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July 4
Father's Day Gifts 

 Dad does NOT want another necktie again this year! Instead give a gift from Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply. We have knives from Case and Old Timer that any guy will love to receive. Or, go practical and give him a green cart to make yard work easier!

Fight Mosquitos with Skeeter Skreen


 A Dallas Fireman asked us to bring in this product last year. They used the Patio Egg in their firehouses. We are hearing great reviews and have trouble keeping this product in stock. We also now carry their spreadable outdoor barrier granules for the yard and spray for horses and pets. 
June 2015 
It's June, that means summer arrives this month. Hopefully, we'll see more sunshine too! Unfortunately, we'll also see more pests such as fleas, flies and with all the rain we've had...mosquitos!

We also celebrate Dad on June 21 with Father's Day. Skip driving to the big box store and fighting for a parking spot to get him a necktie. Instead, shop our store where he'll receive a gift he is sure to love. Read more about our Father's Day gift ideas below.

We hope you all had fun at the Lindale Championship Rodeo in May. Congratulations to our Facebook rodeo ticket giveaway winner, Kim Ellgrass. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for contests in the future. You could be a winner too!

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Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply

Jimmy's Pharm Facts :: I'm a Treehugger
Back in January I alluded to the fact that I might be a "treehugger". It has taken me six months to put it in writing but it is true. If you ask 10 different people what a "tree hugger" is you'd probably get 8 or maybe 9 different answers. In my mind, I am the admirer type "treehugger". I just love trees and hate to see them cut down, even if they are sad little specimens like the Christmas tree off of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Honestly, I have never had the desire to go save the rain forest or entangle myself in a web of chains around a tree, although very noble, but I once verbally expressed my dismay to the man in the process ...

June Featured Items of the Week

Every week in June, we highlight one of our favorite products at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply!  Each featured product is something you may need now as summer arrives and we head outside to work on outdoor projects, it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about! Here are our Featured Items of the Week for June: June 1 - F-Stop  - For picture perfect, disease free turf grass try F-Stop by Ferti-lome for fungus control like Brown Patch that thrives in moist conditions. For use on all types of home lawns where one application protects up to 4 weeks.  June 8 - Tordon - Tordon RTU (Ready to Use) is  a specialty herbicide for controlling unwanted trees. Most of our customers use it for clearing fence lines, in hay pastures where trees pop up and for the dreaded ...

Now is the Time : Flea Control

June is that time of year when we start to see fleas appear on our pets.  Control them by treating your yard, dog houses and kennels.  We have an easy DIY recipe using Bifen I/T and Martin's I.G. Regulator that can be mixed in a 1 gallon sprayer for the yard which covers 1,000 sq.ft.  For an economical solution for fleas in dog houses, kennels and livestock premises we have a recipe of Martin's Permethrin and Martin's I.G. Regulator. The I.G. Regulator treats the flea eggs and larvae to break the life cycle of the flea.  All these products are made by Control Solutions Inc ...

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Fly Control for Cattle

It is starting to warm up outside, cattle owners know what that means.  Especially with all the rain we've had, it's time to start thinking about fly control.  Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply has everything you need to control flies this summer on your livestock. We have sprays, pour-ons, dust, insecticidal ear tags, and cattle rubs. One of our best selling items for fly control on cattle is Prolate/Lintox-HD. It can be used as a spray or used on a cattle rub or sock back rubber. Prolate/Lintox-HD® is a dilutable product that kills pests on contact and provides effective ...

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