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Fall Sales Meeting -
'More Than I Bargained For'
Corrected version - Please discard the first one I sent. Sorry!!

Amsoil's prepared to take some bold steps. And the news, products coming our way and tools could very well allow us (you) to dominate the synthetics market.

This is a quick overview of my notes from the first sales meeting which about 300 dealers and direct jobbers attended in Duluth over the weekend.
But there's a catch! You must show up to know these plans exactly. I will outline most of the information but rather than save the best for last - I'll drop a hint then you have to attend to get the detail. They even asked us to keep it confidential until everyone has had a chance to get to the meeting and you do need to be there to see how it all fits together!

Bar None - The top dealers in the next year or two will emerge out of the target information presented at this assembly.
Total Synthetic Market Domination
Use these ads - make your own on craigslist.Seeing what I saw in Duluth I can say it was worth the 400 mile drive needed to get there.

I'll save the best for last but I managed to snap some photos of some slides marked "confidential" but I am posting one below to drop the hint.

Briefly going over the Direct Jobbers portion of the meeting time was spent on a professional analysis of retention of dealers, preferred customers and accounts. We'll be going over in the future what you can do to retain sales from natural attrition. I urge you to secure every one of your customers with an account. If you are selling direct, get them set up as a PC, commercial or ROTS account. Did you know the average new Direct Jobber has 12 dealers?

Room filled w/ screens easy to seeAl Amatuzio took over briefly after Tim Golden's introduction and read off a list of the top checks he sends out every month - the amounts ranged from $45,000 down to about $15,000. After this meeting I discovered how to get there with my existing customers and new products give me some ideas for some great lead generating websites - That's the key - lead generating. The meeting has some stats to open that door to every synthetic consumer and a stepping stone for those set on conventional oils.

Ok - here's 1/2 my notes:

Advertising is increasing. over 400+hours of AMSOIL TV coverage on one channel alone and more sponsorships of major race circuits. (USAC Sprint Car National Championships for one and a new lead generator site

New literature styling along with more general purpose banners, rugs and fair handouts. All along a clean, crisp new look. Learn the why and how to use them.

My Garage Phase II - find out more about what's coming but currently the program is functioning as planned with 14,318 current accounts and 37,441 vehicle records. Some stats: most popular year model - 2006; Ford trucks - most popular entry; Texas leads with entries.

New European 5W30 w/ VW504/507 High Perf. European Autos.
Features emissions protection and created due to great VW owner demand.

Severe Gear getting an upgrade. Technical changes.

Gallons in the Diesel Fuel Additives coming.

New improved Toyota filters ready to launch - SOON!! EAO9, 13 and 51.

Information on the new Dexos1 (GM performance spec) and how the other oil companies are whitewashing their degree of performance regarding this. Valvoline refuses to comply or spending $ for the tests.

New upgraded XL with new bold labeling. Statics were given on the sucess of the XL program since it was launched the year I became a dealer - 1997. It created a new trend for serviceable oil in lube shops and accounts for 29% of our passenger car oil sales and 8% of Amsoil's total sales.

Amsoil positioning its self with the following objectives -
Dominate DIY - Do It Yourself
Capture the Petro to Synthetic customer conversions
Expand all dealers to the DIFM (Do It For Me) market.

October 1st - New XL upgraded to 10,000 miles or 6-months. Dexos1 rated yet no price increase. Installers can choose 7500 - 10,000 program.

Drum Roll:
If we have 8% of the Synthetic Lubricants market and all the other companies have the other 92% - what are the conditions we need to meet to be attractive to that 92%?  You'll only get the answer at the meeting.

There's more but here's the hint - do you ever have a potential customer tell you they just like to change oil often and that they fear dumping the Amsoil early as they loose the $ from the extended life left in it? (yes you're laughing but this poor argument unfortunately is all too common as the extended drains is only a fraction - the smallest part to be exact of the merits of Amsoil's additive packages) but anyway you will see the stats, the plan and the solution. Amsoil instructed us not to give it out as the presentations are set up to introduce it in such a way you will appreciate!!

Do you find it frustrating when close personal customers of yours will put the Amsoil products in their motorcycles and snowmobiles but won't use it in their cars?? You know where to go for the answer.

Register today. If you need a ride I may know someone close you could carpool with.

The new bold step you will learn about will serve to not only multiply your own sales by a factor of 10 but the way I see it, this will be the force to put that spark into the majority of dealers who don't actively work their businesses beyond personal use. AMSOIL has now responded to the wishes of the service center. Get to the meeting to find out.
You didnt see this here!!
(you didn't see this here)

That's not all!!
Find about what is happening with the Action News (new versions) so you can better lock in your buying customers product knowledge.
The new greases are really taking off! Getting sold out in fact. Another lead generating product. I've been getting this new truck grease in the hands of some key folks around here and it's selling by the case.

Natural gas oils, bio-degradable hydraulic oils - they are all covered. More changes and exciting new products to follow!

