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  • Issue 10 - click here  (1/31/2012)
  • Country Focus: US Coastal South Trip
    Book Review: Books Set in Charleston and Savannah
    Travel Tips: What to Pack For Our Trip
  • Issue 9 - click here  (11/10/2011)
  • Country Focus: US Coastal South
    Book Review: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
    Travel Tips: US Magnetic Stripe Credit Cards Often Not Acceted Abroad
  • Issue 8 - click here  (6/1/2011)
  • Israel Group Anniversary and Photos
  • Issue 7 - click here  (3/16/2011)
  • Country Focus: Recent South Africa Trip
    Book Review: Books by Wilbur Smith
    Travel Tips: Travel in Times of Unrest
  • Issue 6 - click here  (8/27/2010)
  • Country Focus: Recent trip to Jordan and Egypt
    Book Review: Books by Amelia Peabody
    Travel Tips: Fewer Wrinkles and Less Dirt
  • Issue 5 - click here  (8/1/2010)
  • Country Focus: Recent Israel trip
    Book Review: The Source
    Travel Tips: Electronic
  • Issue 4 - click here  (5/20/2010)
  • Country Focus: Travel Update
    Book Review Subject: A Cup of Irish History with your Mystery
    Travel Tips: Update
  • Issue 3 - click here  (2/25/2010)
  • Country Focus: Italy - Venice and Florence
    Book Review: 3 Books by Sarah Dunant
    Travel Tip: Keep it close, keep it consistent
  • Issue 1 - click here  (12/29/2009)
  • Country Focus: Israel
    Book Review: Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler
    Travel Tip: Register with the US Dept. of State
  • Issue 2 - click here  (1/27/2010)
  • Country Focus: Ireland
    Book Review: Ireland by Frank Delaney
    Travel Tips: Travel Insurance


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