December 2014



This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas on the COMPACT campus and we must say, it was an incredible time.  We kicked off the weekend with carriage rides pulled by our new horse, Shorty and our very own "Santa Dan."  We then joined everyone for a beautiful sit down dinner in the dining hall where we catered Olive Garden.  Next, we all gathered for a special Christmas Chapel service with worship from The Crutchfields and 11 kids raised their hands making the holiday celebration a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Each of them now hold the eternal GIFT of being in God's forever family.


The next morning, we celebrated in each cottage with lots of gifts for each of the residents.  There were sheer sounds of excitement, cheer, and tears shed in disbelief.  For most, this was the best Christmas they have ever experienced.  


Thank you A/G Churches, friends, community partners, sponsors, and donors for helping us bless these kids with the best Christmas ever.  

Christmas Chapel
Christmas Dinner
"The best gift ever!!"

Santa Dan and "Shorty"


What Christmas means...
"This is all for me?"
"This is the best day of my life. EVER!!!"


This month, we are excited to introduce you to Brian and Heather Paullus, houseparents for our little boys cottage, Anthony.  Brian and Heather joined us at COMPACT in July of 2011 when they relocated from Springfield, Missouri.  Heather had sponsored kids at Hillcrest since she herself was in elementary school. This also included sending birthday cards to children she saw in the old 
Caring magazines her family received. Brian had heard about Hillcrest/Highlands from Heather and from working at the AG National Office.  After sitting down one evening to pray about where to apply for ministry opportunities after Brian had received his credentials, immediately, God laid Hillcrest on their hearts. Within a few days, they had applied and been hired.
From left to right
Liam, Heather, Tristan, Heath, Brian


When asked what the most rewarding thing about being a houseparents, Brian and Heather said it was getting the opportunity to see the kids grow in all areas of their lives (socially, emotionally, academically, physically) and most importantly seeing those accept Jesus.  In fact, getting to experience the moments when some of their kids in their cottage have accepted Jesus in their heart is by far their most favorite moment.  Heather said, "There is nothing greater than that!" Since being houseparents, they have had the sheer privilege of leading READ MORE


by Heather Paullus

Boys and toys. The two seem to go hand in hand. In Anthony Cottage, they've found a whole new way to play. The house-parents, Brian & Heather Paullus, have incorporated the play that boys need and love, with basic life skills. These boys, like so many before them, have needed to learn love, patience, sharing, and self-control. This summer, Brian hoped a race-track would be just the tool to grab the attention of each boy. The goal was to make a connection through the building process and play. Over the course of the summer into the early fall, the boys in the cottage and from all across campus would come to help. From sanding boards, to painting, to logistically placing the track itself, each boy was involved in the construction. Now, inside Anthony Cottage you will find a perfectly hidden HO scale (1:64th) track that is concealed behind a chalkboard until it is folded down for a race between four boys. Then outside, is an S scale (1:32nd) track where boys of all ages will gather for a race. These tracks have built stronger relationships between children and their peers, as well as with their house parents. They have learned to share, take turns, and to handle defeat and winning graciously. It's these types of experiences, God willing, will make an impact with the children for a lifetime.


Birthday cards are always a treat to our kids on campus.  Please consider taking a few moments and sending a birthday blessing and word of encouragement to the following ones celebrating next month.


January Birthdays

Michael*, 13 - January 17

Natalie*, 18 - January 22


Send cards, letters or gifts to:

COMPACT Family Services
Attn: (insert name)
2325 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

*In order to protect the identity of our students, the names listed above are the pen names that each of them selected as well as the age they will turn.  Each one listed is an actual student on our campus. 



As the calendar year-end approaches, we want to express our deep, heartfelt thanksgiving for the financial support of our sponsors and partners this year!  Thank you for your faithfulness to this effective and longstanding Assemblies of God ministry.  We are your Assemblies of God national child welfare agency.  We are 96% donor-dependent.  Without faithful supporters to this ministry the fatherless children and youth in our trust may not know the redeeming love of Jesus Christ.


It is important to note that 2014 donations must be made and postmarked by December 31, 2014 for the gift to qualify as a 2014 tax deductible gift. 

Perhaps the LORD has blessed you again and you are considering a year-end gift to a deserving compassion ministry.  PLEASE REMEMBER the residential ministries of Assemblies of God COMPACT Family Services:

  • Hillcrest Children's Home
  • Hillcrest Transitional Living Center
  • Highlands Maternity Home

You may send your financial gifts via the following means: 

- Mail checks or money orders payable to AG COMPACT to:

General Council of the Assemblies of God

1445 N. Boonville Avenue

Springfield, MO  65802


AG COMPACT Family Services

2325 Malvern Avenue

Hot Springs, AR  71901


- Online giving is available by visiting:



May the Lord Jesus Christ bountifully bless you and your family according to His great promises!  (Proverbs 19:17; Luke 6:38)


Blessings in Christ,

Jay Mooney

Executive Director


     COMPACT Family Services
     2325 Malvern Avenue
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     (501) 262-1660

COMPACT is a DBA of Assemblies of God Family Services Agency
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