October 2013

Milton Davis
Redeeming Legacy

When young Milton lost his mother to a tragic death and his father was incarcerated, he found a redeeming hope in a loving home for fatherless children.


That was sixty-nine years ago.  Recently, Milton Davis returned to visit that newly renovated Hillcrest home that he entered as a child.  It was an awesome visit of a godly man whose future was redeemed through a ministry filled with faithful and loving sponsors.


One visionary started Hillcrest Children's Home. 

Another began the Sponsorship Program.  Read More

From the Mouth of a Child
Christopher* is a new, 6 year old resident that had been having a difficult time for the almost a two week period when he first arrived at night going to sleep. He had been telling his houseparent each night that he was afraid of being alone and scared that something or someone was going to get him. His houseparent had been talking to him about where he now lived and that he was in a new community that would work together to keep him safe and he was in a safe place. Read More


Father What's a Father?

This is a perplexing question for a generation growing up without fathers. For the first time in America's history, the majority of births today from mothers thirty years old and younger are born outside of marriage. Cumulatively among all births in America, four out of ten are from a single or unmarried mother.


Isaiah 38:19 says, "...the father makes known to the children [God's] faithfulness."


This mentoring method is quickly becoming a foreign concept. The messenger is missing. Thus, the message is missing too. Read More

Comedy Night Poster
Hillcrest Comedy Night
A benefit for Hillcrest Children's Home

Mark your calendar now for Thursday, October 24, for our Hillcrest Comedy Night.  It will be a fun night featuring the guys from The Clergy Collar Comedy Tour, Joe Philips and Lee McBride.  This will be a night to benefit Hillcrest Children's Home while enjoying a night out with your family.  Check out the details on our website at

Redeeming the fatherless and fragmented

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