February, 2015
2015 Report to the Community

2015 was an exciting and fulfilling year for Heartland Visioning. Our Report to the Community shows our survey results from listening to the community and highlights the collaborative projects Heartland Visioning is actively involved in. As we begin 2016 you will see new initiatives focused on Community Pride and Recruit Topeka and Shawnee County First. We will also continue to facilitate change through projects such as working with consultants for NOTO and Oregon Trail development, and the revitalization of Seward Avenue in Oakland. Our efforts in 2016 to improve our quality of life and quality of place will have a positive impact on economic development. Check out our 2015 Report to the Community and past reports to the community
Sign up for Art Classes, NOTO Arts Center

NOTO Arts Center has an array of art classes from tots to adults starting now until May. Classes include watercolor, printmaking, ceramics, jewelry making, and learning the ropes on the best apps for smartphone photographs. See the full list of classes and details here. Space is limited - this is your chance to work alongside some of Topeka's finest, most innovative artists. Register by calling 785-408-8996. See more updates from the NOTO Arts Center on Facebook
NOTO Arts District Planning

Heartland Visioning, NOTO Arts District Partners, and Redbud Foundation have started a major new planning initiative that will address the future of the NOTO Arts District and surrounding North Topeka community. The Redbud Foundation, which has been a long-time supporter of NOTO, will be funding the effort.  Heartland Visioning will serve as the overall coordinator for this initiative. 

The process will include three phases starting with a State of the District assessment which took place on January 27 and 28. Pictured above is the community workshop with 87 stakeholders in attendance. Next steps include community visioning of alternative development and management scenarios and the Master Plan. It will focus on the current challenges facing NOTO, as well as positive elements such as its active businesses and strong arts theme. See press release here
Topeka Master Pedestrian Plan

Topeka's Master Pedestrain Plan vision states Topeka would be a walkable city where people of all ages and abilities can safely and comfortably travel on foot. Action steps for attaining this vision include the following goals: 
      • Complete Pedestrian Network: Prioritize sidewalks to schools, bus routes, community centers, senior centers, and park/trails, and ensure that Topeka's neighborhoods are connected. 
      • Maintained Sidewalks: Repair existing sidewalks so that they are safe for travel at all times. 
  • Safety and Comfort: Improve sidewalks and intersections with the infrastructure that will keep pedestrians safe and comfortable. 
  • A Culture of Walking: Make walking a normal part of everyday life.
  • Priority Projects:  Focus resources on neighborhoods where the demand for walking is highest.
Read the Master Plan and process then send feedback to the City here. To receive updates on the City of Topeka's Bikeway and Pedestrain Plans follow them on Twitter