Friday's Labor Folklore 
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Rudolph the Reindeer
Solidarity Forever!
Rudolph the Union Reindeer 
Lyrics: Julie McCall 

Labor Heritage Foundation  


Rudolph the Union reindeer 
Pulled the sleigh for old St. Nick 
He signed a Union contract 
He knew North Pole politics

All of the other reindeer 
Worked long hours around the clock 
They paid no heed to Rudolph 
They worked in non-union shops

Then one year on Christmas Eve 
They all came to say, 
"We will do what you advise 
Rudolph, help us organize!"

Then how the reindeer loved him 
As they lined up with their sleigh 
Now when they work on Christmas 

They're all getting premium pay.  

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas (Happy)
by the Drifters
First Christmas (Sad)
by Stan Rogers

A Holiday Message from your Union


During this joyful holiday season, our union extends our best wishes for a healthy and happy new year to you, your friends and family. As we celebrate in our different ways, we can all be thankful for the solidarity that gives us strength to fight for what is right. May the spirit of our shared belief in justice spread throughout your workplace and across the land and generate peace in our world.


Source: National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO