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Getting Ready for Kindergarten

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not." ~Dr. Seuss 



Greetings! , 


As we drive, bike, or walk through our communities, we can't help but notice..."School's In Session". Yellow buses are busy, teachers classrooms have been vibrantly decorated to welcome their new lot, new friendships are being formed, and learning is in full swing. The energy that is created is noticeable!


As a community member, you have the opportunity to become involved in helping mold and change our future generations. A community begins in the home but expands through our neighborhoods, our cities, schools, and hubs. It can affect lives, change perceptions, and encourage progress. You can be a role model, a volunteer, an advocate, a leader, or an educator. You can influence direction and create hope and compassionate understanding. As a valued community member, we encourage your participation, your support and your enthusiasm. 


Ways to Connect:


   Early Success:

  • Become an Early Literacy Volunteer and work on-on-one to support students in Reading or Math (Training and placement support provided)
    •  Pre-School Reading
    •  TK-1st Grade Reading
    •  1st-2nd Grade Math
    •  Opportunities for Spanish Speaker volunteers
  • Become a facilitator for pre-school story time kits. Read with preschoolers on designated elementary school campuses or through one of our partner organizations.

   Financial Literacy, Savings & Planning:

  • Financial Institutions, CPA's, and Insurance agents needed to assist in the delivery of financial literacy lessons to school-age kids. 
  • Get involved and support the Tuition Guarantee Program, a program that helps students cover the costs associated with attending college.
  • CPA's and Financial Advisors needed to help families complete FAFSA applications and support getting financial aid into the hands of eligible youth.

   Youth Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation:

  • Support and assist in Innovate! entrepreneurial activities:
    • Elementary- Lemonade Day
    • Middle School-Help students design and produce quality products for sale
    • Assist high school students in bringing their entrepreneurial ideas to reality

   College & Career Resources:

  • Become a career mentor. Provide guidance and support for students interested in your profession.
  • Provide internship opportunities; paid or unpaid to support and encourage on-the job training.
  • Volunteer to be an Industry Tour Host. Open your business to our middle school Ideas at Work camp.
  • Become a career speaker panel participant.  Share your career journey with students.

Inspire our Youth

A key to our collective success is the degree to which we are able to inspire our youth to think beyond high school graduation. Connect with students to encourage them to begin thinking about what they hope to do beyond high school. 

Ask them...

               What are you good at?

  What do you Love?

    What does the world need?


  • Support the computer refurbishing project (rehabbing computers to distribute to low income students)
  • Provide event and logistical support as needed (a variety of activities could use support)
  • Contribute financial resources to your area of interest by donating to an Impact Area within the Decade of Difference (
To learn more, please view our overview video.
                             More video links here

For more information on these volunteer opportunities or ways to get connected, contact Community Outreach Coordinator Jenny Bowen at 441-4552 or [email protected]

Thanks for what you do to support this initiative. 

It's the  Decade of Difference...Be a Part of It! 


Heidi Moore, Coordinator


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