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November 2013 Newsletter
Abiding for a Harvest
by Jay Mooney, Executive Director  

God can bring a harvest of healing and redemption to fragmented families across this nation!  Abiding in the Lord is a preparatory practice toward a redeeming work of the Holy Spirit.  

The great missionary worker, Amy Carmichael, sternly focused her faith upon the promise of John 15:7 to rescue  READ MORE
Are Unwed Pregnancies an Epidemic?
by Ashley Grant, Director of Highlands Maternity Home
No. Sadly, they are 
becoming the "norm". 
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011, in the United States alone, 40.7% of all live births are to unmarried women. However, this statistic drastically increases to 62% when looking only at women between the ages of 20-25. This indicates that in the next few years, more children will be born out of wedlock  READ MORE
A Step of Faith

In one of our cottages, the houseparents have been sharing with 
their boys the importance of "sharing your faith" for several months.  A few of the boys have also been attending a youth leadership class on Sunday mornings and the topic there too has been "sharing your faith".

One young man approached his houseparents and informed them he was going invite his head football coach to 
Hillcrest Royalty
Our very own Markeda was  crowned as the Homecoming Gold Queen for our school district.  Markeda is a Senior this year and is actively involved in sports at school.  She plans to attend Evangel University after she graduates.

Searci was also on this year's Homecoming Court.  She is a Senior this year and is on the Cheerleading Squad.  She plans to attend National Park Community College and then transfer to a university after she completes her Associates Degree.  

We are beyond proud of these ladies and the honor they received from their school.

Season of Need 

The COMPACT ministries of Hillcrest Children's Home, Highlands Maternity Home, TLC, Adoption, and Foster Care are in a season of need even as we envision helping more families and children.  Prayerfully consider making a special year-end gift to the ministry.  Thank you!  Online gifts can be made at 

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