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On behalf of fatherless and fragmented children and youth in our care, thank you for connecting with COMPACT at our 55th General Council of the Assemblies of God in Orlando, FL.  The week provided a momentous unveiling of the new COMPACT brand for Assemblies of God Family Services Agency.  You helped make it happen. 


Your time is a precious gift.  And you chose to share it with us in Orlando.  Thank you for caring about orphaned children and unwed pregnant teens that need the guiding love and joy of Jesus Christ.


Thank you for investing in fatherhood for the fatherless!


America has a fatherless crisis.  We are working to redeem these who are fragmented from family, and introduce them to their Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ so that they may know His great promises of eternal adoption and belonging!


COMPACT needs your continued partnership!  We have good friends but not enough partners.  Please consider sustaining partnership with us in the following ways:

  • Pray for the ministry
    • COMPACT Hillcrest Children's Home
    • COMPACT Highlands Maternity Home
    • COMPACT Transitional Living Center
    • COMPACT Adoptions
    • COMPACT Foster Care
  • Join our effort
  • Give to our cause - through child sponsorship or ministry partnership.  

Please visit  Discover prayer guides, giving opportunities, and various ways to join our cause for the modern orphan.


Sincerely for the fatherless,

Jay Mooney

Executive Director

                  Redeeming the fatherless and fragmented 

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