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Below you will find all of TPE's educational newsletters.  We write four newsletters per year - one during each season.  Each focuses on one particular aspect of equine care.  We hope you enjoy these articles and find them useful. 

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  • April Newsletter 2016: Botulism in the Horse  (4/1/2016)
  • Botulism can be a devastating disease, but there are steps to prevent it. This article will go into what causes botulism, what happens if your horse contracts the disease, and how to treat/prevent it.
  • February 2016: Equitarian Blogs!  (2/1/2016)
  • Read all of the blogs from our Equitarian trip to Costa Rica. These blogs were written by multiple members of the group and give a good overview of what occurred during our time there.
  • October 2015: All About EPM  (10/2/2015)
  • Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis is a commonly diagnosed neurologic disease. Here's an out line of signs, diagnostics and treatments available.
  • July 2015: So You Want To Buy A Horse...  (7/1/2015)
  • Purchasing a horse is a big investment. This newsletter gives some advice and guidance on what to look for and what to watch out for.
  • April 2015: Bug Off! It's fly season!  (4/1/2015)
  • Tips and tricks on fly, tick and rodent control that you can implement on your farm.
  • January 2015: AAEP Wrap Up  (1/1/2015)
  • Each year, Dr. K travels to the AAEP Annual Convention. Here's some new information he brought back from this year's meeting.
  • October 2014: Here's an Eyeful!  (10/1/2014)
  • In this month's newsletter, we identify some common eye problems. While not exhaustive, this offers a brief description of some things you might see - and how important they are to be treated promptly!
  • July 2014: A Pain in the Heel - Navicular Syndrome  (7/1/2014)
  • An overview of the disease commonly referred to as Caudal Heel Pain and how it can be managed and treated.
  • April 2014: Skin Diseases  (4/1/2014)
  • Spring brings plenty of skin diseases! So we decided to dedicate our April Newsletter to the topic!
  • January 2014: AAEP Roundup  (1/1/2014)
  • After Dr. K travelled to the AAEP convention in December, he shared some of the newer research regarding equine medicine.
  • October 2013: Equine Chiropractic Care  (10/1/2013)
  • This past summer, Dr. Leighton went to Kansas for 5 weeks to be trained in animal chiropractic care at Options for Animals College of Animal Chiropractic. She learned a TON, and is really excited to be implementing this technique. So we figured it was a great topic for the fall newsletter!
  • July 2013: The Obese Horse  (7/1/2013)
  • Obesity is an emerging problem in the equine world. There are several problems that can develop with an overweight horse that you should be aware of, so we decided to dedicate this month's newsletter to just that.
  • April 2013: Equine Hoof Care   (4/1/2013)
  • In this newsletter, we discuss common (and some not so common) ailments of the equine foot and how to handle them.
  • January 2013: New Year, New Happenings  (1/1/2013)
  • A run-down of all the new things happening at TPE in 2013.
  • October 2012: Wound Care  (10/1/2012)
  • Here is some information on appropriate care for acute wounds including what products we recommend and an example of a first aid kit.
  • July 2012: Conditioning  (7/1/2012)
  • This newsletter outlines some tips and reminders on how to condition horses based on the job that horse is being asked to perform.
  • May 2012: A Little Something to Chew On!  (5/1/2012)
  • A quick breakdown of the basics of equine nutrition including forage, concentrates and appropriate supplementation.
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