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October 11

October 11

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November 2



It's that time of year! 

Just $3.49 a scoop. We have roasted red, raw red and the extremely popular cajun spicy hot peanuts! Get yours before they are all gone. We don't want you to have to wait for them to come back next year.




Have a sweet tooth or know someone that does? Yummy, Katy Sweet handmade pralines are in the store. We have them in creamy, chewy and no sugar added. Next time you check out, grab one for yourself or a friend. 


October 2014

It's fall! Summer is over and our customers are busy putting seed down, supplemental feeding cattle, and gearing up for deer season among other things. 

If you driven by the store lately you've noticed that decoration hay is back! The small bales are perfect for decorating your front porch, entry, gate, back patio, or creating your own pumpkin patch. It goes fast this time of year, so please get it before it is gone.

We have a fun and busy weekend ahead of us. This Saturday evening, October 11, we are sponsors for Shriners BullFest as part of Lindale CountryFest 2014. Purchase your tickets at our store! On Saturday morning, we are hosting the Hideaway 37 Family Community Yard Sale. If our parking lot looks a little full on Saturday morning, you'll know why.  Stop by, you may find a bargain!

Make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom to get our coupons. They are EXCLUSIVE to our eNewsletter readers. 

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Jimmy's Pharm Facts : Overcome with Nostalgia

Although "overcome with nostalgia" might be a little bit strong to describe my feelings, I definitely took a moment to reminiscence on my school days last week when I went to have lunch with my second grade grandson.  It wasn't necessarily the location that brought back memories. It was the name of the school, Velma Penny Elementary.  You see, Velma Penny was actually MY second grade teacher way back in 1951.  Mrs. Penny was a petite lady, with a modern style and was always "dressed for success".  She was well schooled and her grammar and vocabulary was a testament to her higher education ...


Introducing PF Protein Tubs

Introducing new PF (Postive Feed, Ltd.) protein tubs at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply. Postive Feed, a family owned and operated business, has been making cooked molasses protein tubs for over 4 decades.  We have: PVM Cattle Supplement Tubs - 28% protein - Made to be fed to all stages of beef cattle on pasture and will enhance forage utilization. 225lb. tub ...


Over Seeding with Ryegrass

What a crazy summer!  It has been years since we have seen so much rain and so many days below 100 degrees.  It was not that long ago the 100+ degree days went weeks before the record broke.  And though the lakes still need to fill, the rainfall has been wonderful. Though the cooler days and rainfall have kept pastures greener this year, one still must think of over seeding.  Over seeding with ryegrass continues to be an effective means to reduce feed costs and carry livestock through the winter months. Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply has what ...

NEW Product : Timothy Grass Hay

You've asked and we've listened. We now sell Timothy grass hay from Standlee at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply. Timothy Grass is highly palatable. It has lower levels of protein than other grass hay, but it has an abundance of high quality fiber. Timothy grass is typically moderate in it's sugar content as well. They are sold in ...

Lone Star 20% Cattle Cubes

Lots of folks are turning to supplemental feed options for cattle right now. Lone Star Cattle Cubes are a great option for many. Lone Star Feed's 20% cattle cubes contain all natural protein for supplemental feeding cattle. Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply sells 2 kinds: Range Star All Natural NP Cubes and Range Star 20% EQ Cubes (contains urea). Both are designed as an option to supplement the nutritional ...


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October 27 - 31

Deer Corn - 50lb.
Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply
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Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply
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