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February 25, 2010
Agents of America

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    Ebook Chapter 6
    Letter from the Editor

    On March 11,   AoA will be offering a Webinar, entitled "7 Steps to Generating Real, Targeted, and Profitable Business from LinkedIn" by Nate Kievman. (Registration is below)

    Our eBook Chapter 6 this month, "Additional insured and Contractual Liability Coverage - What You Need to Know," is now available on line.
    Agents of America has arranged for members a special rewards business platinum credit card.  Earn up to 3% on all of your business expenses.  Plus, no annual fee, no cap on savings with fraud and purchase protection.  For additional information click here.

    Starting in April, Hales & Company will be conducting a seminar on "Creating and Enhancing Shareholder Value" and is offering AgentsofAmerica.Org members a "Special Offer."  This intensive one-day seminar will provide valuable resources and insights into the key strategies and tactics that need to be embraced in order to achieve success and maximize shareholder value.  There are four dates and cities to choose from:

    Also, please check out our new LinkedIn Discussion Group, called "Agents of America."  It is a great place to interact with industry experts.

    Finally, remember to tell your friends and associates that AgentsofAmerica.ORG is now offering FREE MEMBERSHIP, due to the support of our sponsors, advertisers and contributors.  This increases the networking possibilities for everyone involved with AoA.

    - Britton Weimer, Editor


    The 7 Steps to Generating Real, Targeted & Profitable Business from LinkedIn
    Join us for a 45 minute webinar with one of the nations' leading authorities on LinkedIn Strategy, Nathan Kievman who will teach you the 7 steps necessary for you to optimize your Insurance business using LinkedIn. These steps will help you engage your community and provide you the opportunity to meet new prospects and ultimately close more deals.   Creating a system and plan of action is the most important thing you can do on LinkedIn to drive business. If you don't, you will spend all your time answering questions that are irrelevant to your business objectives and end goals.
    Thursday, March 11 at 4:00PM EST
    Click below to register and to get a reminder email before the webinar starts:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/443106280
    About Nate Kievman:
    Table of Contents

    Employment Practices Liability Insurance:Are Your Clients Still Uninsured?
    By Kathleen M. Bonczyk, Esq.

    Dr. Michael Mercer

    Dr. Michael Mercer


    bonczykEmployment Practices Liability Insurance:
    Are Your Clients Still Uninsured?

    By Kathleen M. Bonczyk, Esq.

    Employment law constitutes one of the fastest growing categories of civil litigation and has given rise to an increasing need for Employment Practice Liability Insurance ("EPLI"), which transfers the risk of these often complicated and expensive losses to insurers.  During these challenging economic times, it is projected that EPLI-related claims will continue to rise.

    kievmanLinkedIn Members' Most Frequently Asked Question
    By Nathan Kievman

    One of the most frequently asked questions we get about LinkedIn from over 10,000 submitted questions through our webinars, in posts, or directly by email is:
    How do I maximize my use of LinkedIn?


     Ernest Agent

    Click Here for Property & Casualty  Sales Marketing Ideas 


    By Michael Mercer, Ph.D.

    Companies using pre-employment tests I devised want to hire the best.  They want to hire employees who will be

    >  highly productive
    >  low turnover

    Summary:  They want to hire the best.  So, I tell them about something I saw.


    wilson2What Risks Are Lurking in Your Customer Satisfaction Strategy?
    By Charles T. Wilson, CMC, CRM, RPLU
    Do you want to grow your business and develop new customers? And do you agree that satisfying current customers is the best way to achieve those growth objectives? If you answered "yes," you are among most business owners, and you understand the everyday struggle to make this happen successfully.

    rosaManaging Your Career - Step Three: Building Your Resume
    By Ed Rosa

    Your resume.  Your one chance to really "Sell" yourself to another individual, specifically that one company that has the ideal position.  You know what I'm talking about, your "Dream Job".  How can you make sure your resume gets in front of the people who can say "YES" to your resume and ultimately to you?  By remembering a few simple tips while building it.

    read more... 
    AOA Insurance Credit Card Offer 

    lamontSelling Value in a Price Driven Insurance World
    By Ed Lamont

    Every insurance buyer wants to avoid paying too much premium.  This is true whether the market is hard, soft, or anywhere in between.  Yet, when the market is soft and economic times are hard, independent insurance agents face intense, price driven competition for every insurance dollar out there.

    daprileHuman Due Diligence:
    The Forgotten Ingredient in Insurance Agency Mergers...We Should Merge!

    By Jay D'Aprile

    To the CEO's and both Boards, merging the two insurance brokerage firms was a no-brainer.  There were advantages of scale, great synergies and operational efficiencies that, if managed correctly, would provide a healthy lift to the bottom line. Trade magazines and newspapers announced the merger with high approval. Much praise was lavished upon the visionary CEO who identified the acquisition target. But within 18 months it all began to fall apart. One-by-one the senior management team left the firm and many of the brokers exited with their books of business almost immediately after the deal was announced. With the 18 months it looked like the whole thing might fall apart. 

    littleDisability Management Makes Sense!
    By Roy Little

    A long time ago, when I was learning the finance trade at Cigna, the insurance folks there were talking about "24-hour coverage."  That seemed a natural for this brand-new company which was trying very hard to mesh the life insurance culture of Connecticut General with the property/casualty culture of the Insurance Company of North America in Philadelphia. 

    Dr. Michael Mercer

    "You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do."
    -  Henry Ford

    "As long as we continue making excuses for our behavior, we will never be free."
    -  Joyce Meyer

    "It's your direction - not your intention - that determines where you end up in your life."
    -  Andy Stack

    "Your smile could light up this town."
    -  Taylor Swift

    mercer4Dr. Michael Mercer

    While interviewing a job applicant, the interviewer said, "It's important for you to answer all my questions honestly." 

    Then, the interviewer asked, "Have you ever been convicted of a crime?"


    The applicant looked nervous - and hesitated for a few moments.  Then, the applicant replied, "No, I've never been convicted of a crime." 

    The manager asked, "Why did you hesitate before answering my question?"

    The applicant paused for a few more moments - and then said, "My court date is tomorrow."

    Dr. Michael Mercer, www.MercerSystems.com, provided these motivational quotes and joke-of-the-month from his management newsletter.


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