Readers choice advertisement winner!
Won a readers choice award for most effective ad - Are you taking advantage of this initiative?
Quick Testimonials

AMSOIL QuickShot = Return Sales

Last month I used this section regarding Air filters. Just reviewing these and reading the Air Filtration section of the training modules has helped with local sales. I drove the Mini Cooper for the first time over a long distance with the EAAU-3570 and driving 65 to 75 MPH I averaged 35MPH something I have not been able to do previously. The only major change was the air filter. I am on the last month of the 0W30 which I replaced last year.

Amsoil Quick ShotI've been selling a lot of Quickshot lately. Also have given some product away to get people to try it out. I don't always get immediate feedback, emails or calls but I am with this. Does that say it works? I'm hearing motorcyclists comment 20 more miles per tank and one didn't know what to say except, "I am also going to need some oil and a filter, and maybe some more of the carb/ injector cleaner. That *#*# kicks ass, i want some for my car too!!!"
  It will have more effect in larger cities where the EPA demands they add oxygenates to the fuel as Ethanol is one of those without having to be labeled. Take care of your small engine and motorcycle customers! I think I'll make a page for this as a lead generator.

One more - Amsoil's new Coolant Boost is gaining them feedback (discussed at the Fall Sales Meeting) regarding the supirority of this over Red Line's Water Wetter. Another product we can become center stage with.
Witchita Sales MeetingFall Sales Meetings! Some have just enough time to sign up - don't forget 10% off product!
I'm looking forward to meeting our dealers in the Denver and Colorado Springs area. The #2 money dealer Bill Durand will be in Denver so have a chat with him.
I'll also be at the Wichita meetingwhich there is a large number of direct jobbers signed up to go over retention stats and a nice meal. If you can - drive to Wichita and we will go over a strong game plan to help get you started!!

I'm hoping our dealers in Atlanta show up in full force for that one. Atlanta is still that top market lacking a real full service dealer or just someone there to expedite orders. When you see what is coming you will be ready to get Amsoil on every service center shelf in the county. I really have high hopes for Atlanta. You guys really have it good there if you know how to play your cards.

There's a growing group of dealers and customers in the Newport News and Virginia Beach area and lucky for you there is a extended meeting in Richmond not far away at all. Alan Amatuzio will be at that one personally. Get signed up now!

For the people in Texas, Amsoil's Vice President Dean Alexanderwill be on hand - the same person who introduced the new mystery products in Duluth which will astonish you. Dean calls the shots so you don't want to miss this one! I have a dealer traveling from Lubbock and hope we get several from Houston and Austin where there is very little supply.

Toronto Canada another hot market - we've got dealers attending that one.

Get there early and chat with other dealers. Ask them what they think about what the corporate staff is up to then after the meeting see what their comments are.

There should be a short 10 minute Aggrand segment going over the Food Plot formula as well as some Altrum news. For this month or this very moment Aggrand has made up for 20% of my fall sales and making September more like July. I've had over $2700 in sales in the last couple days including a drum of ASL 5W30 which I saved them 10% from the last meeting and saved them the shipping. (cost me nothing too) They will be returning!

If you want to carpool let me know. Chances are I could help arrange something. I have dealers traveling from Ft. Wayne, IN; Houston & Austin, TX; San Diego, CA; Colorado Springs, CO; Cincinnati, OH; Tulsa, OK; Omaha, NE and elsewhere to get to these meetings. 
Here's the cities - go to the Training section in the dealer zone now to get your name on the list. Time is running out.

Columbus, OH - October 2
Toronto, ON - October 2
Louisville, KY - October 7
Baton Rouge, LA - October 7
Santa Clara, CA - October 7
Richmond, VA - October 9
Arlington, TX - October 9
Las Vegas, NV - October 9
Denver, CO - October 21
Atlanta, GA - October 21
Wichita, KS - October 23
Chicago, IL - October 23
Orlando, FL - October 23
Edmonton, AB - October 30

Bring your AMSOIL business cards, and your name could be drawn for a prize. Each attendee will also receive a special "Action Pack" DVD, chock full of AMSOIL video sales tools.
(My card got drawn first so I could have won a $300 display but I lost because I accidentally threw in the card for another dealer of mine - Yeah Mitch, your card looks the same but you weren't there bubba.. Oh well!)

Know the improvements in the specifications & shortcomings.

Understand the industry changes coming - Customers buy from the dealer with the technical knowledge.

Amsoil Tech Session

Aggrand is now being marketed nationally on TV and outdoorsmen mags.

National ads and TV spots on Ranch & Resort for the new Food Plot Formula. - Sell to the hundreds - market this fall.

Scott Douglas and AMSOIL CUP

Scott Douglas raises the level of enthusiasm of a packed crowd in Duluth with tales of the track and the AMSOIL CUP.
new sweatshirt
Free AMSOIL Clothing!!

 That's right, you heard right. Any dealer who decides to attend because of this newsletter and is not signed up as of today (includes direct jobbers and their downline) I will send you your choice of the Amsoil Mechanics shirt or the new Amsoil Sweatshirt w/ hood just for attending.  If you are already signed up use this offer to encourage a new dealer to come along. That's a $40 value!

Another reason to stop spinning your wheels and as Merle Haggard said Big wheel's rollin'; Big wheel's rollin', movin' on.
Big wheel's rollin'; gotta keep 'em goin'.
Big wheel's rollin', movin' on.
Movin' on, yeah.