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 News from the Ann Arbor Area Community Tennis Association           February 2011
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Barbara Wasneski - President

Kathy Legatski - Vice President
Carol Luckenbach - Secretary
Helen Peters - Treasurer

Teri Baily
Sandell Bennett
Irfan Bhabhrawala
Heather Conway
Bil Hinton
Nancy Kelley
Patrick Lee
Barbara Mueller
Janet Remen
Paul Ripley
Vanda Shadigian
Darrell Washington
Linda Woodland

2011 Ann Arbor City Tournament   

The Ball is Rolling


Tournament Dates  (Tentative - to be confirmed soon)

  • Adult Mixed Doubles: June 11-12
  • Adult Singles: July 13-17
  • Adult Doubles: July 29-31
  • Junior Singles & Doubles: July 28-29

First Tournament Meeting - Everyone welcome!

Sunday, February 13 at 2pm

Huron Valley Tennis Club - 3235 Cherry Hill Road


Lee Hangs Up His AAACTA Hats


After a good run - City Tournament Director since 2008 and AAACTA President since 2009 - Patrick Lee is stepping down.     

AAACTA's Board paid tribute to Lee at the annual meeting on January 23. The Tournament has made significant strides in finances and participation over the past 3 years. Photo shows Lee presenting a check from AAACTA to Barb Campbell of the Haiti Nursing Foundation in 2010. 


On behalf of all AAACTA members, thanks Patrick. Your commitment to the organization - and your patented sense of humor - are most appreciated.


Member Appreciation ... Coming Up!

Plans are afoot for AAACTA Member Appreciation Day at the VTC prior to a UM Men's match. 
Date in April is TBD.


Not an AAACTA member ?  Click here to read more and join up. 


Congratulations to Rick Mintz, Nick Holland, Eric Gajar and Jennifer Croze, winners of AAACTA's Early Bird Special Membership drawing in December.  They won Cayman and Zingerman's gift certificates. 


2011 City Tournament Director
Helen Giordani

AAACTA is delighted to announce that Helen Giordani is adding another tennis activity to her resume - 2011 City Tournament Director. 

A friendly and familiar face to players all over town, Helen played doubles at Huron High, and has taught tennis at Racquet Club for 10 summers.  She's been site director for the Joe Morris and Ann Arbor Junior Open tournaments for almost as long.  Helen is currently running the gym tennis programs for Rec & Ed.  


In '07 there was a Giordani moment at the City Tournament - Helen and her mother played doubles on a court right next to her competing father and brother.  Did she suspect then that one day she would be leading the organization of the entire event?!


AAACTA's Middle School Intramural Program 
11th Annual Spring Program in the Works

Helen Peters, fearless organizer of AAACTA's Middle School Intramural Program, offers details about the upcoming season. 
  • Program will start the week of April 25
  • All-school tournament at the VTC is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 10   
  • AAACTA hopes to offer a free recreational coaches workshop here in Ann Arbor before the program begins 

The program, 10 years strong and volunteer-led, offers a free tennis program in all six Ann Arbor public middle schools.  Almost 200 kids participate each year.


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