March 2015



There are many details involved in providing the daily care for kids in our ministry. Besides food, clothing, and shelter, other services are necessary to meet the day to day needs.  We have two individual women in our community have recognized a portion of these needs and have made it their mission to aid us.  



Shannon Waylock of New Reflections Salon has been providing style for our kids' hair for over 2 years. She has gone out of her way to make our kids feel  special each time they take a seat in her chair.  In the brief time they take a seat, she transforms not only their hair but also their demeanor.  She has a way of making them feel like they are the most special person in the world. Not only does she give her talents and time, she donates her services for every single hair style she has done. From coloring, cutting, styling, to even extensions, it has been given out the abundance of her heart.  Shannon is meeting the needs of our kids' hair styles and we consider it to be a great blessing.   



Another individual in our community that is blessing our campus on a regular basis is Amy Marlar with Marlar's Cake Parlor. She utilizes her time and talents and creates beautiful, creative cakes for our kids' birthdays that taste incredible.   She puts specific details into each of these cakes and is another area where our kids are made to feel special when seeing their cake.  Each cake is catered to that kid's specific taste, decor, and personality.  


Amy has reached out to others in the community and recruited sponsors for each of these cakes and has multiple ones lined up for future cakes as well.  She is networking with others in order to provide us with a much needed service. 


These are two areas of expenses that as a campus we don't have to worry about because these women have so selflessly given their time and talents.  We are grateful to each of them for blessing us with their "style".    



Snow is not something we see very often in Hot Springs, so as it continued to fall this year, we have had multiple days of snow fun.  Lots of sledding, snowman building, and snowball fights have been enjoyed on our campus. We may be in school through June now, but the few days we had hold a lot of memories.


This month, we are highlighting some of our houseparents, Chris and Deidra Gray.  The Grays joined us in August of 2014 from Clanton, Alabama.  They are the houseparents for our sibling cottage, Hardcastle.  They, along with their son, Aidan, make a great addition to our team.  We spent some time asking them to tell their story and we invite you to read what they had to say. 
Chris, Deidra, and Aidan
COMPACT Hillcrest Houseparents

1) How did you hear about COMPACT Family Services?

We first heard of COMPACT from some friends in our church that came with a missions team from Alabama. Our pastor mentioned several times that he wanted he and I to ride up and talk with administration about the different programs and tour the campus. Our church was/is looking into opening or assisting with opening a children's home in our community. However, it wasn't until Alabama District Council in  2014, when Jay Mooney came to receive a new van for the ministry, that we really began looking into COMPACT and how we could become involved. David Raley connected Jay and I and we began to share our hearts about the ministry for and to children in foster care.  

2) Was there a moment that you instantly knew that you were supposed to be here? 

Honestly I think Deidra and I both knew from my first conversation with Jay that we would be involved with COMPACT in some way but just didn't know how. There was one Sunday morning, before we had even come up for interviews that we were standing in church during praise and worship. Deidra began to cry uncontrollably and spent a while praying in the altars. After the service she told me that as our READ MORE


Birthday cards are always a treat to our kids on campus.  Please consider taking a few moments and sending a birthday blessing and word of encouragement to the following ones celebrating next month.



April 4 - Amber*, 12

April 5 - Margaret*, 21

April 11 - Trinity*, 18

April 11 - Trey*, 17

April 13 - Manuel*, 16

April 24 - Braden*, 3


Send cards, letters or gifts to:

COMPACT Family Services
Attn: (insert name)
2325 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

*In order to protect the identity of our students, the names listed above are the pen names that each of them selected as well as the age they will turn.  Each one listed is an actual student on our campus. 



Summer is just around the corner and that means youth camp and kids camp is too.  We have 30+ kids attending some sort of camp this summer and we need your help to send them.  Camp is valuable for our kids where they walk away with life changing altar experiences as well as friendships and memories to last a long time. Camp is also a costly expense and we invite you to make a donation that could affect a child for eternity.  Consider sponsoring one of our kids today.  Send your donation marked with "Youth/Kids Camp" to our offices today.


Youth Camp - $150

Kids Camp - $125 



Each month, we receive numerous requests on what our biggest needs are at COMPACT.  We update a complete list and keep it on our website but from time to time, we have specific current needs.  As of right now, that includes:


Wal-Mart and Visa Gift Cards

Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9-volt, Rechargeable)

Socks and Underwear (All sizes, guys and girls)


Cereal (All kinds)


Actual goods as well as monetary donations are appreciated to help meet these needs.  To see the entire needs list, click here.  


We are currently hiring and you might be a great fit for our team. Check out our current openings and download an application by visiting our webpage here.


     COMPACT Family Services
     2325 Malvern Avenue
     Hot Springs, AR  71901
     (501) 262-1660

COMPACT is a DBA of Assemblies of God Family Services Agency
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