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September: Customers the easy way & retain more repeat business.

There are some great tips to help you expand your business. Mostly locally but once you have been on the web like I have you would have hundreds of CR's on your personally Sponsored customer list. CR = Catalog Retail.
Recalling data from the Direct Jobber convention last fall, I have been working overtime to capture these open customers locking them in as PC's. The idea is to not loose them to another dealer and make sure they are in the product learning curve. I want these customers to be returning customers and some of the PC will by default upgrade to a dealer. Being a 1-Star Regency Platinum DJ, if I could double my points activity I would be at 4-stars. That can be entirely done w/o any more paid advertising. I have enough retail customers who are repeat buyers or new first time customers to offer a 6-month trial preferred customer membership, then work with them and monitor through that 6-months to see how they react.(About 70 pages of catalog retail customers and growing)
Amsoil Premium ZoneIf you want to know why I started working on this project in the first place, it was because I was researching purchases of CR customers and saw that a number were only buying once. They would buy at retail and being a non-secured customer, 50% who were buying again would search "AMSOIL" and join as a PC with the next dealer who came up in the search. Seeing that I have 100's of these CR's since 2004, I started working at capturing them as PC's so they could no longer slip away. Then my responsibility to keep them through the years wold be to "A" - earn their trust as their Amsoil Dealer and "B" - encourage them to take advantage of the commissions they can earn when they spread the word about AMSOIL. Running the numbers I see how I could double the number of dealers I have in just one year.

If you would like to have copies of my draft letters I use for these "CR" prospects just drop me an email and I will return several to you.

Now my point to you is to see just how valuable a personally written keyword intensive multi-page website is because that is why I have all these customers in my database. AMSOIL also now has a daily list of all the inquiries to their site (buying or not) which came from your site. That's the tab called "New Website Customers" in the premium zone. It seems to be updated by the hour. That is another lead in the form of a name and email address you have. (Then point #2 is not to let these CR customers go to waste).

My next step is to further expand my reach with some newly completed grease pages. That new HD Truck Polymeric Grease is getting known because I haven't don't anything about it yet and I'm not only getting calls but it's selling locally and I have had to buy cases in both NLGI 1 & 2 for the first time. Might as well make a page that will be the top landing site for those searches as no one else is. Grease is a magnet for small commercial accounts.
Craigslist - Growing your customer base - FREE!
Use these ads - make your own on craigslist.I've only placed a couple or Craigslist ads but only because I just got the idea from several dealers in the group who are seeing good growth with them. Well it works and for every ad I post I've gained at least one new customer. Just did one regarding ATF and it worked the next day.
I try to target the customer not necessarily looking for a lubricant but for products relating to his vehicle or maintenance or someone who services cars thus looking for cheap ones to buy and sell. You should also consider individuals in the service industry will be taking notice.

Remark that you are the best choice because you have product, you can get something if you don't have it or ran out fast, you are the most dependable dealer in the area, you have the technical knowledge to help customers with all their maintenance needs or something of the sort that customers want to enjoy their vehicles longer thus is why they find Amsoil.

More ideas:
Consider a few for cold air intake replacement filters. specialty 2-cycle oil ads, how about fuel additives which really work but do more than one function. There's a lot of cars out there suffering from clogged injectors or gobs of carbon buildup causing pinging on every hill. They need to attend to their cars and likely can't afford a $115 injector cleaning job. Let them know and get the info out there. Also sell on the fact that Amsoil has an in house quality control department and is ISO 9000:2008 certified.

Dress it up:
use photos from the Amsoil website or even better modify the advertisements so they have your contact information. There are a lot of great ads on the AMSOIL website now. Just go to the Company INFO section and you will see the most recent series of ads.

Pool for preferred customers:

You could also use the Craigslist ad to draw in customers just looking for information. State some basic performance facts or benefits about AMSOIL and tell them where to send their information. I already have a form on my website for that but you could just have them send contact info to your email address. Then use this to get them a $10 trial PC packet and have one educated local (or out of the area) prospect for a dealer and a customer to boot. I love local preferred customers. They generally do the selling for me and pick up supplies for several friends of theirs. * (Having the inventory I do and doing this full time I have made AMSOIL the buzz locally all across town and I know I can never buy too much inventory. The more they see, the more they want to test out).

