Merry Christmas

Christmas truly is about "good news of great joy that will be for all thepeople." (Luke 2:10)


Jesus truly is the reason of the season!


The wondrous Christmas birth of Jesus Christ coming to Earth is surrounded with majesty.  A King is born.  A Savior is given.  A world is filled with hope.


In the midst of the story is also the original New Testament foster father, a man named Joseph.  In Matthew 1:18-25, we read that he was a righteous man, loving husband, and godly parent.  Friends of this ministry like you enable us to provide a ministry model of Joseph and to bring 
good news of great joy to fatherless and fragmented kids that long for redeemed family and future. 


On behalf of the beautiful children, youth, and staff of Hillcrest Children's Home, Highlands Maternity Home, Murry Transitional Living Center, and the other adoptive and foster care ministries of COMPACT Family Services, we wish you and your family a joyful Christmas filled with the rich presence of the Holy Spirit and an accompaniment of heavenly host! 
Jay Mooney, 
Executive Director


A Gift That Keeps Giving
For sixty-nine years Hillcrest has been doing God's work for the fatherless and fragmented.  Thousands of children and youth have been redeemed, adopted and founded into a forever family.  It remains a top-shelf, licensed ministry of Assemblies of God Family Services Agency (Dba COMPACT
 Family Services).  As the holiday season of giving and the end of the year approaches, can you join us and invest a special gift toward this redeeming ministry before Christmas?  

EVERY CHILD matters so EVERY DOLLAR matters.  
Can you join the board of directors, staff and others and provide a special offering gift or increase of support?  Pray.  Ask God to lead you in a decision and amount.

Hillcrest is a 97% donor-driven ministry and needs donor help now.  The ministry hopes to meet a $225,000 need before the end of the year.  Could you consider the following?  

Child sponsorship - 
Child sponsorship is only $1 per day, or $30 per month.  
Visit our Sponsorship page for more information  


Meet the Lowes

Serving as an employee of COMPACT Family Services is a selfless and giving, opportunity where true ministry takes place every day.  Take a moment to get to know one of our Hillcrest Children's Home Houseparents, Brian and Cathy Lowe of Netzel Cottage.


1) How did you hear about COMPACT Family Services? 

We heard about Hillcrest Children's Home from another pastor friend and his wife.  We logged onto the Hillcrest website to gather information, began emailing with the administrator, took a trip to Hot Springs.   


2) Was there a moment that you instantly knew that you were supposed to be here? 

The moment we got on campus, we knew God was calling us to a new season. 


3) What has been the most rewarding thing about being a Houseparent?  

The most rewarding thing about being a houseparent is READ MORE
Season of Need
The COMPACT ministries of Hillcrest Children's Home, Highlands Maternity Home, Transitional Living, Adoption and Foster Care are in a season of need. One of our current needs is for furniture for one of our cottages.  Prayerfully consider making a special year-end gift to the ministry.  

Thank you!  Online gifts can be made at

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