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April 7

April 7

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April 19 
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New Product : Sun-Sational Cleaner

Just in time for all your spring cleaning projects, we have a great new cleaning product at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  Sun-Sational All Purpose Remover and cleaner is here!  It is a  user-friendly product that extracts impossibly difficult stains from any washable surface or fabric.  Sun-Sational ...

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New Product : Mole-Zap

Do you have a problem with moles in your yard?  We now sell an innovative new product at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply called Mole-Zap.  It is completely organic.  It works fast and is very easy to use with CO2 cartridges. You simply fill the mole tunnels with carbon dioxide and it knocks the moles out, permanently ...

April 2014

Finally, the calendar says it is spring!  The days are now a little bit longer, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, so many of us are focusing on our gardens with the extra sunshine in the evenings.  Stop in see us for fertilizer, seed, plants, weed killer, and more.  We have lots of options, including many organic choices.  Read more below.

To spring clean or not spring clean?  Guess what Jimmy prefers?  His blog this month covers that yearly task many folks do every year.

Spring is also baby chick season at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply, but we'd like to remind you not to forget your layer hens during egg laying season.  We sell vitamins and minerals that you can add to their water and feed.  See what we have below.

We have another coupon attached this month just for our newsletter readers.  Make sure you scroll to the bottom to get it. 


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Jimmy's Pharm Facts : Spring Cleaning or Not?

I would like to make a confession.  I am a hoarder.  It is true.  In years past, I would have called myself, the collector type, a gatherer, saving for a rainy day, or perhaps a stockpiler.  Those who know me well might have (at some point in time) used the term tight, a pack rat, squeaks when walks, or even the dreaded, hoarder.  Now just to clear things up, if using the world of reality TV as a gauge, I see myself starring on American Pickers, rather than Hoarders: Buried Alive.  Also, I was Doomsday Prepping when Doomsday Prepping wasn't cool.  But, I don't have an illness I just have to  ...


More Chicks Arriving @ Fleming Farm and Ranch
Baby chicks are selling fast at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  We are trying to meet our customer's requests, so we are trying to get more breeds to add to our existing orders.  Please, give us a call at 903-882-3361 for further information. In late March, we received: Black Jersey Giants and Welsummers. On April 7, we are expecting: Black Stars  ...


Now is the Time : Apply Fertilizer

Early spring is the time for fertilizers.  Specifically, we want to highlight a few of our favorites at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply. Hi-Yield Weed and Feed for lawns; Hi-Yield Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia, Evergreen fertilizer for your shrubbery; and Fertilome Fruit, Citrus, and Pecan Tree food.  Hi-Yield Weed and Feed contains an effective post-emergent broadleaf weed killer in combination with lawn fertilizer. It controls Dandelion, Chickweed, Knotweed ... 


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It's Egg Laying Season
A lot of our focus right now is on baby chicks and raising healthy chicks with the right chick starter, waterers, feeders, heat lamps and infrared bulbs, etc...  But, please don't forget about your layer hens during the spring.  It is egg laying season.   Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply has Layer Boost Vitamins & Electrolytes that you add to the water and Omega Egg Maker that you add to the poultry feed.  Both products will help to keep your layer hens healthy and producing eggs  ...

Seeds and Plants are Here!
Yes, the calendar finally says it is officially spring!  Daylight Savings Time arrived in March which means we have more daylight in the evenings.  Seeds and plants are here. We know many folks are using that time to garden.  We have the seeds that you need in  bulk and in packets for your garden, including a nice selection of organic seeds and non-gmo seeds.  Warm weather plants are arriving.  We have tomato and ...

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