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Now Selling : Corazon
Grass Fed Beef

We are now selling USDA Certified, local grass fed beef from Corazon Cattle Company at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  It is all natural beef.  No hormones, antibiotics or additives.  We now ...

New Product : Patio Furniture

Grab your iced tea and lemonade!  We just received furniture for your patio that will be perfect for sitting with a cup of coffee, rocking with a good book, catching a breeze, or enjoying a sunset!  Currently, we have white country rocking chairs ...
Congratulations : Lynn Lee

Remember the Facebook Muck Boot Contest during our 50th Anniversary Sale in December?  Here is our winner, Lynn Lee from Hawkins!

March 2014

Spring is here at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  That means our chicks have arrived, bulk seeds are here, and cool weather plants have started to appear.  Read more about all of our recent arrivals below. 

We had a great response to our first eNewsletter last month.  We appreciate all the kind words and we will continue to make this newsletter a must read for you.    

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the newsletter.  We've attached another coupon for our eNewsletter readers.

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Jimmy's Pharm Facts : Has Anyone Ever Heard of a Victory Garden?
It's usually around this time of year that growing a "Victory Garden" comes to mind.  When I was young, my grandmother, Gram, would always tell the story of the "Victory Gardens" that popped up during World War II.  They were in part, a symbol of patriotism and another part necessity.  This was during the time of rationing and "Rosie the Riveter" when everyone pulled together and sacrificed to do what they had to for love of country and again, necessity.  Gram would say that the garden was a way to help the war effort.  Gram would plant vegetables in the flower beds and along her rock fence.  She planted pecan trees that are actually still producing ...
Chick Days are Here
Baby chicks have started to arrive at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply!  Our first shipment included: Silver laced Wyandottes, Araucanas, Rhode Island Reds, and Barred Rocks. Unfortunately, as we write the newsletter, we are just about sold out of chicks.  We will receive our next shipment on Friday, March 7 that will include: Black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, Cuckoo Marans, and we are trying feverishly to add more breeds to this order.  On March 26, we'll get Jersey Giants and Welsummers.  Make sure you leave our store with everything you need to start your new flock out right.  Remember waterers, feeders, heat lamps, bulbs, and chick starter feed for your chicks.  We have LoneStar medicated chick starter in 10lb, 25lb, and 50lb bags and Mannapro non ...


Now is the Time : Get Your Garden Ready
Now is the time to get your garden soil ready for planting.  Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply carries the very best, and highest quality products for your soil including Back to Nature compost and manure, and ALL NEW Ladybug Brand Square Foot Gardening Blend soil.  Add these to your new or existing beds for the very best healthy growing environment for flower and vegetable gardens.  Back to Nature is one of the largest producers of composted cotton burrs and composted cow manure in the southwestern United States.  Back to Nature products including Cotton Burr Compost, Cattle Manure, and Chicken Manure are 100% natural with no fillers or ...

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Ready, Set, Plant : Bulk Seeds & Plants
Once you get your garden beds ready, it's time for planting!  Our bulk seed counter is filling up with seeds and we've started to receive plants in at Fleming Farm and Ranch Supply.  Cool season plants like cabbage, lettuce, collards, and cauliflower are arriving as we get more and more in every week to prepare for spring garden season.  There  ...

5 & 7 Way Shots for Dogs
Did you know?  We sell 5 & 7 Way shots for dogs.  The 5 Way shot is the ideal first shot for puppies while the 7 Way shot is an economical annual booster shot for your dog. The Canine Spectra 5 Way shot is recommended for vaccination against canine distemper, canine hepatitis, adenovirus cough (kennel cough), parainfluenza, and parvovirus. The Canine Spectra 7 Way shot is recommended for vaccination against canine distemper ...

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