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June 17, 2011    

JOBBERSWORLD...MARKET INTELLIGENCE FOR INTELLIGENT MARKETERS...  The First and Only Independent Newsletter to Focus on Lubricant Distributors.



More Price Increases

Chemlube announced that due to continued increases in base oil and performance additive costs, it is forced to once again advise a product price increase of $0.40 per gallon on all bulk lubricants except fully synthetic products which are increased by $0.60 per gallon.  The price increase is effective June 27th, 2011.


Amalie announced that with the exception of grease, effective Friday July 15, 2011, the price for all oil products for all of its brands as well as for private label products will increase between $0.40 and $0.64 a gallon. Amalie's grease prices will increase $0.05 to $0.18 a pound. Amalie attributes the need for the increase to the higher price of base oils, additives, corrugated, plastic, transportation, and others.    


And the Winner is (are)...

JobbersWorld received a large number of responses to the question in the June 9, 2011 issue, "What Oil Would You Recommend?" for a 1940 John Deere Model L farm tractor that parked at a car show outside of our offices in Metuchen, NJ. Some of the correct answers came from Allied Oil & Supply, Commercial Oil Company (Ontario), Corrigan Oil, Neslo Petroleum, Quality Petroleum, Supreme Oil Co, Growmark, DysonAnalysis, United Cooperatives, US Lubes, Evco Petroleum Products, Dennis K. Burke Inc., Robert Butts, Robert Conners, and Whit Gammon.   


And at what might come as a surprise to some, there was no one "right" answer to the question. Because even back in 1940, the "right" answer depended on a number of factors. 


But beyond speaking about the specifics of the responses, when taken together, all of the responses JobbersWorld received may say something important about how marketers and others in our industry think and respond when customers ask,

What Oil Do you recommend?


It's clear that in some cases, marketers simply don't respond. This is likely because they are either too busy, or the volume of lubricant in question (in their mind) is not enough to warrant a response. Granted, this could be the right decision for some when it comes to commissions. Not much cash is going to end up in the pocket if we are only talking about pint of steering box oil for a 1940 Model L John Deere tractor covered in cobwebs and sitting in a broken down barn 45 miles from the distributor's warehouse.


Next are the responses we received from marketers who admittedly didn't know for sure what oil is recommended for use in the tractor, but were willing to offer up an educated guess. In some cases the guesses were correct for either the engine or steering box lubricant. Further, the logic some used to arrive at the recommendation was well thought out.


Then there were some who provide what appeared to be very authoritative and decisive answers, inclusive of brand recommendations. But, whereas some of these answers were correct, others were incorrect for both the engine oil and steering box.


Finally, there were a number of responses that started by asking questions. These were particularly interesting because they are reflective of the consultative value some marketers and lube engineers bring to the table. Some for example asked how many hours the tractor operates a year and if driven only at car shows or if it's a working tractor? Others asked about regional and season issues, and if the engine had been rebuilt. Another wanted to know what oil had been used in the tractor in the past and if supplemental additives were used. Another, not familiar with the design of the steering box in this machine, asked if the steering gear was a worm or double helical design. They then added, if it's a worm gear steering setup they need a good sliding lube that is a bit more viscous than normal EP additized products.


Based on the diversity of right, partially right, wrong and somewhere in between answers JobbersWorld received, we might now be well served to ask ourselves an important question. That is, how do we respond when prospects ask "What Oil Would You Recommend?" And while pondering the answer to this question, consider that the person asking the question might be Samuel R. Allen, or someone who owns a fleet of D9, D10 dozers, and 637 scrapers.  At the same time, even if the only oil they buy is quart or two for a tractor they drive into town to display at car shows, as evidenced by this article, those who take the time to provide thoughtful responses are recognized.  


For those wondering, believe it or not, the owner of the 1940 John Deere Model L featured in the June 9, 2011 issue of JobbersWorld has a copy of the owner's manual.  CLICK HERE FOR THE Manual Pages)

Career Opportunities

Posted June 17, 2011 

Gulf Hydrocarbon, Inc.

       - Outside Sales Representative, Territory: Louisiana and East Texas

       - Outside Sales Representative, Territory: Southern Illinois and Western Missouri


Gulf Hydrocarbon, Inc. is the premier provider of biodiesel to the petroleum industry.  We are seeking to fill two territory sales positions.


Responsibilities include maintaining contact with all biodiesel customers, locating new customers.  In addition, outside sales representatives will negotiate and manage all contract and spot sales of biodiesel out of terminals and refineries.  Summarize and analyze supply economics for posted price, spot and long term sales.


This position can be entry level (with college degree) or can utilize experience in sales, marketing, petroleum transportation or logistics as well as some accounting knowledge. 


The pay is a salary plus performance bonus, car and communications allowance.  The company provides a 401K plan with company match.  Health care option provided.


Qualified candidates may submit resume to: AA/EOE


Posted June 3, 2011 

Thomas Petroleum  

  • Chemical Sales position in the North Louisiana market
  • Sales position in the Corpus Christi, TX market

Thomas Petroleum, one of the nations leading Chevron distributors for 15 years and Huntsman Chemical's preferred distributor is seeking highly motivated and creative sales candidates. We are seeking to fill a Chemical Sales position in the North Louisiana market. This individual is responsible for outside Chemical Sales/Service to natural gas markets utilizing chemical processes and products (TEG, DEA, MDEA, etc). Additionally, we have a Rig Sales position in the Corpus Christi, TX market. This individual is responsible for petroleum and fuel sales to our oilfield based business.


These jobs require some travel and participation in an on-call rotation. We offer an excellent salary package including attainable bonus opportunities, insurance, 401k, vehicle allowance and more. Qualified candidates may submit resume to: AA/EOE.




Posted June 9, 2011

Lubricating Specialties Company

  • Lubricants and Fluids Sales position in the Greater Los Angeles California market

Lubricating Specialties Company a well-established, leading blender and packager of oils, greases and industrial fluids on the West Coast, is seeking highly motivated and creative sales candidate.  LSC is seeking to fill a Territory Sales Manager position in the Los Angeles area. The successful candidate will be responsible for outside oil, grease and industrial fluid sales to an existing base of independent Jobbers. Duties will also include expanding the current customer base by adding new accounts and expanding product offerings in those accounts.


LSC offers an excellent salary package including commission, health insurance, 401k, fuel and cell phone reimbursement. AA/EOE. Qualified candidates may submit resume to:  

Business Opportunities


Select Distributor Opportunities for Service Pro and Purus Products

The Association of Independent Oil Distributors (AIOD), North America's first and largest buying group of independent lubricant wholesalers is seeking additional distribution for its Service Pro automotive and Purus commercial brands in select US and Canadian market areas. For distributor information contact AIOD at 970-249-6336, via email at or visit the web at and



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