November 2014


This Thanksgiving season, we sat down with some of our Hillcrest kids and asked them to tell us exactly what Thanksgiving means to them and some tips on how to pull it all together.  Enjoy the children's perspective and have a wonderful holiday with your family. 


What should we serve for Thanksgiving Dinner?

Turkey, Mashed potatoes, Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, and the red stuff that comes in a can [cranberry sauce] - Will, 9

Candy coated popcorn and pie - Zane, 5


How do you cook Mr. Turkey?

First, cut off the wings.  Season it, then cook him in the oven for 30 minutes at 46 degrees. - Kyle, 8 


First you have to catch a turkey, take his feathers off and then put him in the microwave for 3 minutes but make sure it is super hot. - Noah, 6


What should you do on Thanksgiving Day?

Spend time with family, eat, play games, watch movies. - Molly, 7


Eat the turkey. - Will, 9


What are you most thankful for?

Getting to go home as soon as the judge says I can. - Noah, 6 


My family, getting to spend time together, being at Hillcrest. - Drew, 11 


As this season approaches, remember to focus on what is most important and on what you are truly thankful for. We consider it a blessing that God has placed these kids in our care during these difficult times in their lives and our desire is to see them filled with joy that only God can give as we enter this Thanksgiving and Christmas season.




by Jay Mooney, Executive Director

Help a foster or fatherless child stay warm this winter!  Help them feel the value God sees in them!


What would you do this winter if you did not have but a single change of clothes or just worn, outgrown clothes?  What if you didn't have shoes or a coat that fit you?


Often when a foster or fatherless child or youth comes to COMPACT Hillcrest Children's Home, Transitional Living Center, or Highlands Maternity Home, they do not have adequate clothing. Some come with a plastic bag of worn clothes or just the clothes on them that day.


On the COMPACT Hillcrest Campus we have a room of clothing to help them with immediate needs.  But, these are growing kids who need more than just an extra set of clothes.  These kids need a small wardrobe like other kids around them at school, church and in the community.  And we prefer that they do not have to wear hand-me-downs.


Foster kids did not sign up for the label.  And the foster label can be humbling or challenging among peers at school.  They should not have to be picked on because they wear worn clothes or the same clothes that may not fit properly.


At COMPACT we want these kids to feel and know the high worth God sees in them!  New clothes and shoes help greatly.


With more than 50 children and youth in our daily care, we need help with winter clothing costs.  Each child or student needs approximately $300 of clothing.  Can you send money to clothe one or more students?  If not, can you help with a portion?  Any amount is appreciated.


Our staff take kids in our care shopping with the clothing money received.  Each child gets a shopping gift card with "their name on it" so they can feel special.  With adult assistance the children and youth get to choose their own clothes, shoes, sweaters, and coats.  It is a special moment for them.


We need to provide winter clothes for the children and students in our care by Christmas!  Please address your gifts to COMPACT Family Services, 2325 Malvern Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901.  Or you may give directly online.


Thank you for loving those in need!



As we continue our current series of introducing you to various staff members of COMPACT, we are excited to introduce to you Terry and Marilyn Erickson. The Ericksons are originally from South Dakota where they met in High School, interestingly from rival schools.  They found their way to Minnesota but in 1998 

they lost all of their belongings in a tornado. They asked God where to go and the Lord revealed Springfield, MO.  It is there they connected with some friends who would eventually ask them to come to COMPACT Family Services in August of 2013.  

Over the years, Terry and Marilyn have worked in a number of Assembly of God organizations and have known people who have adopted children from Highlands and Hillcrest. A few years ago they had friends who started working at Hillcrest and after receiving a photo Christmas card with all the staff and residents, they hung it on their fridge and used it as a reminder to pray for COMPACT. 


A little over a year ago, those same friends contacted them and asked if they would be interested in possibly becoming houseparents. After opening their home for many years to teenagers over the years, their friends knew they would be a perfect fit. Just a short 4 days prior to this, Marilyn had been employed at Central Bible College and the doors had just closed.  READ MORE


Birthday cards are always a treat to our kids on campus.  Please consider taking a few moments and sending a birthday blessing and word of encouragement to the following ones celebrating next month.


December Birthdays

Tyler*, 16 - Dec. 10

Trace*, 15 - Dec. 29


Send cards, letters or gifts to:

COMPACT Family Services
Attn: (insert name)
2325 Malvern Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901

*In order to protect the identity of our students, the names listed above are the pen names that each of them selected as well as the age they will turn.  Each one listed is an actual student on our campus. 


Our campus is in dire need of some gift cards.  Gift cards help us empower our houseparents to assist the daily needs for their children and youth students.  Wal-Mart is our most convenient and economical option for houseparent shopping. 

Please send gift cards or money designated for gift cards to our offices to aid us through this Christmas season. 


     COMPACT Family Services
     2325 Malvern Avenue
     Hot Springs, AR  71901
     (501) 262-1660

COMPACT is a DBA of Assemblies of God Family Services Agency
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