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New Product : 
Redmond Rock

Redmond Rock is a natural equine salt and minerals block that is ideal for hanging in a barn, stall, or on a fence post. Everyone loves the idea of their horse getting the electrolytes and trace minerals they need from Redmond Rock, but it doesn't always make sense to keep a rock on the ground. Each rock contains 60 trace minerals and electrolytes in a natural blend only nature could have made.


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2015 Farmer's Almanac


Hot off the presses, it's here...the always useful 2015 Farmer's Almanac! Blizzards, drought, ready! Stop in and pick up yours today. 

January 2015 

Happy New Year from everyone at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply! 

We ended our 51st year in December with our annual Customer Appreciation "Stew Day" on December 5. Thank you to all that came out and celebrated with us and enjoyed some yummy stew prepared by our friends at Lone Star Feed.

As we start the year, we first want to say how much we appreciate your business and support in 2014. We are truly thankful for your patronage and friendship and we look forward to helping you in 2015. We wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in this wonderful community.

Thank you for your business!
Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply

Jimmy's Pharm Facts : I'm Giving Hugs in 2015

I have eaten too much and have stayed up too late the last couple weeks to really have a worth while topic to write about. So, for simplicity's sake, I'm going to throw originality to the wind and go the "cliché" route. I'm going to write about... you guessed it, New Year's resolutions. In a conversation a few weeks ago, actually before my mind was clouded by all the Christmas Joy, I declared in my daughter's kitchen, that in 2015 I was going to become a hugger. (Just to clarify, not a tree hugger, a real life people hugger, although my tree hugger tendencies might be an ideal topic for later.) Immediately following my 2015 hugger declaration there was a hint of dismissal when I received the ...

January Featured Items of the Week

Every week in January, we highlight one of our favorite products at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply!  Each featured product is something you may need now as the winter weather settles in, it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about! Here are our Featured Items of the Week for January: Jan 5 - Hay Rings - Need an effective way to maximize hay consumption?  Try the economical welding hay rings at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply for $99.95. Available for horses and cows. Stop by this week and save more than just hay, save money! Jan 12 - Wendland's One 'n Only Free Choice Complete Horse Feed - ONE 'N ONLY is a patented feed which was developed and formulated to serve as a Free Choice Complete Horse Ration for all classes of horses. The extrusion process used ...

NEW Product : Lady Bug Brand Compost
We are excited about these NEW items at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply as we prepare to plant our onion sets, potatoes and get ready for spring gardening, Lady Bug All American Turkey Compost and Mushroom Compost.  All American Turkey Compost™ consists of 100% turkey litter that has been properly composted. Use in the vegetable garden to help promote healthy root systems, water retention, and more fruit production.  Topdress the lawn with a ¼ to ½ inch layer of All American Turkey Compost™twice a year. Topdressing improves the microbial count, helping to fight disease and promoting water retention. This saves you money on your water bill!  Lady Bug Mushroom Compost™ is organic and made ...

Coming Soon : Onion Sets and Seed Potatoes
It's that time of year again.  Believe it or not, we will receive our seed potatoes and onion sets this week at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  Onion sets we will receive are Yellow Granex, White Granex, 10-15 Y, White Bermuda, and Sweet Red.  For seed potatoes we will have Red Lasoda/Red Pontiac, Yukon Gold, and White Kennebec.  Questions?  Give us a call at 903-882-3361.

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