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As a pioneer in personalized cancer care, we strive to keep you informed about the latest research in cancer testing. Our newsletters also include patient stories, reporting of events, media coverage and detailed information about our laboratory assay, the EVA-PCDŽ platform.

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  • Postcard - tour and invite lunch
  • Our laboratory luncheon tour is quickly approaching. Save the date!
  • International Recognition for Rational Therapeutics
  • Dr. Nagourney was a keynote speaker at the semi-annual conference on cancer in Campo Grande, Brazil! Read all about his trip, involvement, and international colleagues in this newsletter.
  • A Busy Spring at Rational Therapeutics
  • As winter 2012 gives way to spring, Dr. Nagourney has been busy on several fronts. From his participation in the Cincinnati Combats Cancer Conference, to the presentation he gave at the American Association of Cancer Research, his practice has been in the spotlight these past few months. Most recently, Dr. Nagourney was awarded the Los Angeles Business Journal Healthcare Award for the Research Executive of the Year! Read about all of these events, and more, in this newsletter.
  • 2012 Healthcare Leadership Awards
  • Congratulations are in order for Dr. Robert Nagourney for being nominated for this prestigious award. He will be honored at the 2012 Healthcare Leadership Award Luncheon on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 from 11:00am-1:30pm at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel of Los Angeles.
  • Rational Therapeutics Newsletter - February 2012
  • Every cancer patient has questions, no matter what the diagnosis: Can I be cured? Which are the most active and least toxic treatments for me? Is further chemotherapy likely to be beneficial? Many of these questions can be better addressed with the use of objective, scientific, personalized information in the form of functional profiles. We see the role for "rational therapeutics" in each of these situations.
  • Rational Therapeutics Newsletter - November 2011
  • November marks Lung and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. Both these diseases typically remain undetected until the cancer has spread. With comparatively low response rates to treatment, both of these diagnoses are generally associated with unfavorable survival statistics. With this as a backdrop, these two diseases have provided some of our most striking successes.
  • Reminder -Attend Cancer is Not Contagious
  • Amazing special guest, John Stamos! Hilarious comedians, Craig Shoemaker, Jimmy Brogan, Frazer Smith and Allan Stephan!! One-of-a-kind auction items, such as a Signed Justin Bieber Guitar and LA Laker Floor Seats, will be available.
  • Rational Therapeutics Newsletter - August 2011
  • As we prepare this edition of our newsletter we are pleased to report that our Phase II clinical trial in advanced lung cancer has been submitted and is under review for publication. In our report, we succeeded in doubling the response rate from an historical experience of 30 percent to 64 percent and achieved strong statistical significance.
  • Aug 08 2011 Attend Cancer is Not Contagious
  • To reserve seats contact Shari Burt at sburt@rational-t.com or by phone at 562.989.6455 ext. 103. Reservation deadline is September 23,201, act now!
  • Rational Therapeutics Newsletter - May 2011
  • Dr. Nagourney discusses the importance of programmed cell death and how it relates to his work at Rational Therapeutics. Watch the video in this newsletter.
  • Rational Therapeutics Newsletter - Feb 2011
  • Many people become familiar with our work as either patients, loved ones, or as a physician colleague. However, you may not realize that in addition to treating patients today, we also partner with pharmaceutical companies to identify the best treatments for tomorrow.
  • Rational Therapeutics Newsletter - Nov 2010
  • "Targeted therapies" are classes of drugs that focus on specific pathways considered tumorigenic (tending to produce tumors). This type of treatment is more sophisticated in killing cancer and has proven to produce far fewer side effects.
    To learn more about these leading-edge therapies and how patients can have their samples tested against targeted agents at Rational Therapeutics.
  • Rational Therapeutics Newsletter - Sept 2010
  • This has been quite an exciting summer for Rational Therapeutics. In June, we attended the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting in Chicago to present the findings of our “Phase II Trial of Personalized Chemotherapy In Stage IV NSCLC: Clinical Application of Functional Profiling in First-Line Therapy.” The results were compelling and very well received.

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