Search Sioux Falls craigslist to see my ads if you want some fair examples.
Why not test out a few ads in different sections to see what it can do for you in September?
Air Filter Marketing
Use that 2010 G3000 filter guide!! It's also available in the dealer zone but warning!! It's 90MB download. I'd order it if you don't have one. I use my 2008 one all the time. I suppose I should get the new one though.

For example page 583 in the 2008 G3000 Filter application and cross reference guide lists all the EAA air filters with the general vehicle application list. I have been selling a lot of the EAA74 which fit a large number of Subaru and Nissan models as well as Saab. (Saab customers are great Amsoil customers by the way - their national club seems to broadcast to only use Amsoil in the turbos! I get a lot of Saab customers including one local dealer.)EAA74 - Popular size

You may have the filters in stock for awhile unless you make it a point to ask them what filter they use. Then with your knowledge from the new Filtration - Dealer home study course which you NEED to get and share with your downline, you will appear as the air filter expert.

EAAUWhy am I making such a big deal on the air filters? Well #1 because everyone needs them and #2 we all forget to replace them. When is the last time you thought about the condition of your air filter? Have you been down any dusty roads lately? That home study training course will make that a concern.
There is almost no competition with the air filters. It's a easy sell and look at the price. The average EAA which lasts 8 times longer costs roughly the amount of two or three paper filters.

Here are the top 10 EAA air filters and what they fit:
  1. EAA123 - Chevy/GMC Trucks Durmax 6.6 99-2010
  2. EAA191 - Ford Cars & Trucks 95-10
  3. EAA189 - Dodge 5.9 Diesel (My best seller) 03-10
  4. EAA74 - Infiniti 90-09; Nissan 81-10; Saab05-07 Subaru 90-09
  5. EAA08 - Various GM vehicles FWD 88-09
  6. EAA200 - Ford/Lincoln Truck/SUV w/5.4 engine 04-09
  7. EAA218 -Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Marauder (03-06)
  8. EAA29 - Jeep vehicles87-10 and 96-97 Camaro SS + more
  9. EAA176 - Dodge Ram series trucks 02-10
  10. EAA728 - Some Ford 7.3 diesels. 99-03
Three other popular ones are the EAA101 for more 94-09 GM cars and trucks as well as the EAA202 for all the Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable 00-06 and the EAA104 for the Jeep Grand Cherokee 93-04Jeep, Nissan, Infiniti (04-10), Suzuki Equator (10).

Great stuff to have on hand!!

Witchita Sales MeetingFall Sales Meetings! 2 Weeks for the first one & 10% off product to boot!
I want everyone to attend these meetings and you have just enough time to sign up a dealer to get them there so they can see just who the corporate staff is. I would sign up even if you are not sure you can make it. Amsoil really needs to see we are interested so they are encouraged to plan more of these outside of the usual distribution center towns. This time they added several such as Atlanta & Denver because we direct jobbers begged! Now please show them you are interested! I'll see you in Denver. I'll likely make one more - either the Wichita one or Superior, WI. The best thing is you get 10% off your order made while attending.
And you'll go home with tech detail on those products you didn't have before.

Here's the cities - go to the Training section in the dealer zone now to get your name on the list.

Spokane, WA - September 23
Nashua, NH - September 23
Portland, OR - September 25
Lancaster, PA - September 25
Superior, WI - September 25
Columbus, OH - October 2
Toronto, ON - October 2
Louisville, KY - October 7
Baton Rouge, LA - October 7
Santa Clara, CA - October 7
Richmond, VA - October 9
Arlington, TX - October 9
Las Vegas, NV - October 9
Denver, CO - October 21
Atlanta, GA - October 21
Wichita, KS - October 23
Chicago, IL - October 23
Orlando, FL - October 23
Edmonton, AB - October 30

This is from the sales staff:
Learn new sales strategies and skills. Find out about all the new improvements to the AMSOIL website. Be among the first to learn about exciting new AMSOIL products and the latest industry information on new oil specifications. In addition to the valuable training, attendees will be eligible for a 10 percent product rebate (Dealers planning to pick up orders at the distribution center are asked to place their orders early). Bring your AMSOIL business cards, and your name could be drawn for a prize. Each attendee will also receive a special "Action Pack" DVD, chock full of AMSOIL video sales tools.