June 2015


Assemblies of God COMPACT Family Services is excited to announce that beginning July 1, 2015 the agency will extend its licensed, professional continuum of child welfare ministry to serve more children and families in crisis through three new ministry programs based from its Hillcrest campus in Hot Springs, AR. The agency will open Residential Treatment Care, Respite Care, and Therapeutic Foster Care services to help children and youth with higher needs. Under the leadership of the board of directors, the agency determined that it must extend its compassionate action to address the growing number of children and families in need.

For months the COMPACT ministry team has been preparing for the added work. In effect, the three new programs will double the agency's daily ministry practice:

COMPACT Hillcrest Children's Home

COMPACT Highlands Maternity Home & Placement Center

COMPACT Transitional Living Center

COMPACT Residential Treatment Care

COMPACT Respite Care

COMPACT Therapeutic Foster Care

So, why is AG COMPACT adding these new ministries when the current programs are full and in need? In short, the answer is simply because the need is at hand. READ MORE


This couple has been a tremendous blessing to the COMPACT campus. Their story is two-fold, as they have been with the ministry two different times. The dynamic duo of Randall and Rhonda Gant first came to COMPACT Family Services in January 2011 to be relief house parents for the cottages. After a brief time, they felt God leading them to another ministry in the area. In May of 2013, the COMPACT ministry was in need of a human resource/insurance coordinator and Rhonda was rehired at that time. Randall rejoined the ministry as an Assistant Administrative Director in December of 2014.


Now, let's get to know them better!


Where are you from?

We are from Coin, Iowa.


How did you first hear about COMPACT Family Services?

After 30 years of ministry (20 years pastoring and 12 years consulting with churches, ministries and ministers) I (Randall) believed I was to become an ordained A/G minister for mainly the purpose of greater accountability. We made the decision to lease our beautiful home in Oklahoma and move back to Iowa and become ordained with the Iowa Ministry Network and eventually pastor in Iowa. At my ordination luncheon, Doug Clay sat across the table from us and during lunch, in a conversation with the Iowa District Superintendent, talked about a children's home in Arkansas called Hillcrest. We tuned in to every word that was spoken.

Was there a moment that you instantly knew that you were supposed to be here?

From the moment of hearing that conversation forward, we could not get Hillcrest off our minds. In order to stay close to Iowa and a church that possibly would open to us, we decided to try a closer children's home, located in Omaha, NE called Boys Town. READ MORE 



We shared with you last month about 6 of our Hillcrest students heading to National Fine Arts in August. We presented the cost of this need and with your help and quick response we have eclipsed 50% of this goal.  Thank you for your speedy and generous reply to this need.  Thank you for believing in these students.  Thank you for making a small dream for each of them become a reality. 

Exciting things are happening here at COMPACT and we are blessed to have supporters along side us for the journey.  If you would be interested in supporting a portion of this incredible lifetime opportunity for these students, please send a donation designated to "Fine Arts" to our offices at the address below.  
Birthday cards are always a treat to our kids on campus.  Please consider taking a few moments and sending a birthday blessing and word of encouragement to the following ones celebrating next month.



July 15, Emily* - 4 years

June 21, Kadence* - 11 years

July 23, Drew* - 12 years


Send cards, letters or gifts to:

COMPACT Family Services
Attn: (insert name)
2325 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

*In order to protect the identity of our students, the names listed above are the pen names that each of them selected as well as the age they will turn.  Each one listed is an actual student on our campus. 


We just added some additional positions and one of them may be a great fit for you! We currently have openings for:
Maintenance Personnel
 Resident Assistant
Assistant Director of Social Services
To get a description of these positions or to download an application, visit our website here.



Each month, we receive numerous requests on what our largest needs are at COMPACT. We update a complete list and keep it on our website but from time to time, we have specific current needs.  As of right now, that includes:

  • Wal-Mart, JCPenney, and Visa Gift Cards
  • Batteries (All kinds)
  • Vitamins (Chewable and Multi)
  •  Cereal (All kinds)


Actual goods as well as monetary donations are appreciated to help meet these needs.  To see the entire needs list, click here.  


     COMPACT Family Services
     2325 Malvern Avenue
     Hot Springs, AR  71901
     (501) 262-1660

COMPACT is a DBA of Assemblies of God Family Services Agency
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