Please surf: for all our wonderful listings - most of which are ski in and out, or walk-to-lifts. We offer discount ski tickets and rentals.



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